Release Day: Kindred Soul

Hello my loves!! This one was SO GOOD! I Adore this series! Check out my review =]

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Kindred Soul (Otherworld #2) By Brynn Burke



Just when I thought I escaped hell, I walked straight into another form of it. The things that I had never thought possible to exist, actually do. The creatures that your parents told you fables about as a small child are real. Only, I have an inkling that many donโ€™t know the truth behind the stories of werewolves, vampires and more.

All those years held captiveโ€ฆl never truly opened my eyes to all the things that happened around me. I blocked out the truth as a way to protect myself to believe that there was something better, only there wasnโ€™t. There never was.

There is more to this world than I could ever fathom, full of things that I could only conjure up in a dream or nightmare. The fact remains, itโ€™s all real and I want nothing to do with any of it.

But it doesnโ€™t matter what I want, because the choice was made for me. I have to face this reality whether I want to or not. I just fear the things coming my way, for this is only the beginning.

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My Review

HOLY SHITTTTT. I deeply needed this book. The ending of Twin Flame left me begging for more, and more importantly, left me with a TON of questions! I am sooo happy to say that all of your questions get answered in this book. HALLELUJAH!

I’ve been deeply craving some paranormal writing, and with Kindred Soul we get all forms of creatures. IT’S SO EPIC! We learn so much in the book about who everyone is, especially Oksana and Hadley. There’s just so much that I don’t even know where to begin! I was really happy to learn more about Oksana and Wyatt, and even more happy to find out what Killian’s purpose was. At this point though, I feel awful for Elliot because I’m not sure what his purpose is in this story. It almost feels like he’s being left out, and that make me hurt for him.

We definitely have some interesting additions with everything we find out and Lynx entering the picture. Of course, we can’t be left without more questions too! The endings of these books have bene pretty explosive. I absolutely LOVED how much action was in this book! For me, I really love when a paranormal book has some action to it, it like takes it to a new level. This book was definitely taken to a new level wit hall of the crap that Archer has thrown their way and I CANNOT wait to see what comes next!!


Brynn Burke


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