Reviews & Ramblings: February 2019

HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I feel like it’s been a million years since we’ve chatted, unless you are in my group. I strongly encourage everyone to join! I’m live in there a lot and I’ve started doing giveaways. My first big one tomorrow tonight!! I’m picking two winners, a big winner and a small winner. Big winner gets their pick of unicorn bag, the black tote, a Hazel James license plate cover (LOVE THIS), a notebook, tons of swag (some super cute things) and 4 ebooks!


OK beyond trying to pimp my group (LOLOL), I’ve done a lot of reading!! I’m SHOCKED lol I’ve been insane busy and I was away for a mini vaca in February. Somehow I’m at 29 books!! How many books have you read so far this year? I LOVE Goodreads because I would have no clue without it. Ask my bestie Melanie, I FORGET EVERYTHING!!

Things to come: APOLLYCON! YOU GUYS!!! I’m so excited for that event. I’m really hoping to have a ton of stuff for you guys from that for another awesome giveaway. I’ve already ordered a very special anthology to get signed for you and hopefully some more goodies. I’ll do that giveaway sometime in April. Other than that I just have LOTS of reading and hopefully some more videos and book chats. It’s been a while since I’ve done a book chat so I’ll try and do that for one of my next ARCs! HOPEFULLY with March comes some Spring weather!! I’M DYING! I hate the cold, I really regret moving into the same weather I came from LOL



BOOK TIME!! I’m going to do the same thing as last time. Here’s the books that I’ve previously posted about ♥

FTM COVERScore Jacob Chance Ecover FOR WEB



always there ebook




For this next one I also have a video ❤  Lindsay is SO special to me. Her writing is seriously AMAZING. I’m always pimping her and this book totally deserved a video!!


Unnatural Exposure (Kay Scarpetta #8) by Patricia Cornwell

232145.jpgI think this is my favorite book yet. Kay showed a really vulnerable side of her here. I know she did also in The Body Farm, but this was different. Kay was in such a different form of danger in this book and it was really interesting to see how she took on everything. Between the pox-like disease to Benton, there were so many layers to her personal life in this book. I’m mostly a romance reader, so I’m used to many emotions, and I think that’s part of the reason I loved this book so much.

OK, so aside from the personal life and emotional issues, I loved how different the crime was in this book too. That alone had many, many layers. You had your sneaky people, your completely innocent and wronged people, and you had the mad scientist. I loved every second!!!

Cause of Death (Kay Scarpetta #7..yes I read these out of order AGAIN) by Patricia Cornwell


This book was just missing an ending. We had this huge long lead up that was AMAZING. It ended just so abruptly that I felt jipped. This story was so unique and had so many different layers that it made it so addicting! I truly think this could have been a 5+ star book if it had a more finished end.

Kay really put herself out there at a completely different level in this one. It was really exhilarating!! I loved seeing so much more of Lucy and Janet too. Their part in Kay’s life is so crucial, so I love that Lucy is in this book more. I also loved seeing this more vulnerable side of Marino too, it was interesting to see!



Point of Origin (Kay Scarpetta #9) by Patricia Cornwell

6531.jpgThis book is really what I’ve been needing from this series. I really needed some sort of end to this craziness that Kay has been dealing with. Not only for her, but especially for Lucy and even Marino. This house fire was insanity and I love that the book started out with such a bang (almost literally.) I did feel soooo bad for Benton though, him and Kay just can’t catch a break.

One of my favorite parts of this book was how much we got to see Lucy and she really opened up to Kay in this book. They have such a special relationship, so I always adore when we get to see her. I am sooo upset though as to how her life has gone. This book is set a few years after everything that happened with Gault. Her life is just not the same, but she seems to be coping… until the end of this book. The end of this book tore me to shreds. I am a very emotional person. I truly never thought a Kay Scarpetta book would make me cry, but holy crap did I cry! I really broke down crying. Kay cannot catch a break, Gault and Carrie have taken so much from her, and so has her career. I’m super curious as to where she goes from here.


Reckless by Lex Martin


Finishing this book made me so update I hadn’t read it sooner! I read them out of order, reading Reckless first, so I had a glimpse of Kat and Brady. I LOVED getting to know the two of them better! This farm just seems so special, the whole area really.

I loved every bit of Kat and Brady. I felt so bad that they both felt so responsible for the deaths of Mel and Cal! That was quite a way to start a book too, just so tragic! I loved how it kind of set a tone though, they really needed to rebuild their lives. And that’s what Kat and Brady did, they completely rebuilt their lives. They might not have known it for a long time, but it was beautiful to see! That was another thing, this story was just so beautiful and emotional. I truly love emotional reads and I think that’s part of the reason I loved this so much. Then you bring in Lizzy, she was a tornado of emotions linking them to Mel and Cal, but in the best way!

Izzy was almost the match maker of the bunch. She really helped Kat and Brady come together! Between her, the farm and the amount of work Kat did for the family, it was all so inspiring. The amount of love that Kat put into this family and farm. The farm itself was amazing and I loved the effort that they both ended up putting into it. It really seemed to transform lives. Speaking of match making, these two were HOTTTT. The slow burn was so good! I loved how they really tried to stay away, but they didn’t stop flirting. They were “casual” but would get jealous, I just loved all of it. I loved that the tattoo man fell in love with the farm girl, BEST EVER!

I can’t say enough about this book, between the slow burn, the twists an turns, and just all of the emotions, it was just so good!! Definitely a favorite for sure. Now I need to go back and read EVERYTHING that Lex has written!


Big Baller by Blake Wilder



I desperately needed a book like this after reading the sad book I just finished!

From the very beginning I was laughing!! Eloise and Dakota were HYSTERICAL! They were both witty and charming, it made it for such a fun read. In addition to funny, it was HOT! I loved every second of this book. It was a light read and had just the perfect amount of emotions!! A good romcom is more than just laughs and this has a little bit of everything!

Can’t wait to go and read other work by Blake!




All About the D by Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam


I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I LOVE Lex and Leslie, so of course I loved this one, but it was so above my expectations. I knew this was loosely based off of the blog “Things My Dick Does,” but I was super curious about how they’d be able to spin it. There were so many different layers to who Josh and Evelyn were, both together and as individuals. I loved getting to see those layers get peeled back and exposed. (That pub was totally intentional LOLOL).

I loved how Josh was this super influential person and I loved that Evelyn truly wanted to help him even though she worked for stuffy old people. It just made for the perfect kind of chemistry. She really needed someone to loosen her up and he really needed someone to be himself with. They were perfect for each other from the get go! Even more than those things, I loved how they were able to work themselves out of a rut. Both of them were in this rut that they almost didn’t even know existed until they met each other. That was one of the beautiful things about these two, there were so many things that they didn’t even realize about themselves until they found each other.

Even with all of the crazies out to get them, I Love how these two ended up together. They had so many different things stacked against them, including horrible family members, that I loved how they overcame it all. The end was especially sweet after the turmoil these two faced. This story would not have been the same without Kendall and Drew. I’m soooo curious about these two and what comes next with Drew!!


Hosed by Lili Valenti and Pippa Grant


THIS BOOK WAS HYSTERICAL! From the very first page I was cracking up. What isn’t to love about a small town with a dildo factory right in the middle of it?? Add in a hot firefighter and the virgin next door, AMAZING chemistry and crazy townspeople…. this is the recipe for success! I really liked everything about it; it was super adorable, super funny and just the right amount of sexy!

These two wrote so great together! I love their individual work and now I can’t wait to read more of their work together! This book made for a real good time and I highly recommend it!!


QueenPin (Syndicate #1) by Eden Rose


I really like this book, but for me it seemed to be missing something. There are so many secrets that sometimes you get a little lost in what is trying to be kept hidden.

I LOVED that Lucian was a Queenpin and I loved how she came from nothing. Her lifestyle is super interesting, especially the club and Mason. Mason’s addition to this book is really special. I love how he is totally clueless about the life that Lucian lives and has basically gets ambushed by this whole new world. Between these two there were a ton of secrets. So many that I sometimes was a little confused about what was doing on

I am so curious our Katie and her roll in this book though. Raul too, he’s definitely someone who has multiple roles and doesn’t like that he got a boot from one of the many scenarios with Lucian. I can’t wait until the next book comes out and hopefully some of the secrets will be revealed



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