Release Day: Always There

HAPPY HUMP DAY!! YOU GUYSSSSSSSSS. Always There is FINALLY live!!! I ADORE Lindsay and I adore this series. Make sure to check out my review below ♥

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Always There
(Always Series: Book Two)
Lindsay Becs

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Always There (Always Series: Book Two) by Lindsay Becs is LIVE!!

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I’ve had a lot of labels through the years: class clown, jock, the life of the party.  

Now, I’m a doctor, one who is filled with compassion for my patients.  But what if they knew the truth? That I’m envious of their strength and survival.

I guard my heart so it doesn’t get hurt, yet I’m the first one others come to for help.  And I paste on a smile to mask my pain.

I sleep around, I don’t let anyone in, and I tell no one of my past.

Until her.

How did a one-night stand change everything?


I’ve been a lot of things throughout my life: homeless, my mother’s drug runner, the white trash girl no one befriended.

I hate the pity, guilt, and shame I grew up with, so I keep everyone at arm’s length to protect myself.

I learned long ago that I couldn’t count on anyone.  The only one looking out for me is me.

I don’t do relationships or friendships or even people, really.  Yet, that’s my job.

Until him.

Why did it have to be him?


My Review

Where do I even begin? I have completely fallen in love with Lindsay’s writing! Each book I read the love just evolves. After reading Always I didn’t really think of a series, but when she decided to make it one, I WAS ECSTATIC!

I adored Ollie before, but man did this book make me see him in a new light!!! He was sexy, charming and man is he caring! We really learn a lot about him as an adult in this book, and we see multiple sides of him. I might even say we see him evolve some. When we first see him as a doctor we see him as the hot guy who wants to get in all of the nurses pants. I LOVED THIS! I loved seeing him as the “one night stand guy,” because that meant we were going to see something change in him. And damn was that change entertaining!!! Bexley was the absolute perfect girl for him. Lindsay did an amazing job with creating her character. She’s saucy, hardworking and will totally keep Ollie on his toes. These two had the perfect banter, so much so I’d probably say this is basically a romcom. They constantly had me cracking up! And the nick name “Leppy,” it had me howling with laughter! I’m sure this was on purpose, but I loved that he called her Leppy when his sister was “Lucky Penny.”

Now let’s get to them feels! WE GOT ALL OF THOSE DAMN FEELS!!!! I was never feeling a consistent feeling, and I LOVE THAT. We were on a constant roller coaster of emotions and it was just done so beautifully! Although I cried A LOT, I was laughing just as much and I pretty much felt every other emotion under the sun with it. It was just so well balanced. In this roller coaster of emotions we got to learn new things too. It was almost like you’d get different surprises along the ride. The biggest surprise was the letters from Josie. Oh man, those gutted me!!!! They were such a great element though, because his mom was so special. I can’t give away anything else with them, but holy crap, have some tissues. We also got to see a super vulnerable Travis. I really wept for that man. BUT I really think that Bex coming along really is going to help him get out of his shell. Oh and we can’t forget Tatum! HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!!! She gave us quite the run for our money at the end of that book!

I cannot express enough how amazing this book is, how absolutely amazing Lindsay is and how damn excited I am for Tatum’s story! Keep those roller coasters coming love!


Lindsay Becs is a contemporary romance author.  She has always enjoyed writing as an outlet and fun hobby. Having pushed outside her box, she wrote and self-published her first book in 2017.  She was quickly hooked deep into the book world. Although, she tends to write about tragic love and healing hearts, you’ll always find love and light conquers all.

Lindsay is an avid reader, Netflix binger, vinyl crafter and never goes far without coffee first. She is privileged to travel the world with her military husband, three crazy kids, and their lazy seven-year-old puppy.

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