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Soul (Of The Faye Series book 3)
Mary Duke


Sno has never had more decisions to make in her life, nor has she had consequences of each weigh on her so heavily.
Though in her heart she knows that she can’t back down from the decisions she faces, there is no looking back.
With the help of Zavery, Illiah, and Thanatos, they’re going to put an end to the war between the Faye and Demons but not in the way you would think.
Will Sno and Zavery survive this newly waged war with the Gods, or will Zavery’s hatred for his mother destroy their one chance at a new life?

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Watch for Mary’s newest series to be released soonComing to Crazy Ink April 16th!
College For the Supernatural Elite

FB_IMG_1549930531538.jpgAlyce Eryx Academy
Each Book in the Alyce Eryx Academy will be a stand-alone novel.
Fated Alliance follows Roselyn as she and her friends are drafted into one of the hardest
programs at the Academy: the Ambassador program.
She’s going to have to figure out how to overcome her hatred for the Luther family as well as
convince others that if they want their way of life to continue diversity has to be left in the past!
Preorder coming February 2019! ·


About the author

As far as anyone needs to know, Mary comes from a small town in rural Ohio. With a husband, three kids,
a dog, a cat, and two beta fish (Fuzzy Blue, and Red Fish, if you were curious about their names,) her
hands are kept busy. However, when she finds a way to escape reality, she twists words into worlds,
fueling her alter-ego as the Realm Wrangler!
With her debut series, Bloodline that launched in August 2018, she has a full schedule of launches lined
up to grab ahold of her readers, and drag them with her through several different adventures in 2019!
Watch for her Of the Faye Series, The Dark Soul Hunters Series, and The Alyce Eryx Academy Series!

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