Reviews and Ramblings: January 2019

Hello my loves!!!!!! I am SOOOO sorry I’ve been so absent. I started a new group (you can find that here) and I’ve taken on more than I can chew again! So, to make up for this lack of activity I’m going to be doing a Blogiversary giveaway in my group at the end of the month. So make sure to join to be able to enter!! Without further ado my Jan reads!!

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So to make this post less long I’m going to just share the covers of books I’ve already posted about. You can click on the picture and it will take you to the release day post!



All Broke Down (Rusk U #2) by Cora Carmack (Audio)


I started this book on Audio and it was one of my favorite audios today!! I couldn’t stand just listening and more and picked up the book to finish 

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO HARD!! I’m so excited that this book was my first finished book of 2019. Sports books are my fav and I adore this series!! It may slide into my fav sports series spot here before long!!

I loved everything about Dylan and Silas. I love how they were two different people, but came from the same type of background. Everything about that made them the perfect pair. They were almost an oxymoron, because they were so alike, yet so different. The depth that these two have as characters was just spectacular. Every twist and turn we got just showed us how dynamic these two were. 

And of course I have to talk about the AMAZING supporting characters. From the awful people to the amazing people in their lives, each one of them had such a developed character and personality. I adored Matt, Torres and Stella. These three really helped make a different. I loved seeing Dallas and Carson again too! Those two were special, I think they played a pretty crucial role in this book! CANNOT WAIT for more


Serpentine (Anita Blake #26) by Laurell K Hamilton


This has been one of my favorite Anita Blake book in quite a few years. I was starting to think that Laurell had lost her way some with the story, but I think this book really brought her back to her roots. 

I adored getting to see her with just Nathaniel and Micah, and even more Nathaniel’s insecurities. Him and Micah weren’t afraid to speak up for themselves this book and I loved that. Although their time together was cut short, I loved seeing them together again. I also loved seeing that Donna and Ted/Edward were finally getting married!

And of course Drama! The amount of drama that Dixie brought to the table was insane, then add the flirting at the pool and the crazy snake people…. it was EPIC! I loved the amount of drama in this book, even more so, I loved seeing Anita squirm. Clearly I loved this book, because I also LOVED that the four henchmen were back together! I had TOTALLY forgotten about Bernardo and Olaf! It was so good and of course creepy/weird seeing them again. I cannot wait for the next book!!!


All that Remains (Kay Scarpetta 3) by Patricia Cornwell


I have really become addicted to this series. I love the level of details that are found in these books and the crimes are always different.

This particular book deals with a serial killer and I liked the added layer that Kay couldn’t figure much out about the victims. Add was a great addition because it really made you think that much more. Kay’s level of involvement in the investigations has really sucked me into. I love that she really falls face first into theses cases. In this book though, it almost looked like she nearly took it a step too far.

Another difference with this book is her level of involvement with Benson. I loved that these two were constantly on edge and couldn’t tell each other everything. It was another awesome layer to this book. There were so many layers, and it was really fun pulling them all back. Character Pat Harvey was one a really good one in this. She’s been different than others, she evolves and changes so much throughout this book. And of course we have Abby in the mix, which always makes it interesting. And lastly, I liked how we got some glimpses of Mark and their relationship. 

Of the three I’ve read so far this one is my fav!


Cruel & Unusual (Kay Scarpetta #4) by Patricia Cornwell


These stories of Dr. Scarpetta and Detective Marino just keep getting more enticing! Scarpetta just gets more involved with these cases and this one definitely took an interesting turn. 

This story had so many twist and turns that I just couldn’t help but keep reading. I loved all the drama between the staff members, I thought that was genius! I know they had thought they had some corruption before, but this was an awesome twist. Kay always got in so deep, but she got in way over her head in this one. She definitely played a different role in this book, because she really had to take a few steps back and re-evaluate.  The drama within the lab though really made me appreciate some of these other characters, they were great! There was also a good bit of corruption and media in this book. It really took both to a new level.

Lucy, I LOVED seeing Lucy more in this. It’s so funny to think of her as almost an adult, it was clear that Kay didn’t, so that was great to see. She showed a new side of herself that we hadn’t seen before. We got to see her be more vulnerable and see just how much she’s grown. Between Lucy and Mark, Kay had gone through a lot of changes. I almost wish we had a little more of the in-between there. It felt like this book had really jumped forward and it really threw me off. 

The ending of this book really leaves so many things up in the air, and that’s even better. It doesn’t have a cliff hanger, but it really leaves things up for interpretation. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!


The Body Farm (Kay Scarpetta #5) by Patricia Cromwell


I accidentally read these out of order, so I had an idea of a few things that happened during this story. The relationship between Marino and Kay really got a run for its money with this story. Marino was acting so differently, and I didn’t understand a lot of his feelings throughout the book. He’s become a really complex character. Kay cares so deeply about him, so I’m curious to see how things continue to work between them. Add in the twists with Benton, and it makes me even more curiou

Speaking of plot twists, HOLY HELL DID THIS HAVE A FEW! I would never in a million years guessed how this book would have ended. Everything with Gault has gotten so crazy, but I really wouldn’t have thought these turns would have been taken.

The crime in this book was so awful, and everything about it just had so many layers. I am left with some unanswered questions, but I guess with the amount of twists and turns in the book that might be expected! Another AMAZING book, I cannot wait to keep going!


From Potter’s Field (Kay Scarpetta #6) by Patricia Cornwell


This series just keeps getting better and better! I loved EVERYTHING about this! I especially loved how we got to see Lucy and Kay work in tandem. These two are both so damn skilled, it’s amazing to see how they work. Kay really knows how to use everything she knows to the best of her ability and it truly shows in this book. 

I was happy to finally see something truly get to Kay. I noticed though, that she kept certain details to herself. At this point it doesn’t matter, but the point about Gault wanting to give her his kills as a trophy was so curious to me. I’m not sure why she never mentioned it to someone else, because that might have helped them find out who he might target next.

It will be interesting to see where this group goes from here, and I’m really curious to see if Kay and Benton stay in their relationship


Warmth (Paranormal Romance Novella) by Liv Miles





For a short story I thought this was great! I have no clue why this book only has 3.5 stars. I loved how well it was written and how we had some twists and turns. I haven’t read anything paranormal in a while and that definitely scratched the itch. I highly recommend!


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