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Unlucky in Love
A.J. Renee
Publication date: January 30th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Lucky in Love.

That’s the name of the dating app I picked, hoping to find Mr. Better Than Average so I can hold off planning my future as a cat lady.

I’ve been distracted eyeballing a tall, dark, and handsome Latin hottie who works in the library with me. He is way out of my league, and a woman has needs if you know what I mean.

Finding a man shouldn’t be hard when all I have to do is swipe left or right. It’ll weed out the slimy men who have Bad Date written all over them.

Yeah, I’m learning quickly that I’m rather unlucky in love after all. The men I pick need warning labels, kissing lessons, and a good talking-to about manners.

Should I throw in the towel, or will this series of bad dates be exactly what I need to win Mr. Right?

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“This one can’t be as bad as the last one,” I tell Val, who’s looking at me with disbelief.

“Izzy, you were black and blue for two weeks,” she says as her eyes bug out.

“Well, there was that.”

“And you nearly choked.”

I nearly did. A shudder runs through me at the memory. “Look, I am going to be late, Mom.”

“Don’t you ‘mom’ me, young lady!” she snaps, and we burst into a fit of giggles.

I know Val is only looking after me during this online dating chapter of my life. I’m hoping to find my prince in this vat of slobber. My last date may have been sweet as can be and hot as hell, but it didn’t go as I’d hoped.

Oh, well. You live and learn.

With a quick wave behind me, I hurry and get into my car to meet Brad. I’ve been chatting with him online and via text for nearly three days. Val waves from the curb, but as I drive away, I see she’s already looking at her phone. Tracking me, to be precise. Her father is a retired cop, and she’s as protective as a bear. And I love her for it.

Twenty minutes later, I arrive at the small, Italian, family-owned restaurant. It didn’t matter how many times I told Val I wasn’t nervous. My nerves are still shot. Meeting someone new is hard.

I’ve dated guys I met the normal way and the now “new” norm of online dating. It’s a toss-up whether I’ll have a love life again. Going through the dating scene isn’t always fun. I remember liking it once… long ago.

My ex and I were together for a couple years, so when we split, I wanted my freedom. I was fine with it just being me and my vibrator. Now? Now I’m ready to give this shit a shot again. The problem is after Johnny and Tristan, I’m not feeling very confident.

Inside the restaurant, I look at the tables and see the moment he notices me. Brad is wearing a lime-green bow tie, and a small part of me cringes. Luckily, his style is something I can overlook.


Author Bio:

AJ Renee is the author behind the St. Fleur series, Beauty Unmasked, Winter’s Surprise, Surviving Paris, and Finding Love at the Falls…. She’s a military wife and mother to three young girls. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology while working at the library.

She loves to write steamy romance with suspense and a happily ever after. When she isn’t writing or interacting with her readers, you can find her spending time with her family or reading. AJ enjoys traveling, researching family history, and all things New Orleans.

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