Release Blitz: The Memory of Us

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The Memory of Us
by Lisa Sorbe
Genre: Romance
When Elena Everhart returns to her hometown in Minnesota to deal with the aftermath of her mother’s death, the first person she runs into is the last one she wants to see. Then again, she always did have a hard time avoiding the boy next door.
Only now, Weston Brooks is all man.
Escaping the past to save the present worked for Elena once. Now a successful attorney in Phoenix, going back to Wolf Lake is more of a nuisance than anything. She figures it’ll be a quick trip, and then her ties with the past will finally be cut. But once she arrives, the ghosts in the old house become too much to bear, and the strength Elena prides herself in … snaps. 
And there’s only one person left to lean on when she breaks. 
Elena knows the decision she made all those years ago was the right one. She walked away from Weston Brooks once, breaking his heart so she could save her own. The question is … can she do it again? And at what cost?
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About the Author
Lisa lives in Minnesota with her husband, Chris, and their crazy mutt, Lindy. 
THE MEMORY OF US is her fourth book and, so far, the closest to her heart.
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