Release Day: Deceit

#ReleaseDay #Deceit #EdenRose #UltimateBetrayal


Deceit by Eden Rose



I’m not just anybody. I’m Wyatt Thorne – newly picked up by the NBA and recently signed as Michigan’s newest front guard. 
I have it all, or so one would think. Nothing really goes wrong in my life- except one thing. I can’t have the woman I truly want and there’s only one reason behind that. 
She’s married.

I came to Michigan for reasons and never told her what those reasons were. She’s done with secrets and I can’t blame her for that.
Am I ready for the truth to come out?
I don’t want to risk losing the woman I love in the process. There are two options here, everything will be good and dandy or I’ll end up losing the woman I love. It’s a risk. I just hope that our relationship doesn’t crumble.


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