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Capitol Corruption Series
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Linny Lawless
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Everyone knows what they need to about me. Iโ€™m a dangerous man with a dark and twisted soul. A killer. Iโ€™m in the business of power, and money flows through every corrupted vein in my body. They call me Push. I run the wicked streets of Washington D.C. I have everything I could possibly want, except one thing โ€“ Nadia. Sheโ€™s like a delicious drug running through my sinister veins. Iโ€™ve wanted her ever since she was just a teenager. But Iโ€™ve held myself back, keeping my need for her hidden, even from her… especially from her. I’ve seen the fear that flashes in Nadiaโ€™s eyes when she looks at me, but she canโ€™t hide the lust that accompanies it. Her energy is like a damn aphrodisiac. Now her life is in danger and she’s come to me for protection. I think we both know Iโ€™ll keep her alive, and keep her as my own, but she’ll not be safe, not from me.
I donโ€™t even know his real name. Everyone calls him Push, but he canโ€™t push me around and I think he knows that. Heโ€™s a notoriously dangerous man, intimidating everyone he comes into contact with. Heโ€™s rugged, with dark eyes โ€“ eyes that frighten me, but light me aflame at the same time. In a way, I guess I can understand parts of him. My own father is corrupt and depraved, and my mother died so many years ago that all I have left are scattered images of her memory. The sole purpose I have is to fulfill my fatherโ€™s hunger for money, corruption, and power. Iโ€™m nothing but a pawn to him when I should be so much more than just a piece to move in his game. He gave me to Lucas Peterson, a man who matches my fatherโ€™s ambition. Lucas is just as cruel, and maybe even more sinister. When my father is killed, itโ€™s now that I realize the only person, I can trust to protect me is the man Iโ€™ve kept at bay. Push.
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