Reviews & Ramblings: December Part 2

I FINALLY DID IT!!!!! I read a million small books and met my goal of 150 books! After this insane struggle, I lowered my goal for next year. Make sure to keep an eye out for my goals video about this! I’m going to apologize in advanced, this is a long one! LOTS of Novellas! LOL



Hoops Holiday (Hoops Novellas) by Kennedy Ryan


KRHoopsHolidayBookCover5x8_HIGHIt was sooo good to read Decker and Avery again!! I had read their story in Team Player before I had started this series. I love that they got their own side story. From the death of Avery’s fiancé to Decker’s issues with his ex, there was no shortage of drama, and it was awesome! And man we can’t forget the constant sparks between Avery and Decker!!! I love them so much, I love how relentless he was and how he truly helps her heal

Then we have Long Shot stocking stuffer. HALLELUJAH!!! I needed more of these couples so badly. This just might tie me over until we get more of Lo and Keenan. The secret we find out in the beginning is THE BEST! I absolutely love the heat and devotion between these two. And seeing August with Sarai is the cutest damn thing! And of course we have the tension between Lo and Keenan. My favorite line was “I think he’s magnificent.” These two give me a headache, in the best possible way!

And lastly our amazing short about Banner and Jared. The amazingness and surprises just kept coming!!! These two are on a whole different level than his brothers family. These two are dirty and raw, I love it so much!!! And of course seeing Zo and Graciella is always interesting. I loved the little twists and turns. 

We got so much from these three short stories! It is AMAZING what Kennedy can do with words 😍😍😍


Something Like This (The Men of Evansdale County #3) by Ayne Hart

42116063.jpgAlyne has really captured my heart with this series. I’ve only gotten to read the first book before this, BUT I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Everything about Von (Siobhan) and Vin is just magical. I love at the beginning how we saw them being so genuine with each other. Their love was just so raw, even if they wouldn’t admit it. 

Seeing them in the present day with the addition of Violet, it’s EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was THE BEST SURPRISE EVER! This little girl could make any man melt, she’s THAT cute! Seeing Vin come back into Von’s life and his interactions with Violet were just so heartfelt. Von has such a hard life, I was really frustrated with her throughout this book in how she dealt with it. Instead of asking for help, she let herself be bogged down with everything. I love how Vin was able to help her out of this continuous circle she’d been living. 

One of my favorite parts was how Vin helped Von’s dad get back to who he used to be. It seemed like he helped everyone in this story just as much as he did Von. It was super ironic in the beginning, because he made fun of Dean with the life he was living. Vin didn’t know what was coming at him! Seeing that big man fall was AMAZING! Really the whole book was just amazing.

Alyne did such a good job of pulling our emotions in and really making us feel things deep down. I found myself more than once smiling, or mad, or sad, all of it! It was such a good emotional roller coaster with so many twists and turns. Thank you for this Alyne!


Switched (Sin City Fets #1) by Linny Lawless & Elizabeth Knox

SwitchedSo I have to be honest, I only gave this a 4 star because it isn’t one of my favorites from Elizabeth. That doesn’t mean I didn’t absolutely love and devour it! I give so many things 5 stars that I wanted to start re-thinking my system! 

I’ve never read anything by Linny, but I can see some of the differences between here and Elizabeth. I really liked how they wrote together. One of the main reasons I didn’t like this book as much, is that I felt that it went a little quick. Now, that very much could be because of the speed I read, not because of how it was written! That being said, my favorite parts of this book were seeing two sides to both Drake and Candace. I LOVED seeing the Dominatrix side of Candace, she was one awesome and touch bitch! But, I also loved how we got to see the softer, more vulnerable side of things. Living the life that she did, I can very much see how it could take a toll on her if the role never stopped. And then we have Drake, who is pretty much only known as the hard ass. I love how he, figuratively, fell to his knees for Candace. 

These emotions that they felt, and that they made us feel, really helped with the sudden switch from Dom to Sub for Candace. Although, at the same time, we could see her unravel and something of this nature was going to be inevitable. In addition to the amazing emotions IT WAS HOT AS HELLLLLL. The first time we see a sexual side of Candace was FIRE! There was truly the perfect amount of hot scenes as there were emotional. It was such a great balance. 

And of course, I love me some supporting characters. I loved the addition of Thomas and Lexington. These two really helped to stir the pot. Having the issues with Candaces dad and having Carly come in the scene really made an impact too. All of these people did so many things to help carry these two along, they were so well done. I also loved the hints that we got when it came to Chase and Miss. Sharpe. I cannot wait to see what is to come with these two!!!


Pulling Her Trigger (Ghost Riders MC #1) by Alexa Riley

25844930Holy hell does Alexa Riley make good and hot as hell books!!!! Mac/Casper & Vincent really set it on fire in this one! I LOVED how they met and how instantly there was so much heat between them!!!

Ok let’s take a few steps back now LOL. I LOVE that Mac is a part of an MC and that she has such a significant role! I’ve never heard of a woman in an MC and this makes it SO MUCH BETTER in the role that she has within the club. She’s just so damn badass with her sniper self! And then we have Vincent, holy crap on a cracker, we got the shock of a lifetime with him! At the rate that these two were going, I NEVER anticipated that blow! Now, you might think, how the hell was that a surprise? I don’t read blurbs LOL. I just know it was MC and Alexa Riley and I was in like Flint. 

Anywho, the FBI agent and the MC Sniper, such an awesome combo. What I loved most about them, is that neither of those things mattered to them. Their whole brand of instalove was one that I really loved. I used to be very anti-instalove, but with a story like their’s you can’t help but love it! For a short story it packed a lot of punch and I cannot wait to see where these two go


Beauty and the Biker (Ghost Rider MC #2)

by Alexa Riley


26070309.jpgOh man, as if Casper and Vincent weren’t hot, these two may be even hotter! I LOVED the back and forth between Savage and Julie. When we first see the two met I was DYING! They were cracking me up with the “falling off the bean stalk” and the “shortcake” jokes. I think their height difference alone is hysterical, mostly because I’m not a lot taller than Julie is in the book!! 

Their story has so many twists and turns, and it was just so tragic. I was so close to dropping a few tears multiple times. If I hadn’t had a few interruptions cooking dinner, I’m sure I would have cried! There were so many times during that roller coaster that I wish someone had smacked Savage upside the head! That man was so stupid, MULTIPLE TIMES! That’s a man for you though LOL. Julie, God bless her, she didn’t give up! They had a few surprises popped up too, between that and the roller coast I was constantly on my toes and wondering what was going to happen next. 

These two are crazy and are hot as hell, I cannot wait to see more of them and their family!


Letting Her Lead (Ghost Riders #3) by Alexa Riley

28477438.jpgFINALLY!!! I’ve been dying to see who Lucias ends up with! I’m so damn happy that it’s a nerdy vet! They are so opposite that it works so well. 

I had a feeling that Lucias had a softer side. He was always the one who was taking care of everyone else. We never saw him with women and he was always at the club. It made me sooo happy when we saw how much he liked Elizabeth. Their sort of insta-love was just as amazing as Savage and Julie’s. I think this one was just so much sweeter. 

Elizabeth is just THE BEST. From accidentally shooting someone to her hysterical clothes,I just adore her. She’s just so perfect for Lucias, and I love how she made the big man fall. Just so perfect


Pulling His Trigger (Ghost Riders #4) by Alexa Riley




YYYAAASSSSSSSSSSS. After seeing all these preggo wives I could not wait until Mac had one!!! This book was equal parts hysterical and hot as hell!!

I absolutely adore how close her and Vincent are. I loved even more how he knew before she did!!! They have such an amazing bond. I especially loved the little teasers we got for the next book and the broken fingers LOL. So many good things!




Riding Him (Ghost Riders #5) by Alexa Riley


Holy crap on a cracker!! That was such an amazing end to an amazing series!!!

I LOVE that Violet was the one to make Scribe fall! Just like Lucias, Scribe never did anything for himself and you never saw him with women. From the moment Violet was mentioned around him I knew they were going to have a whirlwind romance. 

What was so special about these two, was how vulnerable they were with each other. They truly told each other everything and just put themselves out there. Their slow build was so great, I knew it would be epic

And that ending!!! HOLY COW! lol You all will love it so much!


Late Night Kisses by Whitney G




I ADORE small town romances and this one was a goodie!

I constantly found myself laughing! Nathan was HYSTERICAL and the amount of ego that man had could fuel a whole town. And of course we have Christine, she was hysterical in her actions. I loved that she couldn’t keep how she felt silent! She was cracking me up!!! These two were hot and spicy and I loved how they really helped each other in this crazy little town




Naughty Boss (Steamy Coffee Collection #1)

by Whitney G



I LOVE hot boss stories just as much (or more) than the small town ones. This one was even better than Late Night Kisses!

I absolutely loved the love/hate relationship between Michael and Mya! The amazing twist of the emails with Amy were such a good edition. Naughty emails are the best, especially when sent to the wrong person. I desperately wish there was more, but loved what I got!




Reasonable Doubt Vol 1 by Whitney G




Ok, first I did really love this book. I give it 4 stars though, because it took plot points from the two prior books I read. Beyond that I loved the characters and the complicated relationship they have. I’m sooo curious about Andrew after this!






Ringing In The New Year by Alexa Riley





I adored every second of this book. I loved how close Cami and Reed were from such a young age. Seeing their love blossom was adorable. The insane plot twist though really spun me for a loop! I love how these girls made this little book have so much zing to it!





Filling Her Up (Hot-Bites Novella) by Jenika Snow & Jordan Marie

42643924Holy caveman hotness! This quick hot bite was just that, quick and oh so hot!!! I loved how primal Michales need for Cassie was, so barbaric and strong. And so damn hot lol. Can’t wait to read more of these

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