Favorites of 2018: Part Two

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY LOVES!!!! I have been in a crazy place the last two months. At the beginning of November I found out I had 46 books to read to make my Goodreads goal. Because I was determined to only read a lot of things were pushed aside because of it. I am determined to do better for me and this blog next year.

So PLEASEEEE, help me stay accountable! LOL If you don’t hear from me for a while, message me, text me, email me. Something! LOL I desperately want to be there for all of you and make this blog so much better. I’m going to a LOT of signings next year, so there will be more amazing giveaways and I hope better content for you guys. I also want to try and start doing more videos and different types of videos. I’m going to be doing a favorites video for my Youtube channel. I decided since I already do a favorites post, that I want to change it up some. I want to talk about my favorites in categories and some of my favorite covers. I also want to do a goals video, maybe I’ll make that a live video on facebook. I’ll probably have the favorites video up sometime tomorrow and then I’ll do the goals video some time this week. I’ll let you guys know!!! So For now, here’s what I’ve got for my favorites for the second half of the year!



Chased by Hazel James

33137047This was absolutely one of my favorite books so far this year! From the very beginning I was laughing my butt off, it made for such an amazing read! I LOVE Romcoms, as much as I love super emotional books, I love Romcoms even more. This one was PERFECT! There was the perfect mix of seriousness and other emotion. That really helped this become such an amazing read. There were just so many layers to the story and to the characters. It really was like peeling an onion.

DH and Paige were GREAT! These two had the most hysterical and real connection. From the time that these two met (which was funny by itself) to their odd encounters, everything about it was perfect. Even better is that they were so not perfect people. Both of them really had their own flaws, which really was another way this story was just so real. Sometimes things happen and you aren’t always who you want to be. But, sometimes it just takes that one person to get you there. This is how it was with DH and Paige. In addition to their awesome chemistry, I loved the Wizard of Oz and tornado theme throughout the book. Those two things really helped this book reach another level of amazingness!

Reading this makes me want to kick myself for not reading Hazel James sooner!! Cannot wait to read more!


Unbreak This Heart by Betty Shreffler

37886393This book was so good that I completely ruined dinner because I was too busy reading it to remember to set an alarm!

Ok, let’s back track. Alex and Carter are so amazing and both have so many battles to fight. They were really the perfect couple. I loved how quickly they became taken to each other, and while not even trying. These two had such natural chemistry, and it was written so flawlessly! I’m not a big fan of insta-love, but this was done so well! Another great thing about their relationship is how they met, I LOVE IT!!!! Also a great addition to the story are friends Jane and Kyle. These two support characters were written so well! They really are the glue that helped to hold the tale of Alex and Carter together. They helped ease the blow of asshat Todd and everything that happened between Alex and Carter. They helped with the good and they helped with the bad.

Betty really made this story special! There were so many twist and turns and unbelievable roller coaster rides in this book. It made for a truly amazing read. There was so much strength in the friendships, relationships and everything in this book.


A Better Place by Jennifer Van Wyk

34490831From the very beginning of this book I was completely sucked in. Everything about James and Carly just kept me wanting more. Hearing the back stories of Carly/Jack and James/Lily really put this book into perspective.

These two families needed each other so much, and I love how they came to be together. I was constantly laughing and everything was so emotional. It was just all so perfect! I really loved the relationships that Carly and James had with each others child, it really made everything so special. And the instant bond that Carly and James had, I think that only comes with the lives they’ve lived. Another special part of this book is their age, you don’t often find “later in life” romances, and this one was so well done! This is definitely one of my favorite reads this year!


Sins of the Father (Ravens Ruin MC #1) by Marie James

1e016-sins2bof2bthe2bfather2bnew2bebook2bcoverIf it were possible I’d give this book 6 stars. Not only was this book amazing, I was obsessive about it. I haven’t been this obsessed over a book in a while, in fact, My boyfriend has to basically force me to go to bed the fist night. The next day I started reading at the end of the work day and only put it down to drive! I’d have to say this just might be my favorite book of Marie’s so far!

From the very beginning I was hooked! Candi/Zoe really started this book out with a bang!!! Her and Lynch were HOTTTTT. Fair warning, there’s LOTS of super steamy sex in this book (it’s awesome LOL). We really got to see a dynamic shift at the beginning of this story. There was a plot twist within a plot twist with Molly and Candi coming to the MC. That was on the first of many. Seeing how Candi affected Lynch was definitely entertaining too, especially with the members reactions to her. Lynch, Molly and JT have so many different layers to who they are. We really got to see some of those layers, and some she still has locked up for the future. Their family dynamic is something super different in this book, it’s definitely another hook. Then we get to see how the MC reacts to them and respects them.

I know I’ve talked multiple times before about not liking insta-love, BUT I loved the connection between Lynch and Candi. The instant connection they have and their sexual attraction was so strong! The severity of each others actions and jealousy was so damn entertaining too. Basically I loved everything about this damn book. I loved how it was a little on the dark side, had so much hot sex and had amazing characters. I cannot wait for more


All Lined Up (Rusk U #1) by Cora Carmack


This audio was sooo good! It had the perfect narrators for these characters!

I LOVED Dallas and Carson, they were like a modern day Romeo and Juliet without the killing LOL. I loved how they just couldn’t keep themselves separated, but at the same time became best friends trying to. I loved this so much and can’t wait to read more!

P.s. I’m sad I didn’t have more a review for this. I did it wayyy too late. I LOVE this audio sooo much



Man Card (Man Hands #2)

by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby



I loveeeeeee when Sarina and Tanya write together. This series has been so much fun! I loved every minute of seeing the struggle between Braht and Ash. They were absolutely hysterical together, I loved the way that she kept trying to hold out, and he had complete confidence. They are so much alike and I think that made it even funnier! There were also some HOT moments between these two! I am even more curious now about Sadie’s book and can’t wait to read it!




Book Boyfriend by Dawn L Chiletz

40a2b-bookboyfriend_amazon_ibooksTHIS WOMAN IS AMAZING!!!!! I’ve known Dawn for a few years now and she’s one of THE BEST PEOPLE I’ve ever known. This book shows just how amazing she is! The story line is pretty much what every author wishes could happen! LOL

I LOVE Greer so much in this book! She is someone that we’ve all been or someone we’ve known and she really took like by the balls and said I CAN DO THIS! She learned how to live her life after a loss, even if it wasn’t fully put together. She did what a lot of us aren’t able to do, and I can’t help but envy that! Then we have Fisher, and he’s basically every guy we’ve ever wanted. Even if it is only a quick fling on a vacation. The lengths he went to for Greer was so damn admirable! I would give anything for a man to want and need my attention that bad! The little things he did for her were so romantic and absolutely adorable.

My favorite part of this story was how everyone helped everyone. Chloe and Luna were so amazing as supporting characters, without these two the book wouldn’t be the same at all. It’s the relationships like the ones of Fisher and Chloe, Luna and Greer and all of the combinations, they really made this book so real and take it to the next level. By the end of this book I felt like all of these characters were my best friends, like I was part of their circle. It takes some damn good writing to make you feel like that. And Dawn, you do some damn good writing.

Here’s my video review!


Moon by Lindsay Becs

MOON coverLINDSAY HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Always has become one of my all-time favorite books, and I know she was a little worried about this one, but she knocked it out of the park!!!! There’s the perfect mix of dark and hope in this book.

I LOVE Endy and Moon (Tavin and Selene), I think they are the perfect characters. The hope and safety they found in each other was awe inspiring! The amount of trauma they went through was insanity, but they both came out of it somewhat OK. I loved how she told the story of their past. There was a lot of darkness, but the way she broke it up was so perfect. We’d get a little bit of the dark and then we’d get some lovin’. Almost like she was softening the blow. Each of those awful scenes had me so heartbroken, but because of how it was written, I wasn’t a sobbing mess. The emotions were just so perfectly placed.

I also loved her use of the other characters and the settings in the book. The name of the diner was HYSTERICAL, and I LOVED Tara. She was the best bff a girl could ask for. And although some of the other characters, like Zeus, were horrible, the story wouldn’t have been the same if they hadn’t been exactly how they were.

I am continuously blown away by Lindsay and cannot wait to see what is to come


Unstable by SE Hall

31823744KEATON FREAKING CASH!!!!!! Where have you been all of my life???? I NEED a man like this, PRONTO!

When we were first introduced to Henley I wasn’t really sure what to think. I felt so bad for this poor girl! Then, we meet Keaton, and I’m like OH BOY, HERE WE GO!!! LOLOL I just knew he was going to take this book to a whole new level, and boy did he! Poor Henley had so much regret when she returned home, and it was so hard to see her be like that. I love how Keaton had come in and basically taken over her life. He wasn’t going to let her sit and wallow, he was determined to help her live a full life. Everything he did for her made me fall in love with him a little bit more. I loved the little characters in the town too, they really drove this story home. If it weren’t for people like Donna, Henley wouldn’t have been the same person.

Back to Keaton, LOLOL, I love how absolutely devoted he was to Henley. He was determined to be there for her in every way possible. When she finally started letting him help, I was so relieved for her, and so happy for him. The best though, were his hysterical and raunchy comments, they had me cracking up from the moment we met him! He was so saucy, it was great! These two were really something else, and when she finally let herself go it was the best!!!

I need more of Keaton Cash, and Henley I guess, in my life!


Tailor Made by Tasha Lewis


TASHA BLEW IT OUT OF THE PARK WITH THIS BOOK! I can’t believe this is her debut novel, it was sooo well done! Her writing is just so good!

I loved every bit of the relationship between Mason and Rayleigh! From how the met, to how their relationship continued and all of their ups and downs. EVERY.MOMENT.WAS.PERFECT! I love when a book has a relationship that isn’t perfect and is very real! This story was just so REAL and that made it so much better. Meeting each other and falling for each other made Mason and Ray both such better people! And we have people like Kat and Shelby who really help make this story so complete! I also really enjoyed how much art and books were a part of this story. Of course books are special to me, but so is art. It helped it be so relatable! I also love how we got a few twists and turns, as well as some really deep backgrounds. There were just so many layers to their stories.

Tasha’s writing alone was just amazing. I loved how she really used the supporting characters to help her hero and heroine shine! We got to feel all of the emotions (shocker: I even cried once) and they were done so beautifully. Nothing really bashed you in the face, but the emotions were transitioned so perfectly


I Bet You (The Hook Up #2) by Ilsa Madden-Mills

39299741I had a hard time sleeping in anticipation of reading this book today! The immediate saucy and spicy banter between Ryker and Penelope had me HOOKED! I also LOVE that she had been writing about him while he was in the same space as her, that had me cracking up! The nicknames, the banter, the “hate” talk, all of it just made QUITE the impression! I laughed so much throughout this book, I was constantly on my toes waiting for the next giggle. IT WAS GREAT!

I really love how Penelope and Ryker were desperately trying to deny their feelings for one another, it made for some great entertainment. Ok, all their jokes and funniness aside, I love how these two became so close. They really did seem to be friends first, and I think that makes a such a strong relationship. These two really knew each other in and out. I also loved their quirks. I loved that she loved to write and loved the library. And other than football, Ryker’s friends were so important to him.

Speaking of friends, we can’t ignore Charisma and Blaze! First of all, the names are so perfect for the BFF’s!!! These two were hysterical and totally loyal. I love how each of them came to their friends defense so many times, but I also love these two for their own banter together. The way that they all banded together was great! And of course the additions of Margo and Conner were interesting too. I was very interested in the dynamic of Margo and Penelope, and seriously hope I get to see more of that!



Long Shot (Hoops #1) by Kennedy Ryan

krlongshotbookcover5x8_mediumHOLY SHITE! I was pre-warned about all of the emotions I would feel during this book. Man did Kennedy bring on the emotions, STRONG!

From the moment we see Iris and August together I knew these two were special. Not even as a couple, though they were, but as individual people. Iris is just so passionate about the game, and about life. Then we have August who is basically planning for every possible scenario in life. From what little conversation we saw, I really got to see how special they were.

Let’s talk about August first. This kid has so much damn talent and I love how he was constantly remembering his dad. But at the same time, with that talent, came TONS of ego. I was really happy when he got that ego checked a few times. But damn was he also passionate! The game was his life, but I love how determined he was to have something to fall back on.

Then we have Iris, she’s almost the same way. She has a clear path for her life and doesn’t want to end up like her mother. Her story was really heart breaking, and her continuous story just kept breaking my heart. Now somehow I did not sob during this book, I think maybe my emotions were somehow on hold for a while? In any normal circumstance, I would have sobbed throughout this whole book. The things we saw her go through are things that I never even thought of possibly happening to a human being. The raw ache she felt, man did we feel it too. Kennedy is so good at that. She’s so good at getting us to feel those same emotions. We were raw right there with her.

Family was a really important theme in this book. If it weren’t for family August and Irish would have had much different lives after they met. They both had THE BEST families, minus the douche canoe that was Caleb. I loved their families so much, especially Jared and Lotus. These two really made August and Iris shine. Supporting characters are equally as important, and these two had a monumentus role in this book.

With all that said and done, I can’t give too much away, BUT YOU NEED TO READ THIS! Kennedy is so damn talented and this book is really a shining star. It has so many emotions and layers, although you want to see when the good times come, you don’t want it to end. When it ended I was about to throw my kindle!!

ONTO THE NEXT!!! Can’t wait!


Your Sound (Sherbrooke Station #3) by Katia Rose

42417863Every time I read one of these books I think it was my favorite until I read the next one. I already connect so well with these books because of the music, but I connect so much more with JP! JP is so awesome and crazy and he and I have SO much in common. 

So we already knew JP, but we didn’t really know Molly. I LOVE how awkward and quite Molly is. When we are first introduced to her in Your Echo, we know that she’s a HUGE Sherbrooke Station fan. I love how we get to see JUST how big of a fan she is right off the bat in Your Sound. I also love how quirky she was with her BFF Justine. Getting to see the “real” Molly before we saw the shy and awkward Molly was so nice to see! I loved seeing both sides of her. It was adorable to see her shy and nervous side around the band. But, I think my favorite part was to see how JP wanted to help bring her out of her shell. 

Now, JP. I can’t really type it that way, but I say that with a happy sigh. I’ve always loved this guy! He’s the perfect amount of quirky and hyper, and it was just SO perfect that he’s the one who spotted Molly. I truly adored his dedication to get her to break out of herself. My favorite part of this story though, was how truly vulnerable we got to see JP. We got to see this completely different side of him, even apart from him wooing Molly. There are so many layers to the men in this band, but I think JP has had the most layers yet. I was super excited to see those layers be revealed and him show how amazing he truly was.

JP and Molly together was, yet again, sickeningly cute! I love how these two awkward people really came together and helped each other so much! I love them both as individuals, but as a couple they are on a whole new level. I can’t wait to see what comes of them in the next book. AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE COLE’S STORY!!

Here’s the link for the video I did!


Jock (Boston Terriers #5) by Jacob Chance

41066829OMG I LOVED THIS SO HARD!!!! Sports romance are my favs, and I’ve really liked the other books in this series, BUT this one is by far my fav!

I love how different Eliza and Owen are in this book. Own appears to be the typical jock and Eliza is anything but typical and a nerd. Them being totally different worked soooo well for them, and it really helped them click. They really were not what I expected, both of them, it was so refreshing! I loved that Owen wasn’t the “typical” jock, just like the other guys, but he seemed more “normal” than the others. And Eliza, she was soooo full of surprises. Their reactions to each other were great too, neither of them really expected the other to be who they were. 

One of my favorite parts of this book were that we got to see some of the other characters, especially some from Canvas. I love how he tied the stories together! The other favorite part were the surprises we constantly got thrown us! There were so many things about Owen and Eliza that I never expected. I find myself constantly gasping in delight and excitement!! Now, it doesn’t take much to excite me, but I loved these surprises so much. And of course emotions, we had a really good range of emotions, and that’s always important to me. We had full ranges here, especially with the surprises we got. Especially at the end. I REALLY hope we get to see more of these two!!!



Something Like This (Men of Evansdale #3) by Alyne Hart

42116063Alyne has really captured my heart with this series. I’ve only gotten to read the first book before this, BUT I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Everything about Von (Siobhan) and Vin is just magical. I love at the beginning how we saw them being so genuine with each other. Their love was just so raw, even if they wouldn’t admit it. 

Seeing them in the present day with the addition of Violet, it’s EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was THE BEST SURPRISE EVER! This little girl could make any man melt, she’s THAT cute! Seeing Vin come back into Von’s life and his interactions with Violet were just so heartfelt. Von has such a hard life, I was really frustrated with her throughout this book in how she dealt with it. Instead of asking for help, she let herself be bogged down with everything. I love how Vin was able to help her out of this continuous circle she’d been living. 

One of my favorite parts was how Vin helped Von’s dad get back to who he used to be. It seemed like he helped everyone in this story just as much as he did Von. It was super ironic in the beginning, because he made fun of Dean with the life he was living. Vin didn’t know what was coming at him! Seeing that big man fall was AMAZING! Really the whole book was just amazing.

Alyne did such a good job of pulling our emotions in and really making us feel things deep down. I found myself more than once smiling, or mad, or sad, all of it! It was such a good emotional roller coaster with so many twists and turns. Thank you for this Alyne!

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