Reviews & Ramblings: December Part 1

Hello my loves!!!! So I have been SLACKING!!! LOL I’ve been so busy being sick (very sick), busy at work and trying to get Christmas gifts finished! BUT I’ve finally made it to almost 10 books so I wanted to share some with you guys ♥ 🎄

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I’m getting an elf on the shelf next year just to do funny pics!


Your Sound (Sherbrooke Station #3) by Katia Rose

(you can see the video here!)


Every time I read one of these books I think it was my favorite until I read the next one. I already connect so well with these books because of the music, but I connect so much more with JP! JP is so awesome and crazy and he and I have SO much in common. 

So we already knew JP, but we didn’t really know Molly. I LOVE how awkward and quite Molly is. When we are first introduced to her in Your Echo, we know that she’s a HUGE Sherbrooke Station fan. I love how we get to see JUST how big of a fan she is right off the bat in Your Sound. I also love how quirky she was with her BFF Justine. Getting to see the “real” Molly before we saw the shy and awkward Molly was so nice to see! I loved seeing both sides of her. It was adorable to see her shy and nervous side around the band. But, I think my favorite part was to see how JP wanted to help bring her out of her shell. 

Now, JP. I can’t really type it that way, but I say that with a happy sigh. I’ve always loved this guy! He’s the perfect amount of quirky and hyper, and it was just SO perfect that he’s the one who spotted Molly. I truly adored his dedication to get her to break out of herself. My favorite part of this story though, was how truly vulnerable we got to see JP. We got to see this completely different side of him, even apart from him wooing Molly. There are so many layers to the men in this band, but I think JP has had the most layers yet. I was super excited to see those layers be revealed and him show how amazing he truly was.

JP and Molly together was, yet again, sickeningly cute! I love how these two awkward people really came together and helped each other so much! I love them both as individuals, but as a couple they are on a whole new level. I can’t wait to see what comes of them in the next book. AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE COLE’S STORY!!


Ditched (Harmony Bay #1) by Amity Hope


This story was so damn adorable! I actually picked it up to read because I was trying to figure out a book about a bride that ran. This bride definitely ran, but wasn’t the book I had been looking for. It was a pleasant surprise though! I became hooked very quickly!

So when we first meet Holly and her friends I was like, hmmmm, i’m missing something. I LOVED that they didn’t outright say things, we really had to think. Then we got the big bomb dropped on us and I was DUMBFOUNDED! The way everyone treated Holly (except for Lanna and Max) was horrific! If my parents ever wanted me to stay in the asinine situation they wanted her to say in I’d smack every one of them in the damn face. So, Holly didn’t actually slap them in the face, BUT figuratively SHE TOTALLY DID! IT WAS EPIC!!!!! Enough about these asshats… Lanna and Max totally had her back! I LOVED that Lanna was trying to play matchmaker too.

Max is the best guy! I loved that he helped sweep Holly off her feet and take her away from the wreckage. The way he treated her on this trip, like she was a princess, it was so adorable. I love how he didn’t really walk around on egg shells like some people, but he made her live her life. I also adore how slowly she realized who Max really was. When the lightbulb went off, after WAY TOO MUCH influence,  I WAS SO EXCITED! The best part though? It wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows! It was real. I love that about books. I love how Holly really kept getting put through the hanger, hell even Max was! It wasn’t just an easy, quick HEA, and that was the best part. 

I’m super curious to see how their relationships buds and even more curious to see what ends up happening with Lanna in the next book!


Shielding Lily by Alexa Riley




Omg that book was too damn cute! I was constantly going awww, I cried, I was angry, I was giggle and it was definitely hot!

I loved every minute of this short story about Lily and Ren. Their complete devotion was so amazing! I could read many books about these two!!

P.s. I’m reading a ton of her books bc they are quick reads!!




Jock (Boston Terrier #5) by Jacob Chance



OMG I LOVED THIS SO HARD!!!! Sports romance are my favs, and I’ve really liked the other books in this series, BUT this one is by far my fav!

I love how different Eliza and Owen are in this book. Own appears to be the typical jock and Eliza is anything but typical and a nerd. Them being totally different worked soooo well for them, and it really helped them click. They really were not what I expected, both of them, it was so refreshing! I loved that Owen wasn’t the “typical” jock, just like the other guys, but he seemed more “normal” than the others. And Eliza, she was soooo full of surprises. Their reactions to each other were great too, neither of them really expected the other to be who they were. 

One of my favorite parts of this book were that we got to see some of the other characters, especially some from Canvas. I love how he tied the stories together! The other favorite part were the surprises we constantly got thrown us! There were so many things about Owen and Eliza that I never expected. I find myself constantly gasping in delight and excitement!! Now, it doesn’t take much to excite me, but I loved these surprises so much. And of course emotions, we had a really good range of emotions, and that’s always important to me. We had full ranges here, especially with the surprises we got. Especially at the end. I REALLY hope we get to see more of these two!!!


The Space Between Us (the Men of Evansdale County #1) by Alyne Hart


HOLY CRAP THAT WAS GOOD!!! I was lucky enough to win an advanced copy of Something Like This and I decided that I wanted to read the first two books. I’M SO GLAD I DID! I love how well this book was written and the plot was fantastic!!!

The amount of history that Emma and Dean have together is HUGE, the fact that she always had a crush on him was also HUGE! I LOVED THIS!!! Dean being the brothers best friend is always one thing, but the fact that he’s the one who is obsessed with her as an adult was so damn adorable! Well, adorable is a little bit of an innocent word, there was nothing adorable about his feelings for her. He was so fantastically filthy about it, and the fact that she was innocent… MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD! 

There was the perfect amount of emotions, twist and turns in this book. I love a deeply emotional book, and I really loved how many this one had. I truly felt every emotion throughout this book and that for me made this book that much better. Alyne did an amazing job of the supporting characters too. I loved Tony and Rose the most, these two really were just THE BEST! I cannot wait to see what is to come!


Owning Her Innocence, Innocent Getaway, and Innocent Christmas (Innocence Series) by Alexa Riley


Owning Her Innocence: This was not what I was expecting at all! I didn’t think I would like a “daddy” book, but DAMN THAT WAS HOTTTT!!! I loved every minute

Innocent Giveaway: This book wasn’t quite as good, but wasn’t the same at all! I think William and Hailey’s life tougher is so interesting! Hailey bringing a brat was odd, but their relationship is still so hot!

Innocent Christmas: This one was cute! I liked seeing the more adult side of Haley! And of course it was hot!

(I read it as this bundle, but reviewed individually!


Postmortem (The Scarpetta Collection #1) by Patricia Cornwell


HOLY CRAP THAT WAS ADDICTING!!! I haven’t read a non-romance in well over a year. I’d never read anything like this and part of a reading challenge was stepping out my comfort zone. I am soooo glad a friend suggested this series because I am now glued to it!!

Kay and Marino are quite a pair!! I loved how she didn’t quite like him, but they really seemed to work so well together. I also really loved the dynamic between Kay and her team. They all worked together seamlessly. There even seemed to be parts where they were even thinking the same things. You know a team works well together when they think the same things! Marino was super protective of her too, it was sweet. 

More than the plot of the story, this book is written so well! The amount of detail that she uses is magnificent! From detailing the crime scene, to the details of the case and Kay’s office. Those details and descriptive words make the book come to life! You really feel as if you are inside a TV show or a movie while reading this book. It’s so addicting!


Body of Evidence (The Scarpetta Collection #2) by Patricia Cornwell


I have a feeling that I’m going to devour this series!!! I LOVE Kay and Marino! These two are such a pair! This particular story was much more gruesome than the last, and that made it that much more interesting! The details in these stories really get you hooked. As disgusting as it was knowing what happened to Beryl and the Harpers in this story, those details are make this story have so much life in it. 

This particular story had so many details, layers, twists and turns to it. We were constantly being pulled in different directions. We get the different people from the FBI and other parts of the government, we are introduced to Mark and the people from Berly’s life. They helped make this story different, especially Mark. He is someone who I was constantly perplexed by. I was constantly trying to figure him out, but it also seemed that Kay was doing the same thing. 

Kay seemed to have a whole new level of involvement in this case. The last case she was brought in and was put into danger, but this one seemed to be a whole new level. The different professional people in Kay’s life seemed to be like her fairy god parents in this story. Everyone was looking out for her in some capacity. It was really endearing! I really liked where the story took us in this book, and I was constantly on the edge of my seat. Even more so than in Post-Mortem. There was so much more of a story to tell here and it had so many different layers.

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