Reviews & Ramblings: November Part 3

Hello my loves!! This week has been full of tissues and cold meds. I’ve been sick as a dog! I finally relented yesterday and did a doctor-on-demand thing and got some meds. It’s very possible I have strep and ear infections with this stupid cold. SO NOT FUN. Anywho, I’ve gotten some reading done though! I kind of wish more, but my head hurts LOL. Hope you guys had a great week and have a great weekend!!



Ink Reunited (Montgomery Ink #0.6) by Carrie Ann Ryan



I’m not sure if I missed this one before I just forgot I read it. I loved seeing Sassy so much!! I completely forgot about her! 

I love how Rafe and Ian reconnected with her and in such a powerful way. Between the surprise of seeing them again to seeing how powerful their connection still was, I loved their rekindling. These three were soooo hot, it was great to see them let loose!

I really hope to see more of them at some point!



Block Shot (Hoops #2) by Kennedy Ryan

41746595So as much as I ADORE August and Iris, I love Jared and Banner for similar yet different reasons. I’m not sure you can really compare the two, but their love was pretty similar. They just couldn’t help themselves! I LOVE that about these couples. They were so in lust/love that they just couldn’t help themselves. 

When we first hear about Banner, I was super curious. I loved how devoted Jared was to her and how sad he was about the prospect of them not staying together. The whole mess that they went through though, I was PISSED at her! I know what it’s like to be a stubborn woman, but damn is she crazy stubborn! The hate that she held for Banner was STRONG and that made me even more mad! But Jared, being Jared, really took that and ran with it. Now, I get that Banner had overcome SO MUCH, but she didn’t listen. Now, talking about what she overcame, I LOVE that a woman like her came out on top! I love that Zo really helped pushed her career into everything that it was.

Now, Jared. I LOVE THIS MAN! I love that he really took Banner’s hate and ran with it. He knew he didn’t deserve it and he wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stand in his way. I love how he slowly inserted himself into her life all over the place. His persistence was MAGICAL. OK actually it was totally barbaric, but I think that’s why I loved it so much! Even with Zo in the picture, his eye was on the prize and nothing else. I also love how much he admired what Banner had made of herself. He never saw her for anything other than perfect, and who doesn’t love that in a male lead???

Now, the whole Zo situation. That wasn’t ideal, and toward the end, it was down right shitty. BUT I LOVE how Banner dealt with it! Although Jared didn’t necessarily see it the way she and I did, it was totally for the best. I love how through thick and thin, she’s there for those around her. Even when they are a douche canoe, and that encompasses sooo many people. Oh and I can’t leave this review without mention her mother. Her mom made a few major dick moves, but I loved how everyone put up with it. Especially Jared, was HYSTERICAL. 



I Wanna Text You Up (Text #2) by Teagan Hunter

38316557.jpgIt had been so long since I read Delia and Zach’s book that I kind of forgot about Caleb and Zoe. Jumping into this book though, it all came tumbling back! I LOVED Zoe in the last book, and I’m really excited to see she hasn’t lost her sass!! And Caleb, I still need to re-read, but I think it’s pretty funny that he ended up with Zoe.

From the very beginning the banter between the two in the emails was HYSTERICAL! THIS is why I love these books. I desperately needed a laugh and man did I get them! Their banter and flirting, all of it was so great. The amount of whit that these two use really is what took this book to another level! Apart from the whit and the banter, the constant flirting between these two was hot! I love how they would call each out on it too. The ease between them was just adorable, it’s almost like they were an old married couple. 

The way these two connected I think was so special. I love that they got to be such good friends while being roommates before they took their relationship to any sort of other level. They were just too damn cute! The little kisses here and there and the innuendos. It was adorable! I kind of want to go back and read the other book and read these all over again ❤ 


Can’t Text This (Text #3) by Teagan Hunter

42273779Oh man these books just get more clever than the next! I was SUPER curious about Robbie and what happened to him. I’m not sure I missed it in the first book or not, but I was surprised when it said that he had a kid in I Wanna Text You Up. That made me even MORE curious! I couldn’t wait to see what his kid was like, and I was so damn excited to find out HE’S JUST LIKE ROBBIE! 

Then of course there’s Monty. Monty is pretty much THE BES THING EVER. I love her name, her quirkiness and her innocents. It’s just so awesome that she’s just so opposite from Robbie. It was just downright perfect. And not to mention how they met. I was laughing SO HARD! Although, I laugh sooo hard throughout all of these books. I may have laughed the most at this one. Between their banter, and the funny things that Xavier said I laughed the whole time!

I also adored getting to see little glimpses here and there of Zach and Delia so much! Especially getting to see the goats, that really had me cracking up. Apart from the laughter and these funny things, I loved the story line of this one! I love that Robbie is a single dad and that Monty was his sons teacher. The whit of that alone was great, but also makes for a great romance! The two of them being so opposite, and then their love being “taboo” made such a great story line!



Ok so I want to start with saying I left a very honest review of MY OPINION. Other people thought otherwise, and that’s OK!

My MMA Romance by Julia Baven

So I was asked if I could review this book, at the time I couldn’t take anything on. I’ve had some time so decided to give it a try. 

The reason I give it 3 stars is because it’s choppy. I think some chunks are missing and although I typically love an “insta-love” story, this one just wasn’t for me. I love the idea of the story, but it needed some lore development



Loving Noel (Wildcat Graduates #1) by Xana Jordan

31886743.jpgI haven’t read a book this innocent in a long time, but I was so glad I did! I’ve known Xana for a while now and just found out recently that she was an author. I LOVE sports themed books and I love that this book had band and baseball in it! I had so many friends in band and sports growing up and we always had a blast! This definitely took me back to that time!

I LOVED Xana and Noel. One, I LOVED their names, because who doesn’t love non-everyday names. Two, they were just too dang cute. I love that they both looked at each other from afar for so long. When she finally asked him to the dance I was so excited! I did a little wiggle in my seat. It was so refreshing seeing a relationship start so young and innocent. So many books today have insta-relationships and you don’t see the cute stuff at the beginning. They were just adorable.

Another thing I loved about these two, their feelings/reactions/actions WERE SO REAL! These are totally things I could have seen myself doing as a kid. From their interaction as a couple, to the interactions with their friends, I loved how real it all was. Speaking of their friends, they were all hysterical! I love how Stacy was the “take charge” person and Cade was the “goof.” Without these characters I think we really would have had a different story. Supporting characters are always so important and Xana did such a good job with them! 

And we can’t forget conflict. We had the PERFECT amount of conflict in this story. Between Blaine and Mercedes, we got to see allll sides of it. Right up until the end! Which, that stupid damn conflict at the end. It got me. It got me alllll sorts of worked up and pissed off lol. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!


Baseball & Broadway (The Silverwood Bulldog  #1) by Katrina Marie & CL King

36553278.jpgI adored this book! I love sports stories and I love broadway, so this was an awesome combination for me! I also ADORE Katrina Marie, so I was hoping for the best. After reading this I definitely want to read some of CL King’s other work!!

Kolleen/Alice and Easton were amazing lead characters. I love how devoted these two were to each other even when they hadn’t been together in so long. It’s like they had the other deep in their blood and couldn’t let go. I was really hoping they’d end up meeting up again when there was talk about Easton having a game in NY. The way rediscovered each other was the best! I LOVE that she sang the national anthem, and I love that he was upset that she didn’t stay for the game. It just showed how much passion they both had for the sport and their work.

Some of the supporting characters really made a difference too. I love the trist with Luca, he was such an idiot, but really was a great addition to the book. You can’t always have sunshine and rainbows and he helped bring the story down to earth. I also loved Austin and Jayla. These two really helped round out this story in the best way!

We got just the right amount of everything in this book, from baseball, to the play, to Easton and Alice together. It was really just the perfect combo! I really hope these two write more together ❤



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