Reviews & Ramblings: October

Hello loves! I’m FINALLY caught up!!! I read a good but in October. It was like I was trying to make up for lost time LOL. I’m currently so behind on my Goodreads challenge that I have 46 books left and I’m 24 books behind LOLOL.



d6ca5-listen2bpitchListen Pitch (No Crying in Baseball 3) by Lani Lynn Vale

I desperately love this series! This book is a bit different than the others. We get a little more comedy from the others, this one has a little more darkness to it with the mob aspect. There was just enough “darkness” to give it an edge that the others didn’t, and it really kept you on your toes! There were so many amazing twists and turns!

The slow burn between Rhys and Hensley was soooo good to watch. I love that they had watched each other for a long time, and I especially loved how they started their relationship. These two were pretty explosive with their chemistry, it was HOT! The twists and turns the story took us through made their relationship and their story very interesting! I loved these two so much and each of them really just bobbed and weaved together through their troubles. I loved every bit of this book and can’t wait to see what’s to come with this series!


KittyHere Kitty, Kitty (Reapers MC 2) E Knox

JESUS! Just when I think I’ve found my favorite, another comes along and blows me away. I don’t know that this is my absolute favorite, BUT I LOVE THIS SO HARD! I was soooo excited to see Blackjack and Ashley again and some of the old crew, so nostalgic! Damion and Kat were EVERYTHING I needed in a book right now. These two were fierce in the best possible ways.

I love how this book has lots of passion and has the nitty gritty stuff. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows and Elizabeth did the best job showing that! There are so many different layers to this book too. We get a glimpse of some new people and we get the best glimpses of some of the old. The book was just the perfect mix of the “new” and “old”. Every moment I read I couldn’t wait until the next word, sentence, paragraph, chapter. I just was always wanting/needing more. There are a few super shocking moments too, she really kept us on our toes!! CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE


42282213.jpgTackle (Boston Terriers 4) by Jacob Chance

I have a desperate love for sports books and this one really takes the cake. I love that both Trevor and Grace played sports and because of that it was a pretty big role in the book.

From the moment I saw Trevor and Grace together I was infatuated with them. I loved how she didn’t really take him too seriously, but he would not take no for an answer. The way they fell in love was just super special in super adorable. She really made him work for it, and he just wouldn’t give up. I love how they got to be friends while he was trying to woo her too. I loved every minute of this book and every minute of them trying to get to know each other and the slowburn was so worth the wait too! Can’t wait to get more of the series.




Man Card (Man Hands 2) Sarina & Tanya

I loveeeeeee when Sarina and Tanya write together. This series has been so much fun! I loved every minute of seeing the struggle between Braht and Ash. They were absolutely hysterical together, I loved the way that she kept trying to hold out, and he had complete confidence. They are so much alike and I think that made it even funnier! There were also some HOT moments between these two! I am even more curious now about Sadie’s book and can’t wait to read it!




40218200.jpgBoy Toy (Man Hands 3) Sarina & Tanya

GAHHHHHHH I LOVE this series so much, does it have to end??? I LOVE the constant wit and charm from all of these characters! I was so darn excited to see Sadie finally get what she deserves and I ADORE Liam!!!! The best part of this series is we continue to get to see all of the characters grow, and I think it helps make these books so special

Sadie was everything I’d hoped for in this book! She was feisty, but we also got to see the giggle teenager and vulnerable divorcee in this book. And then we have Liam, we got to see his horny teenager self and him be more of an adult than I think he even knew he was capable of. They was just the perfect mix of everything! I loved how witty their conversations were and how both of them didn’t always know how to act around each other without embarrassing themselves. It was so great! I really hope this isn’t the end!!


44279883_10214371491975835_5248144186795884544_oReclaimed (Skulls renegade 6) by Elizabeth

OH SWEET BABY JESUS! I’m out of funny sayings at this point, because I say one EVERY TIME! This one reallllly sucked me in. I hated Kyle before, but after this I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

From the moment these two reconnected I knew it’d be hot!! I don’t remember Michelle too much from the other books (but that soooo could be my memory), but I LOVE HER TOO! These two were pretty perfect each other because neither really backed down and were both smartasses. That last part made them super entertaining too.

HOLY BEJESUS THE PLOT TWISTS!!! The roller coaster in this one is SO DAMN GOOD! I actually messaged Elizabeth TWICE because I was freaking out while I was reading this one lol That’s really all I can say without giving too much away, because I’m too excited and I totally will.


35048632.jpgHooking Up (Shaking Up 2) Helena Hunting

I really love Helena’s writing and I was excited that I finally got to read this book! Shaking up was hysterical and I couldn’t wait to read about Amie!

I hated Armstrong from the moment we were introduced to him in the last book. I hated his personality, how he tried Amie and how she changed around him. That being said, I was devastated when we found out what he did for her. She took everything like a champ, and Ruby and Bane were THE BEST to her!

Then of course we have Lex. I love him soooo much. I was really curious about him before and after helping save her from the horrific event I couldn’t get enough of him! He was the absolute best throughout this whole book. I was 100% rooting for him the wholeeeee time.

I just loved every minute of this book. I found myself laughing and smiling so often!!!


36896646.jpgRoom for You (Cranberry Inn 1) Beth Ehemann

Oh my gawddddd. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO READ HER WORK??? Everything about this book was amazing. There wasn’t a single moment I didn’t love and I was constantly kept on my toes.

I love that Kacey is who she is. She isn’t perfect, she doesn’t have her life completely together, and she can’t help how she feels. It’s just so perfect for someone like Brody! He wasn’t what she was looking for, but he’s exactly what she needed!

Then we have Brody. I love that he wasn’t the typical playboy hockey player and it was almost as if he fell in love with her kids before her. I just really loved their dynamic and even loved the problems they had. It was all so real and so great. CANNOT wait to read more!


MOON coverMoon by Lindsay Becs

LINDSAY HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Always has become one of my all-time favorite books, and I know she was a little worried about this one, but she knocked it out of the park!!!! There’s the perfect mix of dark and hope in this book.

I LOVE Endy and Moon (Tavin and Selene), I think they are the perfect characters. The hope and safety they found in each other was awe inspiring! The amount of trauma they went through was insanity, but they both came out of it somewhat OK. I loved how she told the story of their past. There was a lot of darkness, but the way she broke it up was so perfect. We’d get a little bit of the dark and then we’d get some lovin’. Almost like she was softening the blow. Each of those awful scenes had me so heartbroken, but because of how it was written, I wasn’t a sobbing mess. The emotions were just so perfectly placed.

I also loved her use of the other characters and the settings in the book. The name of the diner was HYSTERICAL, and I LOVED Tara. She was the best bff a girl could ask for. And although some of the other characters, like Zeus, were horrible, the story wouldn’t have been the same if they hadn’t been exactly how they were.

I am continuously blown away by Lindsay and cannot wait to see what is to come

~~♥~~Audio ~~♥~~



All Lined Up (Rusk U #1) Cora Carmack

This audio was sooo good! It had the perfect narrators for these characters!

I LOVED Dallas and Carson, they were like a modern day Romeo and Juliet without the killing LOL. I loved how they just couldn’t keep themselves separated, but at the same time became best friends trying to. I loved this so much and can’t wait to read more!


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