Reviews & Ramblings: August

Getting closer!!!! This was a slow reading month for me because of my brothers wedding and well, life lol Enjoy!



9c30c-remember2bthat2bnight2bebookRemember that night (Taking chances 4) Katrina Marie

This story was so good! I’m loving this series so much! There were so many layers to Derrick and Darcy and I couldn’t wait to peel them away with this book. Katrina did an amazing job telling their story and always keeping us on our toes while doing it.

After seeing Darcy’s reaction to seeing Derrick in Cruel and Beautiful World, I could not wait to see what their story was! I love that Darcy really made Derrick work to talk to her again. Loved even more about how patient Derrick was. The heartbreak these two went through, it was a lot, and once you’ve read the story you will probably feel the same as me. Sometimes women really put too many emotions and thoughts into things, because they don’t want to be hurt any more than they already are. Sometimes, they should just hear someone out. I really wish Darcy had just let Derrick talk to her earlier. To think of the life they could have been living until this point, it was sad.

I also enjoyed how their chemistry wasn’t instant again. They really showed that they worked up to what they had, and that even though it’d been a long time that spark hadn’t left. There were a few twists and turns that I absolutely loved, and I think a lot of them made a big difference in this story. I really loved how we got to see Tanya, Cami and Travis. These friends are everything to each other and I loved seeing their dynamic! I cannot wait to see what Katrina comes up with next!


37886393.jpgUnbreak This Heart by Betty Shreffler

This book was so good that I completely ruined dinner because I was too busy reading it to remember to set an alarm!

Ok, let’s back track. Alex and Carter are so amazing and both have so many battles to fight. They were really the perfect couple. I loved how quickly they became taken to each other, and while not even trying. These two had such natural chemistry, and it was written so flawlessly! I’m not a big fan of insta-love, but this was done so well! Another great thing about their relationship is how they met, I LOVE IT!!!! Also a great addition to the story are friends Jane and Kyle. These two support characters were written so well! They really are the glue that helped to hold the tale of Alex and Carter together. They helped ease the blow of asshat Todd and everything that happened between Alex and Carter. They helped with the good and they helped with the bad.

Betty really made this story special! There were so many twist and turns and unbelievable roller coaster rides in this book. It made for a truly amazing read. There was so much strength in the friendships, relationships and everything in this book.






His Banana by Penelope Bloom

This book was so good! The first part of the blurb had me hooked and I immediately had to read it. The witty banter between Bruce and Natasha was hysterical. I also really liked the slow burn between them and how Bruce’s brother tried to make it burn faster. Good book!




Twin FlameTwinflame (Otherworld 1) by Brynn Burke

HOLY COW! Ok so I went into this book with no expectations and I completely forgot what the blurb was about other than it was paranormal. With that said, I’M SO IN LOVE! I cannot wait for book number two, it can’t get here fast enough!!!

There are so many details that lead up the final event in this book, and they are so amazingly executed. Now, I don’t fully know why we have all of the details we do, but I can’t wait to figure out why. This book is such a little piece of such a bigger story. There is this insane build up and you know something is going to happen, but what?

I love Oksana in this, she’s such a strong woman! From the time we met her I know there was something more to her, but I couldn’t figure out what. I know that her and Hadley have a really special relationship, and I’m so curious to see where it leads us. With the additions of Archer, Elliot, and Wyatt the story became so much more! Each event that lead the next had me begging to know what was going to happen next. And man I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book!!!



40985054.jpgYour Echo (Sherbrook Station 2) by Katia Rose

When I read Your Rhythm I was truly blown away as to how much the book had spoken to me. I’ve always had a very special connection to music, ever since I was a small child, and that connection really made my connection to this series so much stronger. These books have truly MOVED me! It’s often that I say that I devour a book, but these books have consumed me. Your Echo may have consumed me even more than Your Rhythm.

I loved everything about Ace and Stephanie, their connection was so special. I also love that we got to see this new side of Ace, and we got to see more of the band. There were so many little pieces and glimpses we got to see of the band that really made us understand the members better. I loved seeing more of each of them, especially crazy JP. I was really curious to see how the dynamic of the band would be after Your Rhythm and we really got to see that. We got to see how they are truly a family.

I cannot wait to see where Katia takes us next

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