Reviews & Ramblings: July

So still working on trying to catch these up for you guys! Here’s July!



33137047Chased by Hazel James

This was absolutely one of my favorite books so far this year! From the very beginning I was laughing my butt off, it made for such an amazing read! I LOVE Romcoms, as much as I love super emotional books, I love Romcoms even more. This one was PERFECT! There was the perfect mix of seriousness and other emotion. That really helped this become such an amazing read. There were just so many layers to the story and to the characters. It really was like peeling an onion.

DH and Paige were GREAT! These two had the most hysterical and real connection. From the time that these two met (which was funny by itself) to their odd encounters, everything about it was perfect. Even better is that they were so not perfect people. Both of them really had their own flaws, which really was another way this story was just so real. Sometimes things happen and you aren’t always who you want to be. But, sometimes it just takes that one person to get you there. This is how it was with DH and Paige. In addition to their awesome chemistry, I loved the Wizard of Oz and tornado theme throughout the book. Those two things really helped this book reach another level of amazingness!

Reading this makes me want to kick myself for not reading Hazel James sooner!! Cannot wait to read more!


Life’s A Capella (A Capella 1) by Yessi Smith

There were so many things I loved about this book, but the main thing was the depth of it. There were so many layers and details to this book, it really took it to another level. Erin, she is such a strong woman, fighting to get over her past. Then we have Trent, who really just fell right into place at the perfect time. The fight these two had to make to be a couple was beautiful. I love that even when one gave up, the other fought harder. The amount of twists and turns were awesome, it was a constant roller coaster

The writing itself is so well done! The story is amazing, but the writing really carried it on. I loved the music motif, and how it was a constant from beginning to end. Also the layers of emotions throughout the book were so great! We really got to feel so many sensations throughout this book. I can’t wait to read more of Yessi’s work now!


Seventeen Wishes by Erica Alexander
This was a super adorable novella. I love how it was just the right amount of emotional. It pulled the heart strings but I wasn’t sobbing. Can’t wait to read more of her work


ScarredScarred (Demon of Hell 1) by Elizabeth Knox

I really loved everything about this book. I love how Elizabeth writes MC. There are some MC Books that are really nitty gritty, but Elizabeth did a really good job of making this book dark, but not too dark. I was almost scared to read this, because I’m a big baby, but it was the perfect blend. There were some truly horrible things that happened to women, but then were were some great things too.Roxy and Tex were so strong in this book! Roxy went through so much, but she trusted Tex to help her. The story of her and Rage wasn’t a good one, and I was so excited when things turned around for her. Although they did turn around, there were definitely some scary parts of their life together. There also weren’t many predictable moments. There was always a twist or turn right when you thought something might happen. She’s great at keeping you on your toes.

I really loved how Elizabeth incorporates her other books when she writes, and how the are all connected. Bringing in the Reapers MC into this was awesome, I loved hearing about Roxy’s past in this book. At the end of the book I was so sad there wasn’t more. I actually messaged Elizabeth asking her why the book ended? LOL. I loved very minute and can’t wait to see what comes next!



This book surprised me in so many ways!! Just when I thought I knew what would happen, I was thrown a curveball.

Savannah and Ciro were such different people, yet they clicked so well. Knowing he was a porn star I really kept wondering when she would catch on, I was really happy with how she found out. Made the store 10x better than if she caught on. I also loved how their relationship worked with him being a Porn star. It was just so well done! Can’t wait to read the next one


2831c-praetorian_amazon_ibooksThe Praetorian (Reality TV 2) by Dawn L Chiletz

I’ve loved everything that I’ve read from Dawn L Chintz so far, and The Praetorian definitely didn’t let me down! The Fabulist was a little out of my comfort zone, but it was so great! I think I may have loved The Praetorian even more! 

I love how she writes about these stories being a reality show, but it’s so much more than that. There’s so many details about the people in the show, the people not in the show, and about everything in between. As a romance gal I loved the slow burn between Roman and Reed. 

The initial reaction that Roman and Reed had to each other really got me. I love when the initial reaction is so strong, especially if it’s a relationship that shouldn’t happen. Characters like Dawson and Clark really added to the relationship, because they really didn’t want it to happen. Then of course we had the other contestants and everything they did. I especially loved Cedrick, he seemed like the most genuine of people. In addition to the romance between Reed and Roman, I loved the intensity of the game with Raul, Tori, Kari and Logan. Drama always makes for a good time, and man did they bring it! 

There really isn’t too much more I can say without giving too much away, but I really enjoyed this book. One of my favorites this year!



Twist (Beekman Hills 1.5) by KC Enders

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO HARD! I am half Irish and have ALWAYS loved books involving Irish folk. KC took that and ran with it!!! I loved Finn so much!! 

From the moment I started reading I was laughing, the whole book had me in stitches 24/7. From the old ladies at the community center to Finn making a complete ass out of himself, the whole book was just so damn entertaining! On top of the entertainment factor, the slow-build between Adelaide and Finn was awesome! There were so many details that really brought this story together so well. Between the supporting characters, the scenery, the twists, it was all just so good! I can’t wait to read the rest!


A Better Place by Jennifer Van Wyk

From the very beginning of this book I was completely sucked in. Everything about James and Carly just kept me wanting more. Hearing the back stories of Carly/Jack and James/Lily really put this book into perspective.

These two families needed each other so much, and I love how they came to be together. I was constantly laughing and everything was so emotional. It was just all so perfect! I really loved the relationships that Carly and James had with each others child, it really made everything so special. And the instant bond that Carly and James had, I think that only comes with the lives they’ve lived. Another special part of this book is their age, you don’t often find “later in life” romances, and this one was so well done! This is definitely one of my favorite reads this year!


~~♥~~ Audio~~♥~~

24928488.jpgRushing the Goal (Assassins #11) by Toni Aleo

LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK! I listed to the audio on this one and I’m so glad I did! The audio on this series is great.

I love that Benji finally let himself fall in love with someone and that it was Lucy! I was wondering when we’d get to see more of Benji! Angie, omg Angie, she was my absolute favorite!!!! I loved Lucy’s brothers and really just everyone in this book. I love how Lucy and Benji met and how they fell in love ❤


p.s. I listed to this on the 20 hour drive to and from Norfolk LOL

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