Reviews & Ramblings: June

Soooo I’m SO BEHIND!!! I didn’t realize until last week that I hadn’t posted any of my reviews for MONTHS!!!! That’s TRAGIC! So I’m going to start catching up!


44342804_306934529892564_5408947865437339648_nReckoning (Skulls Renegade 5) by Elizabeth Knox

HOLY CRAP! So I knew this book was going to special, but I did not expect that!!! I loved seeing this side of Katya and seeing how she rose from the ashes. Then we have Slash, who pretty much did the same thing. The end of Relentless had me super curious about what would happen with Slash. He really seemed closed off and I was almost afraid of what was going to happen to him. I absolutely loved that he and Katya got together, it is just too perfect.

One of the many things I loved about this book was the love for family. Slash and Belamy are so close, when they were reunited I definitely teared up some! Then the devote way that Katya spent her life protecting her siblings, it was just astounding. We truly had no idea who she was before this. I love how these two had this instant connection and that they let their harsh realities almost heal themselves. They took who they were at face value and moved on. Who can’t appreciate that? They really fed off of each other and weren’t afraid to speak there minds. Their relationship is pretty darn awesome.

Now the darn bombshells. HOLLLLYYYY CRAPPPP. Man Elizabeth you really know how to give a girl a surprise!!! We had so many in this book, it was so epic! There are so many questions running through my head that I can’t wait to see what happens next. I almost want to go back and re-read the whole book again just to see if I can catch anything else I might have missed. She was super sneaky with this book!


35424643Whiskey Reveals (Whiskey & Likes 2) by Carry Ann Ryan

So I have an extensive background with Carrie Ann’s books. I’ve been working may way through her works and I’ve read an insane amount of her books. BUT I think, so far, this is one of my favorites yet!

Fox and Melody have such a complicated relationship that it made this book so much fun! I couldn’t wait to see what was/or wasn’t going to happen next! Then you bring in their families and BOOM we have MAGIC! The Collins brothers have a really close family, that alone brings drama and crazy things. Then, when we add in Melody’s grandma, it just makes things even better! I love how this is a small town and really a small town romance.

A part from Fox and Melody’s families, I think a lot of the reason I loved this so much was their individual characters. Fox being a writer, of course, makes him so interesting to me as a blogger and avid reader. I think his character has such a finesse about him, much like Griffin did in Written in Ink, because he’s a writer. It’s almost as if his thoughts describe more, but that could just be Carrie Ann being super creative! But along those same likes I love Melody. I love how skittish she is, but determined to live her life. Really I just love these two!

With the addition of some CRAZY twists and turns this was such an awesome read. I truly loved every second. There wasn’t a point where I thought I needed to get past this part, or thinking it needed to move along. The pace was great, the story line was great and the character development was amazing. After reading this, I CANNOT wait for Loch’s book!!!


39934240.jpgAs I Am by Melissa Collins

I LOVE Melissa’s work and it’s been sooo long since I’ve read her. When the girls suggested this for a book club read I COULD NOT WAIT!!! This book was everything I’d hoped for in more!

I love her approach to MM romance, she does it in such a delicate way. She writes it the exact same as anyone would a MF story and that makes it so much more special. Writing the way she does makes the story so much more real too, almost as if you were hearing a friend tell you about their life.

Chase and Noah were so great too. Their character development was phenomenal. I loved how “not perfect” they were. They were equally messed up in their own ways, and I love when characters have faults. These two really had a hard time with it at first, and I think that is what helped this story be so real. It was just your average insta-romance. It was a real, dirty, sometimes ugly, sometimes amazing romance. Another great thing were the supporting characters. I loved Benny and Wes and I really think they made a difference two. I loved Chase’s relationship with benny and Noah’s relationship with Wes. These relationships really helped make this story whole.


36325914.jpgInked Nights (Montgomery Ink 8.5) by Carrie Ann Ryan

There’s something so special about the novella’s in the Montgomery Ink Series. I love that Carrie Ann gives every character a voice and a story. We really have gotten to see just about everyone that’s either friends or family with the Montgomery’s and I think that is so special!

Because my memory is atrocious, I only remember bits and pieces about Derek. That didn’t stop this story for being any less amazing though. I love how Carrie Ann put these two together in the way they did. I really do believe that live comes around full circle sometimes and mostly in the best ways. I think the pairing of these two was so special and really healing! I loved everything from their backstories, to their current day. I also love that ink was another way these two were connected. I think that’s always been a really fun way to connect the people throughout this series!

Can’t wait for more ❤


Wanting to Forget (Assassins 9) Toni Aleo
I loved this Novella! I like really seeing this side of Jordie. We got to see just how vulnerable he was. I can’t wait to see what happens in his full length book


Overtime (Assassins 10) by Toni Aleo

This may have been on of my favorite books yet. I already adored Jordie before this book or his novella, but this made me love him even more!!!I just love how vulnerable he let himself get. The things he went through before Karsen and Kasey was just devastating. I was so happy that he finally did something to better himself!

Then Kacey, oh this girl!!! When we first met her I was loving her so much, after this I love her even more. I love how feisty she is, but also how real. She has real feelings and she’s so much more than you’d think. I also love how she got a little more girly in this, but the guys knew that she could kill them. That made me howl! Also the wive’s reactions were priceless!!!

I think these two were just the perfect fit. They really are like the yin and yang of a relationship. They both fit so well, it was truly meant to be. I can’t wait to see more of them in the future. OMG and that epilogue!!! BEST EVER!!


10ab8-quityourpitchinQuit Your Pitching (No Crying in Baseball 2) Lani Lynn Vale

This book totally made my whole month! Pitch Please was the first book I’d read of Lani’s and I loved every minute. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time! I said this before, but I love how much the game was really a part of this book too. A lot of sports romance are just about the players and don’t involve the sport a whole lot.

I love everything about George and Wrigley, especially how they “met.” From the begging I thought they were hysterical and so perfect for each other. I mean just her name alone seemed so perfect and ironic LOL. In addition to this being funny, of course it had to have some other layers to it. There were times were I was so upset. I really got all of those feelings, was a real rollercoaster! What really hooks you, beyond the humor and the game, is the devout way that George feels about Wrigley. It was just so special! The way he treated her throughout the entire book is the way any woman would want to be treated. I can’t wait to see what else she does with this series!

Broken Compass, Pretty Remedy, How to Save a Life are feature in my Favorites of 2018: Part One

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