Book Chat: Reclaimed

Hello my loves!! I haven’t done one of these in FOREVER! I was so excited when I finished this book that I HAD to write about it!




Title: Reclaimed (Skulls Renegade #6)

by Elizabeth Knox

The past brought us together, where the future tore us apart.
Now we’re here.
The present has plans for us.
After the years passed both of us by, we have become fucked up in the mind, far more than any one person should ever be. Maybe, back then, we both knew it would happen, and that’s why we stayed away from one another.
In a sense, maybe that’s why we fell apart. We were terrified. Terrified of getting too deep.
Max has been gone for ages. He may have had her for a time after she and I were finished, but now I’m reclaiming what was once mine.
She’s always belonged to me, even when she wasn’t with me.


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My Review

OH SWEET BABY JESUS! I’m out of funny sayings at this point, because I say one EVERY TIME! This one reallllly sucked me in. I hated Kyle before, but after this I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

From the moment these two reconnected I knew it’d be hot!! I don’t remember Michelle too much from the other books (but that soooo could be my memory), but I LOVE HER TOO! These two were pretty perfect each other because neither really backed down and were both smartasses. That last part made them super entertaining too.

HOLY BEJESUS THE PLOT TWISTS!!! The roller coaster in this one is SO DAMN GOOD! I actually messaged Elizabeth TWICE because I was freaking out while I was reading this one lol That’s really all I can say without giving too much away, because I’m too excited and I totally will.


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Kyle: So this dude has quite the past. We’ve seen him ghost the club, see him get super hurt, then he gets arrested. I mean this dude has done everything. BUT we haven’t seem him love someone, we’ve just heard about it. AND MAN CAN HE LOVE SOMEONE! I LOVED how he was with Michelle. Sometimes he didn’t know how to keep his damn mouth shut, but that was part of his charm. P.S. The prince charming bit was really funny, but I ADORE that he calls her princess ❤

He really went off the deep end a few things and threw tantrums like a 5 year old, such a typical man. But for the most part he was everything you would want in one of these Skulls men. He was PERFECT. I cannot wait to see him become a daddy and see how he is with the kids. Also hope he gets to murder the shit out of that piece of scum Max.

Michelle: For some damn reason I really can’t remember her. Could be because I binged this series 3 months ago or so, but I really don’t. I do have to say though, I love her spiciness and her dedication to this club. I love that she lives there and bartends. I just love her. She is so damn perfect for Kyle too. I love that they grew up together so they knew each other so well. I think that was such an awesome layer to this book. I mean sometimes characters have a past with each other, but their’s is super extensive. She has just the right amount of sass and attitude, she’s really the perfect match for Kyle. This woman went through sooo much with Max, so it’s great to see her with Kyle and him being so sweet.

Their Relationship: IS SO REAL!!! They fight, they make up, they piss each other off. It’s just about right! And THE BABIES!!!!!!! OH. EM. GEEEEE. I realllllly freaked out when I read this. I INSTANTLY Messaged Elizabeth and was like OH MY GODDDD LOLOL. These two are fierce and loyal, and I think they can do this!

The reunion: One of my favorite parts to this was getting to see those we lost in the last book. The wedding really helped bring everyone together and I was so glad that Jenna finally told them the truth!! I’m reallllly curious to see where that goes along with their relationship to the russians

The damn cliffy: AHHHHHHHHH this was another reason I had messaged Elizabeth. HOLY CRAP ON A FREAKING CRACKER. This is the second time we’ve been in the wind with Kyle and his injuries. THIS MAN BETTER LIVE TO SEE THEM BABIES!! Also I NEED TO KNOW what is going on with Max!

Anyway, I know it’s short and sweet but I HAD to get it out there!! I loved so much that I had to do a little rambling ❤

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