Release Day: Moon

Hello my loves! I LOVED THIS BOOK SO HARD! Lindsay really knows how to pull ALL of the feels out of you!!! Make sure to check out my review ♥

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MOON by Lindsay Becs


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My name is Selene George.  I’m from Maddison, North Carolina and I was kidnapped when I was seven years old.

I remember nothing about the nine years I was held captive because as soon as I was found, my mind locked away all my memories.  Until the day he walked back into my life, waking me up and unlocking everything that was kept hidden—including my love for him.

My name is Tavin St. James.  I’m the son of a monster and the one that pushed her into the car that day.

I swore on the moon and stars I’d get her out, and I did.  I left her to protect her. Now, twelve years later, I’ve found her again.  Does she know me? Does she hate me? Does she see me as the monster I see? Does she still love me like I’ll forever love her?  She’s still the light in my darkness. She’s my MOON.

My Review

LINDSAY HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Always has become one of my all-time favorite books, and I know she was a little worried about this one, but she knocked it out of the park!!!! There’s the perfect mix of dark and hope in this book.

I LOVE Endy and Moon (Tavin and Selene), I think they are the perfect characters. The hope and safety they found in each other was awe inspiring! The amount of trauma they went through was insanity, but they both came out of it somewhat OK. I loved how she told the story of their past. There was a lot of darkness, but the way she broke it up was so perfect. We’d get a little bit of the dark and then we’d get some lovin’. Almost like she was softening the blow. Each of those awful scenes had me so heartbroken, but because of how it was written, I wasn’t a sobbing mess. The emotions were just so perfectly placed.

I also loved her use of the other characters and the settings in the book. The name of the diner was HYSTERICAL, and I LOVED Tara. She was the best bff a girl could ask for. And although some of the other characters, like Zeus, were horrible, the story wouldn’t have been the same if they hadn’t been exactly how they were.

I am continuously blown away by Lindsay and cannot wait to see what is to come9

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Lindsay Becs is new to the writing world. She has always enjoyed writing as an outlet and fun hobby. Having pushed outside her box, she wrote and self-published a companion book set in 2017. Now, she hopes to continue to explore deeper into the world of writing.
Lindsay is also an avid reader, Netflix binger, vinyl crafter and never goes far without coffee first. She is privileged to travel the world with her military husband and their three wonderful crazies.












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IG @lindsaybecs

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