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MisGiving Hearts
by J.Haney & S.I. Hayes
Genre: Interracial Romantic Suspense
They thought they were safe in their elite little world. They couldn’t
have been more wrong.
When Charity Daniels was seventeen she fell in love with Literature, and a
man who taught it. Their forbidden love was held back until
graduation, until legally she could be his.
Flash forward three years, Charity is studying at Yale and still in love
with her Princeton Man.
Quinn (Q) Everett is on scholarship at Yale, and finds himself inexplicably
in Charity’s path. He tries to stay away, but his mouthy best
friend thinks he knows better. Suddenly it’s lunches and crashing
private plans for the duo just to see her.
But their flirtations do not go unseen, and Logan’s love turns and goes
from jealousy to murderous intent.
Can these unproven lovers stay the course and avoid the devious plot of a
scorn man or will everything crash and burn?
*Trigger warning: Violence
**Strong Sexual Situations
**Only .99 cents!!**
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SOME THINGS JUST CAN’T BE HELPED. I hadn’t planned on proposing Saturday night, but the flighty way Charity acted when I mentioned Princeton and NYU made it necessary. I would never ask her to abandon her studies. It’s not easy for someone with her financial background to get into Yale. She needs to graduate, it will add to her resume and mine. I’m a Princeton Alumni, graduating with an advanced degree in English and Education with a focus on American Literature. I had fallen into the job at Charity’s High School when my cousin, who was a janitor there, let it slip that their senior honors prep English teacher had died, leaving the school in a bit of a pickle. I swooped in and was hired on the spot.

The Charity thing? It’s not like I went looking for little girls or anything. With the help of her friends, she pursued me, and let’s face it, when soft, wet, fresh pussy like that chases a man, he can only run so long and so far. We abstained until her graduation night, then she was on me like a bear with a honey pot. I was hooked. I made a promise to myself that she would be the mother of my children someday.

Charity is smart, but I’m cunning, and I won’t hesitate to undercut her if necessary to make sure I get what I’ve planned for. A beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful wife who knows when to keep her mouth shut. I’ve spent the last three years grooming her, showing her what to wear and how to speak because God knows that her Southern twang, while endearing to some, comes off low to the elite crowds. I’ve shown her what glasses are for water and which are for wine, as well as giving her an appreciation for the fine arts and music. Things that, without me, she would have never gotten to experience. Certainly not wasting away bussing tables at Petropolis, that’s for sure.

Sunday, she came and went after working at that menial diner job, which was just as well. I had papers to grade and a resume to tweak. Her presence would have just been an annoyance. I did, however, enjoy the back of her throat for about twenty minutes before letting her leave with a pearl necklace.

It’s Tuesday evening, poker night. She should be here soon to help put out the spread before she goes out with her two girlfriends. I gamble, and she goes dancing, then we fuck like rabbits. It works, she’s always a little more pliable after going out with her friends. Friends that I both like and loathe. See, I trust her, but I don’t trust Hope. You could call her the resident skank, she gives great head and can ride you like a bucking bull, but you gotta tap it from the back because everyone’s had a piece of her snatch. Yeah, that includes me, but she’s also a couple years older than Charity, and I needed somebody to take care of the blue balls she was causing for nearly five months.

I’m in the kitchen, cutting up pepperoni and pepper jack cheese when I hear the front door open and close.

“That you, sunshine?” I call.

“Yeah, handsome, it’s me. You expectin’ somebody new?”

“Me? Never.” As she enters the kitchen, I notice her blonde hair is now spiral curled. If I wanted to be fucking her mother, I would be. My fingers tighten around the knife handle and my chopping gets louder. “I know cutting your hair was kind of my idea, but I think I was wrong. The curls don’t really suit you.”

She raises an eyebrow. “Well, I like it.” She reaches over and takes a baby carrot, prompting me to grab her wrist.

“Wash your hands,” I growl low in my throat.

She pulls away, dropping the carrot and going to the sink to wash her filthy hands. Great, now I have to wash the fucking carrots again. I glare at her as she gets out the mini-dogs, puffed pastry, and pizza rolls.


She left in an Uber, and she’ll return in one too, no doubt. Paul, Hank, and Toby come with their two-hundred-dollar buy-ins and we break down the case of Miller High Life. In no time flat, I’m feeling really good, and if the pair of queens in my hand is any indication, I’m about to win two grand. Not bad for a night’s work.

“Seriously, Logan, you asked her to marry you?” Paul snorts. “I mean why buy the cow?”

“Yeah, man. Besides, what about all that college trim a guy like you can score? Especially those Jersey girls.” Toby practically drools as he scratches his balls.

I can’t wait to be rid of these losers. I only kept up with them because they were my collogues at the high school and prospective employers are always looking for team players. So here I am, playing along, doing poker nights, helping with the PTA, and signing up to direct school plays. Drama always brings out the pretty, nubile, aspiring actresses.

“Let him be, he’s broken her in. Would if any of us could do the same.” Hank shakes his head and raises me a hundred bucks. He must have something good. The next card flips in the river, and I’ve got them beat. My pair of queens just became a triple threat with sevens high. Daddy’s gonna be fucking like a rock star tonight.

“I’m just keeping my assets protected and staking a claim. What I do when she’s not around, well, that’s my business, now isn’t it?” I grin. “Call, let’s see it.”

“Fuck, man, I was bluffing.”

“Sucks to be you.”

“I’m done.” Paul burps, rubbing his beer belly.

“Me too.”

“I’m through too, you cleaned me out.” Hank stands shakily.

“You’re not driving,” I say as I stand with a wobble. “I’ve got sheets, get on the couch.”

Hank nods and burps like he’s gonna puke. I grab him and get him to the toilet before he explodes. “Okay, good night, everyone!”

The guys make their way out the door just as the Uber pulls up. Out steps Charity, redressed in slut attire, including a hot pink, pleated plaid min-skirt, white racerback tank, thigh high fishnets, and feet stuffed into four-inch fuck me pumps. Looking past her, I can see that the other two look very much the same.

“Great,” I whisper as Paul and Toby whistle, passing her and the barely there skirt. She falls up the steps and I catch her, lifting her up to me.

“I trp-trip-ped…” She giggles.

“You wearing Hope’s stuff again?”

“Yep, had a school girl con-con- con… test. I won.”

“Did you now? So did I.”

“Do you really not like my hair?’

“I’m liking this skirt,” I remark, my fingers slipping between her legs, sliding her panties aside.

“Mmm… Yeah?” She bites her lip, flexing her hips as I wiggle into her folds and drag her into the house.

I push her over the couch, kick her legs apart, and wrangle my cock out of my trousers and to her now gaping hole. She squeals as I dive into her, seeing Hank, who I forgot about. I cover her mouth with one hand and rip down her top with the other. Hank seems to like what he sees. Soon, he’s got his cock out and is stroking as I pound this girl into the sofa. I pull out, coming on her ass as Hank comes on her tits. I close her legs with a smack to her outer thigh, leaving the two of them there panting like savages.


LAST NIGHT WAS THE LAST TIME I GO OUT ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. I feel like I was run over by a Mack truck. I stayed at Logan’s last night and memories of what happened filtered through my sleep, which left me not sleeping well, and today happens to be one of my longer days. I don’t get out of this place till at least eight. I think, instead of going to see Logan tonight, I’ll call him when I get home and let him know I won’t be over. I don’t have to study as hard as most, but I still do.

I walk through the blue light district to get to my class. It’s blue lights set throughout campus. I like having it, especially when I have late classes. I see the gate I need to go through just ahead of me.

As I step through, I hear someone say forcefully, “Naked in bed, Iago, and not mean harm! It is hypocrisy against the devil. They that mean virtuously, and yet do so. The devil their virtue tempts, and they tempt heaven!”

I drop my Great One, twenty-four ounces of pure black Dunkin’ Donut bliss and my copy of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. I grab my chest. “Jesus Christ!”

I get a glimpse of white flesh through black ink reaching for my items. He stands, towering over me with my book and now empty cup. “Sorry, Q-” He pushes the other guy who’s covered by his hoodie. “-over here was just working on something for his class. Thinks he’s Shakespeare or some shit.” He smiles, looking down at me.

“I don’t think she cares, Stryker, let’s go,” Q says, walking off.

“How would you know what I do and don’t care about?” He doesn’t answer, just keeps walking.

Stryker gives me my stuff before walking off and mumbling something to his buddy. I continue my walk to Multicultural Middle Ages class. I notice the two guys once again as I’m walking in. Somehow, they managed to go around me? This is going to be a long class. I try to pay them little mind as I take a seat and start pulling my things from my bag.

The professor walks in and is immediately on alert. “Mister Jordan, you know you’ve got no business in here.”

“Come on, Prof, I was thinking about auditing today.” Stryker has just slipped into the desk beside mine.

“Stryker, is it?” I ask, and he looks at me with what I’m going to assume is his sexy look. “Pretty sure ya can’t handle this.”

“Mister Jordan, it’s time for you to go.”

“What? Would you like me to recite in its original Italian?” Stryker asks and proceeds to do just that. “Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, mi ritrovai per una selva oscuro, ché la diritta via era smarrita.”

I smile. “Actually, it’s oscura.”

“Let it go, Miss,” the professor orders, looking at her book, “Daniels. Even if he’s wrong, he thinks he’s right.”

“So, just like any other man,” yells a girl in the back.

“One day, we will figure out how to teach them just right, but until that day, we just have to chalk it up to foolishness,” I remark.

Stryker looks down at me before reaching into his hoodie and producing a card. “I like you, come to the shop anytime.”

I take the card and look at it. It reads Lucky Stryke Tattoo Design and Piercing with the address and phone number. “Thanks.”


After class, I messaged Logan to let him know that I won’t be over tonight, lots of studying to do, then I stopped at Seoul to pick up dinner for myself and Hope. If anyone can help me work through what happened last night, it’ll be her. Korean food is one of her favorites, so I get dinner for both of us along with mochi ice cream. Never show up empty-handed. I knock on Hope’s door and wait for her to answer as I hold the food in front of my face.

Hope opens the door and demands, “Bitch, where you been?”

I lower the bag. “I brought food.”

“Oh? You are a lifesaver.”

“Seoul, your fave.”

“Awesomesauce.” Hope pushes the door open further and lets me in. I head for the dining room as she walks into the kitchen.

“I need talk time, and nobody but you can help me.”

“Why? Did you wake up with a strange dick in your mouth?”

“Kind of.”

She stops in her tracks and looks at me, shock plain on her face. “What the hell do you mean, kind of? I was kidding.”

“When I got to Logan’s last night, he sort of bent me over the couch, but we weren’t alone.”

“Mmm, tell me it was that guy, Toby? You know I always wanted a piece of him.”

Hope is a couple years older, but we went to the same high school, so she knew the teachers, knew the stories. “It was Hank Smiley.” I thump my head against the table.

“Oh, honey.” Hope pats me on the back. “What happened?

“I’m not sure exactly. I didn’t even know he was there till he shot his load on me.”

“Well, look at it this way, better on than in, and it’s good for the skin.”

“I’m disgusted. I lied to Logan because I’m not even sure how to look at him, then add in this stupid ring.”

“What ring, girl?” Hope questions.

I dig the ring from my purse and set it on the table. “He popped the question Saturday.”


“I don’t know. Because he wanted to?”

“So, are you finally moving in? Because if you are, that’s cool, you’ll be closer.”

“No, he’s moving to New York or Jersey, and I’m staying here to finish school.”

“Why aren’t you just breaking up with him and getting on with it?”

“Because I’ve spent almost three years with him, and I love him.”

“I’ll never understand why. He’s such a cad.”

“He just understands me.”

“He understands wet, pink hole, thrust, and repeat.”

“I didn’t say that I was okay with him asking me, Hope. I just didn’t want to embarrass him because we were in public. I don’t know what I’m doing, and then there’s whatever last night was. I’m so confused.”

“Listen, there’s no point in being ashamed of something you’ve done. I’ll tell ya right now, if it were me and I wasn’t fancying another dude on top of me, I’d have fucked him up right quick. Don’t be afraid to say no.”

“I’m still nursing my hangover, so I know I drank way too much. I think he knew it too.”

“Then he’s even more of a scumbag than I thought because he took advantage of you, and he let someone else do it too.”

“UGH!” I cry out.

“Look, I know you love him and all, but he’s really not a good guy. Nobody should make you feel bad for who or what you are. You’re not me, don’t let him make you act like it if you don’t want to. You tell him that last night was a one-time deal. Don’t let him push you. Okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” I say defeatedly.

“Alright, you want to take this outside? Grab the wine and glasses?”

“Gotta have that smoke.” I shake my head. “You can take the wine, I’ll just grab a bottle of water. I still have to drive home.”

Hope walks out the back door to her porch while I go to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. By the time I get to the porch, she’s already puffing on her cigarette.

“So, how’s school going?” I ask, sitting across from her.

“I actually just took the test for LPN, and I’m waiting for my results.”

“How do you think you did? You didn’t show your tits this time, did ya?”

“A red bra may or may have not been worn under a red blouse, but these things happen.”

“You’re hopeless.”

“Whatever brings out the grade. We’re not all you.” Before I can say anything, Hope speaks again. “Oh, look at the puppy.”

Out runs what I’m pretty sure is an albino pit bull pup with a much bigger one right behind it, which must be the mom. Hope is calling the dogs as she climbs over the rail.

“Hope, you’re going to hurt yourself,” I warn as she drops to the ground. Yeah, I’m not jumping, I’d break a bone.

“Nonsense, puppies,” Hope says, squatting to pet the dogs.

“Nonsense, jump, I’m sure one of us can catch you,” a male voice breaks in.

Wait, I know that voice. I stand and walk over to the railing. “Jesus, you again?” I ask as Stryker comes into view.

“I’m not the one that followed me home. Hey, Q, little miss Obscura’s here.”  

“I didn’t follow you. I needed to talk to my best friend who happens to live here. Wait, did you just call me obscure?”

His buddy walks out in camo pants and denim button up over another shirt. He looks up at me. “If the reference fits. Do you feel we should put a pin between your shoulders and put you on a board somewhere?”

“I’d rather you didn’t, I’d never get down. Height problems and all.”

“Hmm, shorty got your number,” Stryker quips.

Q licks his lips and nods his head before running a hand through his hair. He reaches his hand up to me. “Hey, my name is Quinn, folks around here call me Q.”

I put my knees on the porch because I’m not climbing over the railing to fall to my death and take his hand. “I’m Charity and just because I go to Yale doesn’t make me like most of the snobs,” I introduce myself and extricate my hand from his before standing back up and dusting myself off.

“I always heard it takes one to know one, and I’ve never known one.”

“Hope is the snob in my group. “

“That’s good to know because we don’t associate with assholes.”  

Hope looks up at me. “Then don’t ask about her boyfriend. Oh, excuse me, fiancé.”

I shake my head. “You were just dying to say that, weren’t ya? Can’t even let me decide what the hell I’m doing before you start spreading that news.”

Hope stands up and starts dancing and snapping. “Start spreading the news,” she sings.

“Hope, we love you, but only if you shut your mouth,” Stryker teases.

“Oh, but don’t you know that’s her best asset?” I quip.

Quinn reaches down and picks up the puppy. “Walked right into that one, huh?” He gibes before turning to me. “Do you like dogs?”

“When they’re nice. Never really been around animals. Ma wasn’t okay with them.”

“How’s about you come down? She doesn’t bite and neither do I. I promise.”

“But who says I don’t?” Shit, stupid filter. “Be down in a minute.”


WHO SAYS INDEED? I can’t help but smirk as this little white bread country girl pops off her mouth. She’s cute, but not really my type, she’s too skinny and bordering on midget status. Although, she does have pretty eyes. They’re this pale sorta blue, almost steely, very much like my pup’s, truth be told. I look back at Stryker, and he’s making some headway with Hope, but that ain’t no thing. She’s pretty much game with anyone who won’t smack her around and brag about it. I’m not slut shaming or anything, it’s just how it is.

Charity comes out through the house and already has her purse slung across her chest. Like I’m gonna steal it, right? Whatever. I hold up Lilly to hand off to her and she reaches out her hand to pet the baby’s face. This has a most unfortunate effect. The puppy gets over excited and starts peeing everywhere!

“Shit!” I put Lilly down. “I’m sorry!” I apologize. I tear off the shirts that are covered in pee, not wanting that on me, and use them to start wiping at her shoes and legs.

She steps back, “I’ll, um, be okay.”

“Dude, you barely know her!” Stryker laughs, making a bowing motion. It’s then that I realize this looks like a scene out of Roots or some shit. Some white girl with a stripped-down brother bowing at her feet. I get up, shaking my head.

“Hope, I’m gonna go steal a shirt,” Charity says.

“Grab shorts too, looks like your pants took a hit.” Hope points out. Sure enough, this pup did a right good job.

“Hey, uh,  at least let me take it down to the laundry. The least I can do is get it clean for ya. Washers are just over there in the office.” I point to the left where the management office is.

“Mickie’s probably got something that’ll fit ya better,” Stryker suggests, grabbing his girl, Bonnie, who incidentally is Lily’s momma.

“Yeah? Where is that mangy sister of yours?” Hope pushes Stryker playfully. “Char, you remember Michelle Jordan. She used to follow me around till I transferred. Pretty, a little awkward, goes by Mickie now.”

“No! There ain’t no frickin way!”

“Excuse me?” Stryker is getting defensive, and I’m getting cold.

“It’s just, you look nothing alike, so I don’t know… Poor girl?”

“Poor? You hear this Chica?” Stryker asks me as he points at her.

“If I don’t go inside and get a wipe-down and a new shirt, my balls are gonna abscond from the cold. Could we go inside? Please?”

“We wouldn’t want a man to lose his balls, so yeah, we probably should.” Charity points for us to lead on.

I head for my place and Stryker for his. Not looking back, I lose the shoes and my pants are gone by the time I hit the bathroom tile. I jump in right quick, give it all a dab of wash and a rinse, then waddle my air-drying ass to the bedroom for clothes. It takes maybe ten minutes before I emerge and am scared shitless by Charity standing in my living room looking around, her back to me.

“Uh, I thought you went to get clothes?” I ask, my instinct to cover what’s already covered tapping at the front of my orbital lobe. Did she follow me in? How much did she see? I did turn toward her and she didn’t make a peep.

My insecurity turns to swagger in my chest and I smile at her nervous movements. “I wasn’t following your buddy, especially once Hope went in.”

I run my hand over my wet head. “Yeah, that’s been building since he got back.” I step toward her. “Look, you just want to borrow a pair of sweats and a T from me? We can get that stuff washed with mine before it starts to reek.” I point upstairs.

“Considering they’re takin’ forever, yeah, whatever. Let’s just get this over with.”

“Bathroom’s right there, there’s soap and stuff if you want to clean up. I’ll just grab the clothes and leave them outside there on the chair. Does that work?”

“Um, okay.” She sounds out of sorts, but heads for the washroom just the same. I hear the water run, so I take off to get clothes. A few minutes go by, and I’m startled by a shriek followed immediately by my dad apologizing right before screaming my name. I get to the top of the stairs and there’s Pop, hands on hips.

“Boy, you wanna tell me who the half-naked white woman in my bathroom is?”

“In a minute.” I move to the bathroom and tap the door. “I’m sorry, here’s clothes,” I whisper through the door. The door pops open, the clothes are snatched, then the door creaks shut quickly.

“White girl?”

“She’s a classmate, Pop.”

“Is she now? Sure she’s not some basic bitch off the block? Does she like Pumpkin Spice? Or is it S’mores now? I can’t keep that company straight every damn season.”

“Actually, she’s a Dunkin’ girl.”

“Mmhm.” Pop rolls his shoulders, looking around. “You didn’t come in this house with shoes on, did you? We just had them redo the carpets!”

“Sorry. I forgot.”

“Well, you had better hope you all didn’t track mud in here.” He looks back and shuts up as Charity comes into view. She looks like a little girl with how baggy my stuff is on her. She looks like my baby sister would if she were still with us. Finn was a beautiful girl, just a year younger than me and tiny like Charity. Her smile could light up even the darkest of rooms. I think Pop’s thoughts went to her as well because he’s gone uncharacteristically quiet.

“I- I’m sorry.”

He sighs. “For scaring the piss out of me, you should be. But I should have knocked. I shouldn’t have assumed you were my son. Though, in my defense, he rarely ever brings people, especially females, into this house. My name is Quentin.” He puts out his hand.

“Charity.” She takes his hand and he gives me the Yup, basic white bitch look. I shake my head at him, then look at the bag in her arms. She went through the cabinets and found the garbage bags. Smart girl.

“You- we should get that stuff washed.”

“I got your stuff too, you just sorta left it.” She holds up the bags.

“Yeah? Thanks, I wasn’t even thinking.”

“You two sure nothing’s goin’ on?”

“Positive, Pop. Lilly got excited, peed everywhere.”

“Not in the house? I told you!” Pop gets heated.

“No, Pop. We were outside, she won’t come here till she’s seen the vet again like we agreed. Now, we gotta go. Alright?”

“Yeah,” Pop huffs. “Nice meeting you,” he adds as I urge Charity toward the front door and out of the apartment.

J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky, currently residing in Greenup
County, Kentucky with her family, where she is the proud mamma to
Jessalyn Kristine and co-owner to Proud Momma Designs, which she runs
with her amazing Momma. J. Haney’s work tends to lean toward sweet
and sexy, with suspenseful undertones giving her readers something to
hold onto. It’s what she calls Real Life Romance.
S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England, currently living in Ohio.
Running around Connecticut, she used all of her family and friends as
inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or
Erotic Romance she can be found drawing one of many fabulous book
covers or teasers, to see them check out her web site.
The pair met while working for a previous publisher and became fast
friends, their split dynamics and views on life, family and love in
general led to the idea of A County Fair Romance and A Sex,
Drugs and Rock Romance
adding to it Working Class Beauties
and soon Kincaid Falls. Along with various Standalone novels.
So, keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by, you
know just in case.

Where to find J. Haney

Where to find S.I. Hayes

Follow the tour HERE
for exclusive content and a giveaway!

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