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Scripted Love By Karen Frances

Book 2 in The Scripted Series

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Do happy-ever-afters exist outside of a movie script?

For Scottish actress Ella McGregor, this was a serious question. Left broken-hearted by a betrayal of trust, she is determined to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life. The problem is, her ex, Donovan Bell didn’t get the memo about her plans.

Connor Andrews is a man in love, and he wants the whole world to know. The problem with declarations is that they have consequences that place him right in the spotlight, and a long-held secret threatens to rip his idyllic life apart.

In this stunning conclusion to Ella and Connor’s story, can their love survive the challenges they face? Strap yourself in and find out if life is better when you go off script.

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Taking a deep breath, I open my eyes and finally pull out of Donovan’s hold. My vision is slightly blurry, but I make out Connor as he grabs him, throwing the first punch. Callum takes me in his arms and I bury my head against him and allow my tears to fall. I can’t watch them fight. I don’t want Connor to get hurt because of me.

“Ella, I’ve got you. Everything is going to be okay now. It’s okay.” Callum’s voice is offering me no comfort as I break down in his arms.

“You fucking bastard!” The sound of crashing and shouting fills the room. I turn my head. Fists fly. Everything is out of focus except for the two men. Donovan takes a step back from an angry Connor. He bangs his legs on the table and falls backward, crashing on top of it and breaking the table in two. Connor leans over him and punches him in the face, bursting his nose. Blood slowly trickles down Donovan’s face.

“Connor, stop. He’s not worth it!” Callum shouts. Connor’s eyes dart to me and I see his concern and sadness, but for the first time since I’ve known him, there’s anger and frustration. He nods. Donovan lies on the floor, breathing heavily and wiping the blood from his face, and almost laughing. We all look at him. He thinks this is funny? It all seems like a huge joke. What the hell is wrong with him? Or should I ask him what drugs he’s on?

But it’s not a joke to me. Far from it. This is my life he’s turning upside down. Playing with my emotions, yet again.

Connor takes a step toward me and I don’t hesitate in leaving my brother’s arms and walking straight into Connor’s. He holds me softly yet securely, kissing me repeatedly on my head. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you,” he whispers. This isn’t his fault and I don’t want him to think it is. Blame can only go to Donovan.


Scripted Reality

Book 1 in The Scripted Series


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