Weekly Update 6.15

Hello my loves!!! I wanted to do a little chit chat with you guys. I’ve been going on Facebook live a lot recently, but I miss doing my old chit chats! Recently I’ve been in family mode. My brother is getting married Sept 1, so between that, birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day and signings live has been insane!!



So I’m super excited about this topic. I talked about it in my Facebook live video the other day. I have a pinned post on my Facebook page, but here’s all the signings I’m going to and thinking about going to.

7/7 SASS Norfolk, VA

MAYBE 9/8 Authors in Steel City Pittsburgh, PA

9/29 Indies Invade Philly Philadelphia, PA

3/23 Apollycon Washington, DC

10/26 Love n Vegas Vegas, NV


Of course I’m excited about all of these, but I’m BEYOND excited for Apollycon!! I’d always heard about it, but never realized how close it was to me! So my bff and I started planning, and the day tickets went on sale I was ready & waiting!! The amount of authors that is going to be there is BONKERS! ALL of my favorite sports authors are going to be there, and that alone is SO worth the trip!!! Here’s some info on them and their series that I love

(MY FAV:) Game On by Kristen Callihan

Ivy Years by Sarina Bowen

Off-Campus by Elle Kennedy

Rusk University by Cora Carmack

The Assassins by Author Toni Aleo

Bellevue Bullies also by Toni

Pucked byHelena Hunting

What I’ve Been Reading/Will Be Reading

So currently I’m in between books but I have two arcs coming up. I’m really excited about these. I have Broken Compass by Jo Raven and Inked Nights (Montgomery Ink 8.5) by Carrie Ann Ryan, part of the 1001 Dark Nights. As you guys probably know, I love both. I went on a Jo binge this year to catch up. My next binge is going to be from Carrie Ann. She has a paranormal series about wolves that now has two spin offs. I’m only on book 3 of the very first series, so I definitely have some catching up to do!

So beyond June and my Carrie Ann Ryan binge, I really need to catch up on The Assassins and Bellevue Bullies series (Links above) by Toni Aleo. I stopped mid-series with the Assassins and really need to keep going. Beyond that and ARCS for August, I have no clue!! Last I checked I was 5 books beyond on this years Goodreads Book Challenge, which is only 150. Last year it was 165. I’m slacking!!!

Well for now I’m going to say goodbye, but I wanted to update those who didn’t watch my Facebook video (link up top). Love you guys!!

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