Series Blitz: Skulls Renegade MC Part 1

Hello my loves!!! So I think it’s no secret by now how much I love Elizabeth Knox and her books. Well I’ve finally caught up on her Skulls Renegade series. Since Reckoning just released I figured now was the perfect time to share my reviews of the series so far ♥

Skulls Renegade MC Series Book 1-5

by Elizabeth Knox


Reign #1

So I’ve known and read Elizabeth’s books since she started writing and I can never say enough about her! I absolutely love her writing style so much. There isn’t a single book I’ve read so far that I didn’t devour, and I can never find a single thing that I don’t like about them. With that being said, I’m so sad I had to wait so long to start this series! This is the series that started her career and my blog life just really got too in the way for me to read this one until now. Knowing this was her debut book makes me love this so much more! For being her first book, she already had a distinct style down pat, and IT WAS DAMN GOOD!

I really loved everything about this book. I’ve really grown to LOVE MC books, but this one is really taking the cake. I love that Elizabeth did things a little different with this MC. There’s a lot of down and dirty things in the book, between the steamy coupling of Reed and Elena, but also with the MC. Elaina is just so badass in this too! I love seeing a strong female lead and Elena is THE BEST! Reed is equally as bad ass too, he’s finally met his match with Elena and no surprises can stop him! From the moment we were introduced to Elena I knew that I was going to love this book so hard. Then we saw her intro to Reed I was a goner.

Everything these two do, from beginning to end, are just so powerful! With all of the twists and curves that Elizabeth throws at us, they bob and weave right with them. Speaking of those twists and curves, woah buddy did we get a lot of those! There were times where I thought I might know what would happen, but then I was taken by surprise. In fact, there were so many pleasant surprises! The whole book was really epic and strong. I cannot wait to devour the next few books!!


Redemption #2

HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!!! I couldn’t wait for this book because I just had to know Daisy’s story. And Holy Crap was I NOT prepared for what I got! This book was the best kind of surprise in just about every way. I absolutely love that Daisy ended up with who she did, it was just beyond perfect. All of these guys are just so great, but I really think that he was THE BEST guy for her. 

I absolutely love how complete these men love their women. In this case Daisy has two men that love her, even though only one guy is her “one.” It was so interesting seeing how she was dealing with both of them. Kyle is just such an ass throughout most of this book, I never really understood how he could leave and just come back thinking she’d pick up where they left off. To find out everything that she went through that he wasn’t there for. I really hated him. Then I got really turned around. He does truly care for her, so then I felt bad for him being Daisy and not being able to have her. 

Daisy ism üst so damn strong in this book! She’d been through so much, Elizabeth was able to make her story perfectly emotional. It wasn’t overly sad, but we felt her pain. We also felt her anger and her love, in the best possible ways! Daisy was really raw in this book and so was her lover. I loved seeing how raw they are with each other and how raw he was about his love of her to Kyle. I really couldn’t have asked for more out of anyone. I also loved seeing how Reed and Elena’s relationship progressed. The end of Reign really had me on my toes and chomping at the bit to start Redemption!


Revenge #3

These stories only get better the further I go. I thought that Daisy’s stories had a lot of surprise, well I’ll be damned, this one has SO MANY MORE! There were SO many twist and delicious turns, I didn’t know which end was up sometimes. It was so good!! I really liked how this book was dirtier then the others. The Skulls Renegade MC is different than most, so there hasn’t really been much violence. Elizabeth really got down and dirty with this one and I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT!!

So many crazy things happened in this! I always knew there had been more to Jenna than just being a “club whore,” but I didn’t expect her story to be so deep! I also had noticed how a club member had an eye on her. Kyle had the best reaction for her in the beginning about this club member, and what he said really stuck with me through out the whole book. We truly got to see a different side to Jenna and the club member really got her. He got her from the moment he met her, he always understood that there had to be more than just what meets the eye. His respect for her is so deep, and I think that takes their relationship to another level. 

All of the men in this series have been amazing, but I think that this guy takes it a small step above the rest. I can’t say that he’s my favorite, but the amount of effort he puts into Jen’s well-being is so damn adorable! I love how hard he is, but how soft he is at the same time. Everything about these two was just so damn hot too!!! They had that slow burn type of romance, and those are truly the best! his reactions to everything that has happened and is going on with Jenna was just astounding! And those damn twists and turns, he took them like a freaking champ!!!! 

I messaged Elizabeth about this book a lot as I was reading it, because I was just so shocked all the time! If I could, I would make a meme of my facial expressions as I read it. I would read something, squish my forehead, then go back and read again. Then I’d message her, like did that just happen? I just felt so much for this book. I don’t want to give too much away with names, but OMG I LOVED IT! I love him so much lol Cannot wait to see what’s next.


Relentless #4

Having read all four of these books in only 2 days I can see just how much this series has evolved. I think each book got a little bit deeper. Now Relentless was the complete opposite of Revenge and other past books though. I loved that it wasn’t set primary at the MC, but we got to see Bellamy’s lifestyle and got to experience Butch and Slasher outside of the MC life. Of all of the romances we’ve seen so far I really think that this one was the sweetest. Bellamy seemed just so innocent and she’d been so wronged by her Ex. I love that Butch swooped in and helped her naughty side come out.

Butch and Bell were something else! I loved these two as a pair so much, because they are so very different. I love how he helped to boost her confidence, and how she really picked him up. These two were really two characters that were at the end of their ropes and they really helped each other. I also loved how excited he was to see her as a person and in her own light. He was just so confident in her. 

Then we got to see how she interacted with the MC. These girls at the MC are the best, they accepted her with open arms! She fit right in and wasn’t afraid to be herself. I love how she really let herself go and felt free to be who she wanted to be with the club. This club is truly a bunch of family members and she instantly became another family member they needed. Apart from Butch and Bellamy, I also love the relationship that she developed with Slasher. I really can’t wait to see what will come of his story!


Reckoning #5

44342804_306934529892564_5408947865437339648_n.jpgHOLY CRAP! So I knew this book was going to special, but I did not expect that!!! I loved seeing this side of Katya and seeing how she rose from the ashes. Then we have Slash, who pretty much did the same thing. The end of Relentless had me super curious about what would happen with Slash. He really seemed closed off and I was almost afraid of what was going to happen to him. I absolutely loved that he and Katya got together, it is just too perfect. 

One of the many things I loved about this book was the love for family. Slash and Belamy are so close, when they were reunited I definitely teared up some! Then the devote way that Katya spent her life protecting her siblings, it was just astounding. We truly had no idea who she was before this. I love how these two had this instant connection and that they let their harsh realities almost heal themselves. They took who they were at face value and moved on. Who can’t appreciate that? They really fed off of each other and weren’t afraid to speak there minds. Their relationship is pretty darn awesome.

Now the darn bombshells. HOLLLLYYYY CRAPPPP. Man Elizabeth you really know how to give a girl a surprise!!! We had so many in this book, it was so epic! There are so many questions running through my head that I can’t wait to see what happens next. I almost want to go back and re-read the whole book again just to see if I can catch anything else I might have missed. She was super sneaky with this book!

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