Reviews & Ramblings: May

Hello my loves!!! It’s that time again!! I don’t have too many reviews for you, partly because I didn’t read as much, but also because I have a series blitz coming out next week with some of the others. Hope you enjoy ♥


35442870.jpgThe Trade (The Clans #2) by Elizabeth Knox

I was soooo excited for this book!!!! The first book, Promised, was the first book of Elizabeth’s I read. From there I totally fell in love! I couldn’t wait for the second book in the series and to see what came next! I love that we got to see Mariana and Ion in this book, especially got to see how fierce Mariana is. LOVE IT!

There were so many surprises in this book. I try to not think of the blurbs for books when I read them, in face with this one I hadn’t read the blurb in so long I didn’t even remember! I knew at some point the clan would come up, but I wasn’t sure how. I love the different twists and turns, because they really made this book more insightful. It also helped it from being too predictable, there are always certain things that we might expect, but Elizabeth did a really good job of taking us in a different direction right when we thought we knew what was going on. 

I love everything about Anton and Natasha. They were everything that I had hope and dreamed of for the second book in this series!!! Anton is the PERFECT alpha male, flaws and all! And Natasha, I love her so much in the! She’s so strong, and she’s everything Anton isn’t, and more. Which makes them so perfect!! There were even more twist and turns with her, THEY WERE THE BEST!!!

This book excited me so much, I CANNOT WAIT FOR MOREEEE!!!!

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35378505.jpgBane (Sinners of Saint #4) by LJ Shen

Prior to starting this book I thought that Trent was my favorite of the men…. well Bane definitely changed my mind!!! I am such a quick reader, that I don’t typically take the time to highlight while I read. In this book I highlighted 12 times, which is WAY more than I ever have before. I don’t know what about this book caught me so much, but it was just written so well! There were so many things that were so insightful that I just HAD to highlight them! I cannot wait to share them with other either, because I want to know what other people think. 

I was so curious about Bane before this book. He had a pretty big role in Scandalous, because he was so close to Edie, and I just had to know more! We got such a small glimpse as to who he was, so when LJ announced Bane I was so excited!!! Bane was EVERYTHING I had hoped for AND SO MUCH MORE! I love that this book is years later, and that Bane really rose from the ashes. I love everything about his past, and everything about who he is now. He is such a prominent person, even if it isn’t for great reasons. His words with Vicious in the beginning really had me confused, but as I read on I really started to understand. 

Then we have Jesse, who is such a broken person. From the moment we heard her story all I could think of was, this poor girl! I really liked how from the very beginning Bane got something out of her. From his first, simple interaction, she had a reaction to him. This really fascinated me. I love how she knew who he was, knew his reputation, yet she trusted him. It’s as if she knew that he was the exact person to help her break out from her shell. Yes she had gone through so much, but hell no she wasn’t going to stay down forever. She was determined to get herself back, and I think she always knew he’d be the one to help her. 

The amount of shit these two go through is truly amazing. They really get put through the ringer, individually and together. But I love how they persevered. They really had their crap together, far more than any one else would. I loved every bit of their relationship! I loved every single thinggggg. I love how it was a little slow, a little messy, not at all perfect, how perfectly HOT IT WAS, I mean EVERYTHINGGGGGG. I cannot wait to see what other people say about this book!

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32027054.jpgDefy (Sinners of Saint #0.5) by LJ Shen

So I read this entire series completely out of order, so I think that out was only fitting that I read this story last. 

I knew a little about Jamie and Melody, but I didn’t know a whole lot. I always wondered how shew didn’t get in trouble, or if I just didn’t know if she did. The whole relationship made me curious. 

These two were so unconventional in so many ways. Neither of them had “normal” or truly happy lives, which really lead to this being so perfect. Perfectly imperfect is how these two are. They took this non-traditional, albeit taboo relationship and have it their all. They could care less about anyone else and it was fantastic. I’m so happy that I finally got to their story and I loved ever minute of it

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39938614.jpgAlways by Lindsay Becs

THIS BOOK WAS SPECTACULAR! This is Lindsays first big release, and let me tell you, HOLY CRAP SISTER!!! I love her style so much, and I deeply appreciate an emotional book. She really knows how to take all of your emotions and tug on them deeply. I was messaging her as a I read, and I told her that her writing style reminds me of a mix of Jay McLean and Lurlene McDaniel. Those two are two of my favorite! I’ve read SO many LC books and nearly all of Jay’s. I CANNOT wait until she writes more. I devoured this book in less than three hours and i desperately need more! 

Josie and Travis were such amazing characters in this book. Josie is an amazing and strong woman, she’s a mother, a friend and a lover. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t love about her. Or really about Travis either. The chemistry these two had was OFF THE CHARTS, but there were so many factors working against them. When they finally did become a couple it was so euphoric! I couldn’t wait until that moment, and Lindsay portrayed this moment so perfectly! It was one of my absolute favorite moments of the book. I had so many favorite moments in this book and it’s definitely one of my favorite books this year. Each twist and turn, and every emotion was just executed so perfectly. I just can’t say enough!

Make sure to check out my book chat here if you’ve read this book!

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YR.jpgYour Rhythm (Sherbrook Station #1) by Katia Rose

WOW! I adore everything there is about music and everything there is about writing. This book was the perfect merriment of those two things, two of my favorite things. Everything about this book was so well written, so well thought out and so developed. There isn’t one negative thing I could say about the book. It had the perfect about amount of twists, turns, hills, slides, falls, everything you want from a books flow and more. And the emotions, man was she good at those! I always felt myself feeling exactly what they were feeling. Whether Kay or Matt were getting excited for a show, angry over something someone did or said, nervous about something happened, all of it. I felt those exact feelings all of the time. But, enough about the writing (although it was good enough to rave about). 

Kay and Matt. These two really are what you want in a lead couple. There’s mass confusion, lots of complicated feelings, lots of life events getting in the way and there’s always a secret or two. These two made waves though, from the first moment they met. The chemistry they had was undeniable, and I can’t believe that they resisted as long as they did. There were a lot of bumps in their path, but that is really what makes up a relationship. Kay, as a writer, was really an inspirational character. Being a journalist you have to ask yourself a lot of questions, which she did regularly, and you have to know who you want to be. The words that Kay spoke were so perfect. And then we have Matt. It was the same for him. You could tell he was the lyric man, and clearly a romantic. He also seemed to be a glue to his band. 

Without giving too much away, the ins and outs of this book were flawless. There was just the perfect amount of everything (which I think I’ve already said). I cannot recommend this book enough!!

Make sure to check out my book chat on the book here if you’ve read it!

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39343714.jpgChaos (Constellations Trilogy #2) by Jennifer Locklear


To be honest, I vaguely remember Constellation (no offense to Jennifer, my memory is just crap), but as soon as I started reading it all starting coming together.

I don’t think there was a moment that I didn’t love in this book. I love how deep and meaningful Jennifer writes. You can tell she writes it with her whole heart and soul. All of the words, thoughts, feelings and conversations are all so in depth.

I desperately love how this story is from Jack’s perspective. I also really love how we got o see what lead to their relationship and how he got started with Aurora. The back and forth between the present day and the past was done so well! It was so methodical. It’s always great to see a relationship from different perspectives; to see how different or alike a couple falls in love, it’s so interesting.

Part of why I loved this book so much, other than the writing, was how raw we got to see Jack. He’s so real and raw, we really got the full effect. We got to see how a man thinks of these things, women are so emotional that it was nice to see a mans perspective of a relationship and love. The love he feels for his daughter and Kathleen is so admirable! And his loss of Allison, it was so interesting to see their fall out and interactions after their divorce. We really didn’t know too much about them before this book. The way we got to see how he fell in love with Kathleen, and how desperately he wanted to keep his life balanced. I also loved how we got to see a different side of Kathleen, it was neat to see her as an outsider.

I cannot wait to see what comes next. There are so many questions left unanswered. It was really the perfect ending, keeping us begging for more!

Make sure to check out my video chat on facebook about Chaos here! (Giveaway is closed)

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