Release Day: Always

Hello my loves!!! Happy Thursday, you know what that means? IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY!!!!! Been a tough week, but who cares right? Right, because Always released today so that makes this day FREAKING FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK SO HARD! YOU MUST BUY IT (lolol). For reals though, Lindsay is a friend of mine so of course I agreed to read it, I didn’t expect to be so in love with it! It’s got to be one of my all time favorite books!!! Make sure to check out my Book Chat next week!!!

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Always by Lindsay Becs


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Forbidden love… I guess that’s what you’d call what we have.  But to me, it’s just us.
This is the story of how I fell in love with a man unlike any other.  About how he loved me so deeply and completely, even when I tried to fight it, his love continued to shine through.  Because when Travis Gellar decides to let love in, it’s the most beautiful thing. He loves without condition.

She’s the only one in my life to show me what it was like to be loved and cared for.  I knew long before she did that we were meant to be together, that we’d be amazing. I just had to tear down her walls first to make her see.  Once those walls fell and she saw what we could be, she saw all the beauty that I’d seen all along.
Josie isn’t just physically beautiful, but she’s beautiful inside and out.  I’ve made it my mission to make sure she knows exactly how beautiful she really is.  But more than that, I want to love her. Always. She’s a part of me and I’m a part of her, even when fate tries to intervene.

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My Review

THIS BOOK WAS SPECTACULAR! This is Lindsays first big release, and let me tell you, HOLY CRAP SISTER!!! I love her style so much, and I deeply appreciate an emotional book. She really knows how to take all of your emotions and tug on them deeply. I was messaging her as a I read, and I told her that her writing style reminds me of a mix of Jay McLean and Lurlene McDaniel. Those two are two of my favorite! I’ve read SO many LC books and nearly all of Jay’s. I CANNOT wait until she writes more. I devoured this book in less than three hours and i desperately need more!

Josie and Travis were such amazing characters in this book. Josie is an amazing and strong woman, she’s a mother, a friend and a lover. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t love about her. Or really about Travis either. The chemistry these two had was OFF THE CHARTS, but there were so many factors working against them. When they finally did become a couple it was so euphoric! I couldn’t wait until that moment, and Lindsay portrayed this moment so perfectly! It was one of my absolute favorite moments of the book. I had so many favorite moments in this book and it’s definitely one of my favorite books this year. Each twist and turn, and every emotion was just executed so perfectly. I just can’t say enough!

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Lindsay Becs is new to the writing world. She has always enjoyed writing as an outlet and fun hobby. Having pushed outside her box, she wrote and self-published a companion book set in 2017. Now, she hopes to continue to explore deeper into the world of writing.
Lindsay is also an avid reader, Netflix binger, vinyl crafter and never goes far without coffee first. She is privileged to travel the world with her military husband and their three wonderful crazies.

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