Reviews & Ramblings: March & April

Hello my loves!!! It is now the second week of May and I think Spring may just be here to stay!! I have two say though, as excited as I am for warmer weather, my allergies are killing me. I’m trying to combat it as much as possible, and still enjoy the weather. Let’s all hope for the best LOL. So while I’m finally getting caught up, I had a really good reading in March and April! I did a few series blitz in March and April, which were the majority of the books I read. So to make this a little easier I only included the books that aren’t in those post, that’s why I combined the two posts, and I’ll throw in links to the series blitz! I read 22 books over those two months, so I’m sparing you a SUPER long post LOL. Let’s get started!!!


This is totally me, bloom trees get me so bad!

~~♥~~  March ~~♥~~

Series Blitz Grup

The Grip Series was SO AMAZING!!! Read all about it here ♥




Dear Bridget, I Want You by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

I love how these two write! I have adored every single book they’ve written! This one had me laughing allll of the time and I definitely cried some. I loved Simon and Bridget from the very beginning. I loved how they met and the instant chemistry they had. I loved how close he was with Brandan. The entire book was just so amazing! I especially loved the letters they wrote to each other.





Hound: Cerberus 2.0 (Cerberus MC Second Generation #2) by Marie James

The Cerberus series has been one of my favorite series of all time. I was so excited when she decided to keep the series going with their children. Hound was SO AMAZING. I think I might like it even more than I did the originals!!! I loved how complicated everything was between Gigi and Hound. Nothing was ever easy for them, and I think that made the story that much better! They totally did everything backward and I loved that too.

The amount of emotions thatI felt during this book were out of this world! I was either crying, laughing, angry, I mean I felt them alllll. I was balling so hard I was worried bout what my neighbors thought at one point. At another point I was laughing hysterically. I love that so much!!! To me personally, this is the best part about Marie’s writing. There are so many layers and so much conviction, that you can’t help but feel the same emotions that the characters are feeling. You get the perfect amount of angst, anger, sadness, happiness, it’s just so well rounded!


518c1-marie2bjames2bcp2b2Crowd Pleaser by Marie James

I have missed reading Marie’s work so much!!! I ABSOLUTELY devoured this book!!! I read it in only about 3 hours! Randy and Jake were such a great non-traditonal couple. I love how Randi was doing whatever she had to do to be on her own and how Jake did whatever he could to have her. I love when couples get super hardheaded and totally miss every clue.

The supporting characters were equally amazing! I think Hunter, Ellis and Jas made all the difference! They were such a great support system for Jake and Randi, and I love how they worked together to help them come to their senses. Speaking of coming to their senses, holy cow!!! These two were so blind! If it weren’t for these three we definitely wouldn’t have had the ending we did!

Despite the drama and insecurities I’m so glad this book played out how it did. It was so non-traditional of a relationship and it made it that much better!!!




The Making of Marea (Vampire Historatia: A Series of Revelations) by Scarlette D’Noire

This one was only a short story, Scarlette is writing a full-length companion now!

I really liked this short story! Personally I think it was too short, but it really left me wanting more! I love that we got an in depth look at her inspiration for the book!!




~~♥~~  April ~~♥~~

Inked Brotherhood

So the end of my March reading and the beginning of my April was taken up on this series. I LOVED THIS SERIES SOOO HARDDDDD! Check it out here!


Series Review Damage Control

Next we have the spin-off. This series was EQUALLY amazing!!! I was so excited to get caught up!! I only have one more of Jo’s books and i’m completely caught up! Check out my review blitz here!


34872094Fallen Ink (Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

I loved every minute of this book!! Adrienne and Mace were such a great couple to start this series out and I think it really started with a bang! I think most of us CAR followers are big fans of the Montgomery Ink crew, and we were all so sad that their series was ending. BUT Carrie Ann saved the day with continuing on with their families!!!

Adrienne is such an adorable person, she is so much like all of the other Montgomery women, and I really love that about her! I also love her relationship with Mace. They had the perfect combination for the best relationship! And Mace, oh my this man. He seems so dreamy and hot!! I loved reading about him, he really made made swoon! The chemistry that these two had was off the charts!

All of the things that happened to their shop in this series was so sad, but I loved the Carrie Ann made the book unpredictable with this. There were quite a few twists and turns, and this was a big factor.

I can’t wait to read more and see what’s to come!!!


38089335Ways to Go (Taking Chances #3)

by Katrina Marie

This story was so adorable!! I have grown to love this series so much, it’s becoming one of my all time favorites. I’ve become good friends with Katrina, so I was super excited to read her work. I didn’t expect her work, as a first time writer, to be so amazing! Each word, sentence, paragraph, has me addicted and hanging on the edge for the next.

Jake and Charleigh are such an unpredictable match that it just makes things so much sweeter. I love how they found each other, the prank, the end and all of the in-betweens. This couple is super special, and I love that we got to see even more of Tonya and Reaf. The relationships in this book, all of them, are just so special and really grow. Although this book was a little on the short side, it had such a big impact! I really can’t wait to see what comes next!


337ad-elusive2bebookElusive (Princess Paisley Duet #1, Full Circle #2) by SE Hall

Sawyer is my favorite book boyfriend of ALL TIME, so I was super excited to read Paisley’s book because of him. I love how much he was in it, and just how adorable he is as a dad. Even better, Paisley is JUST LIKE HIM! I love it so much!!! I loved every single thing about it!

Poor Sutton just keeps trying and Paisley is pushing so hard! He really seems to know what he wants in life, he even meets her entire “criteria”, but she’s still so hesitant. I can’t wait until the next book to finally get the truth out of her! There are so many layers to her, and it makes me so sad that her cousins don’t really know much about her either. She’s so diehard about her family, that it’s really hard to see what the really Paisley entails.

That cliff hanger at the end was INTENSE!!! SE Is such a beautiful genius for that one, I can’t even be mad at it! It is the perfect set up to get me soooooo darn excited for the next book. It can’t get here soon enough! I’m so extremely grateful that she kept going with the children of the Evolve series ❤

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