Series Review: Damage Control

Hello my loves!!! I hope you all are doing something enjoyable this weekend! I’m going to attempt to do some spring cleaning and some cooking! (Who am I kidding, I will probably just read and cook LOL). I am so excited, I FINALLY finished the Damage Control Series!!! This is the spin-off to the Inked Brotherhood Series that I reviewed at the beginning of the month. This one took me a lot longer to read because things have been crazy. I just finished last night and had to share!!


~~♥~~  Damage Control Series by Jo Raven ~~♥~~

Meet the Damage Boyz. Taken off the streets by the owners of the tattoo shop Damage Control, these five young men will fight hard to rise above the pain of their past.

Will they meet the right girls to help them believe in themselves and fall in love? Read the series and find out!


MicahBook #1 Micah

I had a feeling I would devour this series just like I did the Inked Brotherhood books. Jo has such a way with these men! The story of Micah and Ev is one that is so sweet and bittersweet! The reason these two know each other is just so sad, but the way they met again is part of the sweet.

Everything these two have been through has been just so much. When they found each other and finally started letting each other in I was so relieved! There were so many moments of angst but there were equally amounts of super hot moments too! This book was the perfect blend of all emotions.

The best part of this series is we still get to see the Inked Brotherhood family, just their family had grown. It’s so amazing and I can’ wait to keep going!


JesseBook #2 Jesse

This is one of the books that has bit me the hardest so far of the bunch of men we’ve read. Nothing can compare to Zane, but Jesse is just such a sad kid. He has gone through so much, but he’s hiding everything with this stupid playboy persona. Until Amber.

I love the affect that Amber and Jesse had on each other. From the moment they meet there was an odd chemistry. Neither could keep their eyes off of each other. I was so excited that Amber had wanted to almost take Jesse under her wing. She just couldn’t keep herself! I love this about these two. They really just couldn’t help themselves. This book is also one of my favorites, because Jesse and Amber really helped each other in so many ways. I know that most of the couples helped each other, but Amber and Jesse really had some deep problems to face and I think it was just so sweet how they helped each other.

Can’t wait for more!!!


SethBook #3 Seth
I love these men so much, they are so addicting! I love how these men are damaged and these amazing women help them. Seth and Manon are so good together! They are two very different people, but I love how they met and connected. The way they met really made them have a special bond.

Just like with the other couple these two were pretty stubborn, but they were probably the worst. Both of them really thought the other didn’t want them, and neither of them thought to maybe ask. They were both silly. The different troubles these two go through in this book are really different, but I love how they both helped each other heal. Seth had gone through so much growing up, it’s amazing him and Shane turned out to be as normal as they did.

I love how this story played out, just as much as the others, but each one is so special in the own way. I love these two a lot and now I’m even more curious about Cassie and about Shane. Both have me so curious and both seem super broken.


ShaneBook #4 Shane
I love this series more and more with each book. I was so curious about Cassie after her snafu with Jessie! She always made it seem like she never meant to do what happened, and it really confused me! And Shane, he was always the super quote and broody one. His reaction to Cassie was so awesome! I love that she made him smile, when no one ever got a reaction out of him before. This was one of the first couples that had really liked each other from a distance. Really one of the first girls that was brought into the group from one of the girlfriends. I think that made this a little more special coupling.

After reading Seth’s story we got a little glimpse into the life that Shane had led, but we didn’t know everything. I love that we really got to dig deeper into what happened to him. Shane had gone through so much in his past life, I love that Cassie had become his angel. She had become his light. I really loved this story so much!

-P.S. I love this cover model so much, he’s so perfect for Shane!


OceanBook #5 Ocean (My Favorite of the series)
I’m pretty sure this is my favorite book ever written by Jo. There’s just something about it that really pulled at all of my heart strings. I cried multiple times because there were so many amazing and sweet parts. Everything that lead up to this book had me wanting Ocean’s story. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know it’d be this good. Kayla always seemed so quirky and I never thought of who she might end up with. I loved the roll Kayla had at the end of Shane’s book, it was so profound.

Profound seems to be my thought throughout most of this book. Each of these men had a different story (for the most part), but a lot about Ocean’s past hit me harder than the others. The way he needed Kayla and the way she needed him, it brought me to tears a few different times. Their bond seemed more unique and so much more loving than the others. She’s such a nurturer, and I love that she took care of Ocean. Ocean always took care of everyone else, that he didn’t realize how much he needed it.

I love how these people are a family; they are the biggest and best family unit. When the tough gets going, they are always there for you, especially Zane. I love how much they needed and used each others help in his book. Just showed how amazing they all are.

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