Ramblings And Reviews: January

Happy Saturday my loves!!! Make sure to keep an eye on my facebook page, I’ll be going live for another chit chat!! I’ve been binge watching A Handsmaid Tale this afternoon instead of reading. #BookNerdFail. What have you been up to?

Anywho, I’m still catching up with these! Now we are onto January. This was a fun month because I read whatever I wanted! Turns out I read even more in January than December…. Oops! Hopefully you enjoy and it isn’t too much!




Man Cave (Wild Men #3) by Jo Raven

I’ve loved this little series so much! I was so excited we got to see a little more of Octavia and Matt. These two are so special!

I love seeing these two so happy, because they are such amazing people. Matt is amazing for going and helping Evan, and even though it didn’t go as planned, Tati had the best intentions with her situation. I feel like I definitely got some closure with their story in this book. I now know how well they are all doing and how they’ve grown as a family. I can’t wait to see how everyone is with the baby in the next persons book!


28597587The Baller by Vi Keeland

Vi is one of my favorite RomCom authors, this one was so good!

I love all of the books I’ve read by Vi and this one was fantastic!! Brody and Delilah were so amazing!!

From the very beginning I adored Delilah! I loved how tough she was, and how she was determined to not let someone like Brody deter her and her career. She tried soooo hard to not let him get to her. And Brody, he was quick to realize that she was much more than just a pretty face. And dang did he try hard!! Their game of cat and mouse was so hot and adorable. I loved their banter back and forth, it was hysterical. The fun and cute gifts, the funny texts, it was all great!

The best part was in Delilah finally gave in! Their chemistry was so hot! These two were scorching. I loved their banter even more then. I love that Delilah’s whole life was football and that they had that in common. I loved her trash talking and sports commentary. It made the book so real. I love when sports stories are like that, when they truly involve the sport in the book. These two both had some seriously trouble pasts and had a really hard time getting over them. I was so happy with how it ended though. I got such great closure!


29541797.jpgThe Hot Shot (Game On #4)

by Kristen Callihan

This series is my all time favorite Sports Series. I wish there were a million books in it!

This series is one of my favorite series of all times. I’m his series is what corn me back into reading at such a high pace I can’t believe j waited so long to read this book!!!

I didn’t know much about Finn in the previous books, but man was his story special!! I love doing the instant heat he and Chess had. Chess is so perfect for him too! She doesn’t take his crap and he had to earn her friendship and love. I love how tough she was and how reluctant she was but was. She was so reserved about letting herself go with Finn. But, Finn helped her break down those walls. Then, she helped him break down his.

I love how sweet Finn was with her, the trip to his families home and all of the times they went out. Loved how he truly became a good friend until she’s she ready for him. Seeing these two fall was just so special I also love of loved seeing their relationships with their friends evolve. James and Jake here since sich good friends to these two, they made the story the that much better. I can’t wait wait to see Jake fall!


33543707.jpgA Boy Like You (Like Us #1) by Ginger Scott

This one is definitely one of my favorites this year!

A friend of mine told me how amazing Ginger was, but I hadn’t read her yet. So she bought me this book. I ADORE sports stories, they are my absolute favorite. Especially when the sport is truly a part of the story. Baseball and softball were so much of this story and that made it that much better!

Joss’s character is so special. She’s someone who is going down this dark path in life, and she knows this is not the right path. When Wes shows up, she knows this is the wrong path in life, but she can’t help herself. Wes seems to be her light. He’s her saving grace, even if she doesn’t believe that. Her character has so many layers. It’s like peeling back an onion. She has this destructive side of her, because she feels like no one cares. But then she has this side to her, where alls he does is care. She needs a buffer, someone who won’t let her fall further into this whole.

And Wes. He’s just simply amazing. Everything he does is just amazing. He’s the right person, at the right time, and knows the right things. To me, Wes is like superman to me. He’s just so special. I can’t say too much more about him because it will give away too much of the story, but he’s my ultimate book boyfriend. Then we have Joss’s dad. He’s gone through so much throughout this book. Life doesn’t get any easier for him either. He’s pretty tragic. He’s one of my favorite people though. Even though Joss was on a dark path, his was darker. Yet, Joss was his light. She’s who got him out of that hole.

I loved this book so much that I immediately started Girl Like Me. This whole story of Wes and Joss was just perfect


34404140.jpgA Girl Like Me (Like Us #2) by Ginger Scott

The end of A Boy Life Me ruined me. I cried so hard I couldn’t hold my kindle and I IMMEDIATELY started reading this book. My friend told me about Ginger and bought me A Boy Life Me. When I found out there was a second book, halfway through it I immediately bought this one.

After being left sort of broken from book one, I was so happy with how this book started. Joss is such an amazing person and her dad grew into someone who I could really admire. He was her biggest cheerleader. I love how much he did to help her succeed, even if it came at a price. He really wanted to turn his life around, and he really did that with her. I love just how strong Joss became through her therapy. Wes being gone though left a bit of a whole for her. I love the strength she gets from her friends and family during this time. They all help her do whatever they can. I love that Kyle went on this trip with her and was her rock through the experience.

Wes coming back was hard. It was hard to see how everyone tiptoed around everything that had happened. But then he redeemed himself. I love the relationship that him and Joss developed. He’s still my superman, and probably hers. He really helps her live, and she helps him live. They learn to just be. The entire drama at the end of the book was so out of left field for me. I didn’t really expect it to be as crazy as it was. I love that I was completely shocked. I also love how she ended the book. Another step I didn’t really expect. I hope that some day we get to see a little more of their future!


36632791.jpgMan Flu by Shari J Ryan

This book was so darn cute!! Logan and Hannah were such funny characters, and all of the supporting characters were so developed. It really made for such a great and fun story!

Hannah is a beast. She’s doing the single mom game well, even though she think’s she isn’t, and she actually handled the whole Logan situation pretty well. I love how Brielle played such a big roll in her letting go! She played a great match maker. Then we have Cora, she is freaking hysterical!!! For a 5 year old, she had some crazy whit and humor! I love how she treated Logan and how honest she always was. It made for THE BEST comedic relief!

Logan, oh man was he good. He was perfect at being sexy, charming and useful! He really did his job well, which made Hannah’s life so much easier. I love how honest he was and how blunt he was with how he felt. He didn’t hide his attraction and that made it really funny. Even when it came to her ex, Rick, he took everything in stride.

Then we have the man flu, this was so darn funny!!! Men are always such pansies when they are sick, it’s truly hysterical. Shari did SUCH a good job describing this so perfectly. The entire flu-pandemic really set the tone of this story off so great. Every little thing that that happened was just so funny, it was all so great.

I really can’t wait to read more of Shari’s work!


33116504.jpgPucked Off (Pucked #6) by Helena Hunting

I’ve loved every one of these books so much and Lance’s book is no different. I was super curious to learn more about him and Tash after reading Pucked Up. The anticipation just kept building as she wrote about other people, and I think that made this book THAT much better!

Lance was always there for everyone, so I’m glad he finally got his turn. AND I LOVE that it was Poppy! We didn’t see her any more after Pucked Up, but I’m glad we got her back. I really liked too how they had instant attraction like the others had. Poppy might have tried to resist Lance, but their connection was just too strong. She didn’t make it easy, and they had so much to work through, but the book was fantastic!


35527001Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter

OMG I loved this book so hard! From the very beginning I was completely in love with every single character. Also, I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard over a book, EVER. The banter between Zach and Delia is absolutely hysterical! I loved every single minute from the moment I started the book.

I know right away that I would love Delia because of what happened with Caleb. Then of course there is her roommate Zoe who is equally hysterical. This duo crack me up. She made the moment that Zach and Delia meet 100% amazing. These two supporting characters really make a difference in this book. Without Zoe and Caleb I don’t think the story would be as great.

Now, Delia and Zach, these two are so perfect!!!! I love how they “met” and how well they go along. I also love how long they waited to meet each other, it made everything so much better once they did! From their first date, to meeting his family, to THE AMAZING baby goat, all of it was 100% PERFECT! This is the first book of Teagan’s I’ve read, and I have to say I’m kind of addicted now!


21623991.jpg Tangled in Laces & Laces and Lace

(Assassins #6.5 & #7) by Toni Aleo

My copy of Laces and Lace actually had both of these in it

I love these two soooo much, I can’t wait to read the whole book about them!! Their love is crazy strong and I love how Karson too so much effort to win over Lacey!

This was one of my favorite books so far. These two had sooo much history, but they picked things up like they never left off. There was so much tension throughout this wholllle book. Whether it was anger or sexual, the tension was crazy. I love how strong these two continued to be, even though it seemed like the world was crumbling around them.


36521332.jpgEscapades (Trident Ink #1) by Lilly Atlas

This book was really good!!! I loved the story of Alyssa and Derek because it wasn’t a happy story, it was so real! They went through an incredibly hard situation that would be tough for ANY couple, and they were trying to find their way through it. This loss had completely through them for a loop and they didn’t even realize that they weren’t acting like husband and wife until it had been almost two years since the bad situation had started. I can totally see how getting caught up in the scenario they had would be so hard. To live through a tragic even and stay a happy loving couple just doesn’t happen. These two did pretty good considering the odds. BUT they did get through it and I loved how they did!!! I love that they used a sex therapist to get their crap together! Even better, I love how effective it was for them.

To admit that you are having trouble as a couple is hard, it’s even harder to take the steps it takes. They are so admirable for doing this!! I also loved that Derek had Brett and Lyss had her friend Roxie. These two supporting characters really helped shape this book and make it as good as it was. Roxie and Brett had a really key role in helping Lyss and Derek get their heads out of their butts. Sometimes it just takes a really good friend to give you a good shove and your good to go! Also, I love how HOT their sex life was! Even though they weren’t how they used to be, they were pretty adventurous! That part was super hot, even if it was so filled with emotion and even sometimes regret.

As a whole I loved how different this book was. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t always happy, and it was just so real! We need more of this!




A Very Merry Hockey Holiday (Assassins #8) by Toni Aleo

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE YET!!! I loved SO Much how we got to see how each couple celebrated Christmas and see how and who they are now! It was so amazing to be able to really know what was going on. We always see glimpses of the other couples, but I really liked how we got to see it from their point of view. It really made me want to go back and re-read Shea and Ellie’s story. I can’t wait to see what comes next!



34704057.jpgWe Were One (Looking Glass #2)

by Elizabeth Reyes

This story was a beautiful one, it really pulled every string of my heart. Nico and Maddie were so special. I love that they had this unspoken word with each other before they started dating. And then when they did date, the sparks flew so high! The chemistry that these two had was so admirable, so much so that every knew they were a couple far before they admitted that they were. Between the warning about “The Hellman Twins” and the warnings from Nico’s family, I was surprised it didn’t take him longer to stake his blame.

THEN this HORRIBLE thing happens. Without giving too much away, it just blew my mind. Nico was able to someone recover from this tragic moment in this life. Yet, just when he thought he was OK, he was knocked on his feet. The entire time he was healing I kept wondering what was Elizabeth going to do to turn this around. I NEVER in a million years thought what happen would be the end result. There were SO many tears as this man was torn apart, but then I had just as many tears as the pieces fit back together. Death does crazy things to people, but sometimes your heart just knows certain things that your brain can’t understand.

After reading this I can’t wait to go back and read book #1 and I really can’t wait to read Nolan’s book!


36471697The Baby Maker by Lili Valente

I knew I wanted to read this book as soon as I saw the “Warning.” It had me cracking up! I think that really helped to set the tone of this book. I was constantly laughing, so much so that I was halfway through the book before I started wondering how this story was going to play out.

The whole idea of Emma asking Dylan to help her make a baby was super crazy, but then the amount of chemistry these two had was electric! The chemistry was just so instantaneous, that I really hoped everything would work out for them. The banter between the Emma and Dylan was amazing and hysterical. I loved that they became such good friends, and that Dylan was trying so hard to impress her and introduce her into his life. He had no clue that he was looking for, but Emma was definitely it. Dylan’s relationship was his family is something special too. He’s the caretaker for sure, makes sure his brothers, their children and his dad are all taken care of.

I loved Emma so much through this, she was so ready to just do her own thing and say forget a man! I felt bad for the situation she was left in, but so happy she got what she wanted. I love how successful her winery is and how she’s changed her left around so much. I also love her relationship with her sister, I was cracking up at the two of them. I basically laughed the whole time. I enjoyed this book so much! I love how the book ended so much, especially the epilogue. Can’t wait for more from Lili!

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