Series Review: Inked Brotherhood

Hello my loves!!! I’m sorry I still haven’t been able to write very much, I’m still getting the hang of the new job and life. I’ve also spent lots of time dog sitting one of my favorite furry friends. BUT I got SO caught up in this series that I read all but one book of an entire series this weekend!!! I DEVOURED THEM! I read 5 full length books and two novellas. It was quite a feat for me for sure!!!! Going to leave you with a photo of Miss Meatball then get to the reviews!! (Miss Meaty likes to get in my way a lot lol)


~~♥~~ Inked Brotherhood Series by Jo Raven ~~♥~~

Five boys brought together by fate. Five young men trying to overcome their troubled pasts. Five tattoos marking them as a brotherhood built on tragedy. Will they find understanding and rise above the pain?

Five girls tied by friendship. Five young women fighting their own demons. Five lives laced with sorrow. Will they be strong enough to save the men they love and make them happy?

[We are going to do this a wee bit backward. I’m going to share book #1 before I share book .05 (LOL)]

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 9.55.08 PM.pngBook #1 Asher

I’ve been on Jo’s review team for a while now, but I joined far after this series had began. I’m so excited to finally get time to read it. The story of Asher and Audrey is one that is so tragic and heartfelt.

Asher has gone through so much and so has Audrey, but they’ve gone through these things alone. Neither knew what the other was going through because they were both so stubborn. I love that Asher had Zane, but I desperately wish he wouldn’t have gone through everything he did by himself. And poor Audrey, she walked into this whole shit show right at the eleventh hour. Thank God she came in when she did though. Audrey and Asher need each other so much and I was so excited to see them realize this also.

I cannot wait to read Tyler’s story next! We saw such a small glimpse of him in this book and I can’t wait to see what his story is






Book #.05 Kiss Me Goodbye – Prequel to Asher

I actually read this way after the fact, but I was really excited to see the young Brotherhood. These guys really haven’t changed a whole lot, but I was excited to see what really happened with Aubrey and Ash. This gave so much insight to where we were in Asher’s book and even other books!




22792366.jpgBook #2 Tyler

After reading Asher’s story I was so curious about Tyler; we had so many bombshells about him that I really didn’t know what to expect. I really didn’t expect the Tyler that showed up, he was so different than the Tyler that had been there when Asher was in the hospital. That made me so curious!!

It was so sad what Tyler had gone through, and he went through it by himself! This poor guy!! I loved that he came back to make things right with Ash, and I really love that he came back for Erin. These two had so much history, which we also got a small idea of what had happened in Asher, but I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

JO DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! There were so many layers and emotions that I couldn’t stop reading. I read this whole book in almost one sitting! I cannot wait to keep going!!!


23447531.jpgBook #3 Zane (My favorite Brother)

I am devouring this series, and I could NOT wait for Zane’s book!!! Zane is the man who keeps the peace and keeps all of his friends lives in order. I think it’s so amazing that he’s this man, but he was hiding so much! We saw before how he kept going to see his sister and take care of her kids, and he always came back looking so bad. I had no clue Dakota would be come to be the person she is in his life. I really thought she was just some love-sick puppy girl who wouldn’t get attention. I love that he was so caught up by her.

We get so much out of the blurb for this book, to see just how broken Zane thought he was. I really had no clue how much until I really got into the depths of this book. It was just so sad! I was so upset for him not letting anyone in, especially Ash and Dakota. I love that she had the affect she did on him, and I love that Ash finally got some sense talked into him.

I loved everything about this story and can’t really say anything else without giving too much away. This book really got to my heart ❤





Book #3.5 What I Want for Christmas (Zane & Dakota Novella)

I read this a wee bit backward, but I loved this so much! I loved seeing them together again and doing so well!!!!! These two are so adorable and I was really glad to see them still working on their insecurities. Also, it was so hot!!!! Can’t wait for more ❤




23596082.jpgBook #4 Dylan

Oh Dylan, I really wondered what was going on with him. And poor Tessa, she just couldn’t help herself! These two were both in denial for so long, but for very different reasons. The life that Dylan has had to live is such a tragic one! And he is, yet again, another stubborn man who doesn’t know how to ask for him! These alpha men think they can do everything on their own, when all they have to do is say the words and their friends, really their family, would be there to help them in an instant. This book has really made me see how much of a family this group is, they are all so amazing!

This darkness that Dylan has put himself in, it’s so sad! I know he didn’t do it to himself, but he let himself live in this darkness for too long. It was almost as if he saw no light at the end of the tunnel and was burying himself. It was really sad to have the events that happened lead him to realizing how much he needed Tessa and how much she needed him. BUT I’m so glad it happened!

And Tessa, she proved just how strong she is in this book! I was so excited to see her become the person that she wanted to be! That takes so much courage, it’s amazing!


24415548Book #5 Rafe

I was really worried that this book would break me. I had no clue what Rafe had gone through, but I knew he was haunted by it. I did NOT expect what actually happened to him!!!!!! And Megan, we knew she had a crush on Rafe and that she always caught his eye, but I LOVE how these two came together!!!!

Rafe has such a dark past, and it seems like he’s been so put together for so long. I hate that, like the others, he hid what was going on. I was so happy when he finally told the guys what was happening. It was WAY late in the game, but I’m glad he did. Then we have Megan. She’s so special, and she herself, went through SO MUCH! She’s such a strong woman, and she isn’t afraid of Rafe and knows what she wants.

The beauty of this series, is that these people are all so broken, but they lift each other up. They are truly a big family in so many ways. The group grew so much in this book and really came together. ❤


32706287.jpgBook #6 Inked Babies

This book was SOOOO bittersweet! I loved seeing the Brotherhood family later in life, I love that there are so many babies, and weddings happening. BUT we had such a hard topic in this one! Zane was going through something so tough, and I love how hard the family worked to get him out of his dark hole. This poor guy had already gone through so much, and he just couldn’t shake this.

Poor Dakota, she had to endear so much while Zane was going through this. She has a new born, she’s barely sleeping, and she’s hurting for her husband. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through. Thank God for their friends! This group is so tight knit, it really makes you envious.

I really loved how we got parts of the story from each set of couples. This made it so much more special. Although the focus was on Zane, we go to see more of what was going on in their lives way after they’d had their own books. Made me super glad this was a full length novel. Jo did a beautiful job on this one and really left us without any loose ends!

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