Cover Reveal: The Silent Scream

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The Silent Scream by Nancy George
Release Date: April 11th

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Sitting in front of my computer at my desk attempting to write this factual story is incredibly difficult.
I’m used to writing romance novels about love. It’s all fiction, make-believe, and everything in the end always turns out well. A recipe for success—a happy ever after.
However, this story is my story—it’s real, and it’s raw.
I’m scared and afraid.
I know there are many other people out there like me who are caring for a loved one with a terminal illness.
Some of you are about to make the same journey I’ve been on.

About Nancy


Hello, I am Nancy George I live in Wanganui New Zealand with my wonderful husband Frank along with numerous cats, dogs and chickens. My life is full of adventures, mayhem and mischief but when you get to my age anything is possible. I enjoy cooking, fishing, reading, sewing and of course my beautiful grandchildren. Wanganui is a vibrant city and interesting people live here, we have the sea, plus a very majestic river and mountains all volcanic. Yikes!!!

I’m 50 and not out – is a short story. Its for all of us who are young at heart, its me and its you, its about G strings, waxing, facial hair, wobbly bits that wobble and saggy bits that sag, date nights with my husband that go horribly wrong and those horrible hot flushes now do you get the picture ladies, have a read I am sure you will get a laugh. On a serious note my first novel “Maggie” is now on Amazon. It has 5 stars. It’s a contemporary romance/suspense a little dark I hope you enjoy it.

Maggie was a young, naïve sheltered woman who, through a tragedy, was pushed into a world of abuse and torment at the hands of a man she thought she was in love with. Alone, scared, and helpless, she prayed for help.

That was until she received a telephone call which changed her world, and led her to the bright lights of Auckland. Maggie thought finally she was safe. Nothing would prepare her for what was to follow. From out of nowhere, she met a man who would give her a reason to live, laugh, and learn to love.

Was she strong enough to believe that beautiful things came to those who dared to dream?

Or would the memory of her abuse etched into the depths of her mind take control, and send her back to her secret dark place, alone and frightened once more.

Could the light of a rainbow shine brightly from the depths of a cold gray nothing?

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