Book Blitz: Casey Blane Series

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Casey Blane Series

By Jodi Ann Fahey

 Casey Blane 1

Letorian Descendants (Casey Blane, 1)




Forced into an action-packed world of vampires, werewolves, and all things mystical, Casey Blane must quickly learn of the great power she possesses as she unlocks the mysteries of her nearly four-hundred-year-old royal family’s past to save herself and her coven as the next Letorian Descendant.


Casey Blane 2


Lucian Sword (Casey Blane, 2)



Casey Blane returns to the old coven’s grounds to take her place as the high priestess to the Letorian Coven and in search for the lost talismans. What she discovers is far more than she ever could have envisioned. Brought to a world of faeries and the magic of the Druids, Casey must learn to come to terms with herself and her gifts quickly to survive and change the prophecy. Her first battle is finding the Lucian Sword.

 CB Teaser 9.jpg

About the Author

Jodi Fahey has studied journalism and was published in local papers with articles on local businesses and events. Jodi is also a freelance web designer and ad developer. Her work has been published in European Homes and Gardens as well as BiBi Magazine. Also, she has done freelance work on Poetry Bay Online Poetry Magazine and Long Island Quarterly. Currently, Jodi resides on the North Shore of Long Island with her husband of 23 years and her two beautiful teenage children.

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