Cover Reveal: Until the End

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Until The End by Tasha S. Heart

Release Date: April.20th/2018

Genre: Suspense Horror

Cover Designer: Natasha Banks

Until The End(No End In Sight).jpg

‘Premonition: a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant’


There was an aching in the pit of my stomach while I watched Miguel get ready for work. I didn’t know what it was, but I didn’t want him to leave. I begged for him to stay, but it wasn’t enough to keep him home. I was sure he thought it was just the normal concerns his career caused that was bothering me. The typical fear of someone shooting him wasn’t what had me anxious. There was something more and I couldn’t explain it.

When I checked into the hospital for my shift, I managed to get over my paranoia long enough to function until I received a call from Miguel that had me worried all over again. If I would’ve only known my premonition would turn out to be true, I would’ve fought harder to stay with him.


Everything was chaotic and people were on something that made them act violently. Brittany tried to warn me, but I didn’t listen. I didn’t know what was going on. No one did. The streets were flooded with scared people fighting for their lives. I’ve never seen anything like it. My job was to protect and serve, but the only person that truly mattered was Brittany.

I had her close and I let her go. I thought she would be safe from the people that were attacking the police station. After she disappeared, I was willing to do anything to get her back. Brittany was the love of my life and all I could think about was getting back to her.

Will Miguel and Brittany find each other through the ruins of a city they once knew? Can love help them survive the end of the world?

Until The End paperback.jpg

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