Hello my loves!!! I don’t know if you guys saw today but I went live on Facebook and talked a little more about the blog and about the giveaway! I love that I’ve been able to do this now and I really hope to be able to go live more often! I hope you all can watch and get to understand little more about how I got started on the blog and what I plan to do in the future. Now more about the giveaway!!!


I pulled a few things from my stash and I reached out to some amazing authors! (The photo is of only the things that I have.) I’m going to be giving away a swag pack to one lucky winner! All you have to do is comment on the post on Facebook, like the blog and tag a friend! Unfortunately I’m going to have to limit the giveaway to the US, I’ll try and do something for our friends in other countries in the near future!!

Here’s some of the amazing people who have donated swag: Melody Heck Gatto, V Kelly, Susan Meachan, Kaitlyn Ashley, SH Richardson, Katrina Marie, Kaylee Ryan, KL Williams, Leslie McAdam, Mary Catherine Gebhard, Alex Greyson, Eva Charles and Tawna Fenske. I’m going to add some swig in from: Helena Hunting, Stacy Keswick, AL Wood, DA Bryd, Liz Monroe, Kate Canterbury, J Daniels, CS Patra, Leddy Harper and a few others. Auden Dar just said she’s also give way an ecopy of Prelude!! I can’t wait to share these things with you guys!!


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