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May Archer * Charlie Cochet * Alison Hendricks * Sloane Kennedy *
Lucy Lennox * Ruthie Luhnow * Lily Morton * Chris Owen *
Poppy Dennison * Hailey Turner * A.E. Wasp


RELEASE DATE: 02.07.18





Once upon a time, a bunch of authors wondered… What if a dating app that guaranteed you a love match broke down just in time for Valentine’s Day? What if you found yourself on a blind date with a random guy who might be your opposite in every single way? It could be a disaster. Or… When the code breaks down, fate just might take over.

Eleven of your favorite gay romance authors have joined forces to light up your Valentine’s Day with a collection of sweet, sexy, silly, and hot short stories, featuring a wacky cast of characters chosen from your reader suggestions! Morticians and magicians, superheroes and spies, lawyers and lobstermen, will all learn that love has nothing to do with algorithms… and sometimes you find it in the least-likely places.

And the best part? All proceeds from this collection will go to the authors’ favorite LGBTQ charities, to ensure that love in all its incarnations will be celebrated and protected every single day of the year!

It will only be available for 90 days, so Tuesday, May 8th will be the last time you can purchase this anthology.

Over 162k words total, contemporary MM romance

Ruthie Luhnow

The Lawyer & The Lobsterman

Can you tell us a little bit about your characters?

Opposites attract: Isaac is a meticulous, highly strung lawyer, and Will is a carefree pro sports mascot.

The characters you had to choose from were readers’ submissions, correct? Were there any other characters you considered writing about before you chose this couple?

I was instantly drawn to “lobsterman” and chose to interpret it as a man dressed as a lobster instead of someone who catches lobsters for a living. I was smitten!

How did you come to be involved in the Heart2Heart Anthology?
I was invited by a fellow writer, and I am honored to be a part of this amazing project.

Have you ever been involved in a group project like this before? What were some of the challenges you had to face?

The logistics are always tricky, but luckily we had some great people organizing it and it went quite smoothly.

Is this something you’d like to be a part of again in the future?

Of course

You’re donating the entire proceeds to charity – can you tell us more about where the money is going?

We are honored to support some amazing LGBT related charities.

Have you ever set someone else up on a blind date? If yes, how did it turn out?

No, though I’ve played wingman many times for my friends-without much success unfortunately.

teaser9 boxed set


“I’m expecting someone-” The man laughed, and the sound was bright and cheerful. He tossed his head back, the sound ringing out through the low murmur of the crowded restaurant.

“I’m your date, dude,” he said, his smile revealing his teeth, brilliantly white and charmingly crooked. He wasn’t handsome in a traditional sense, his features slightly mismatched, not quite in sync with one another.

He had shaggy sandy hair that fell forward into his face, and he was wearing a grass-stained sweatshirt with the city’s football team logo plastered across the front.

There was something magnetic about him, though, something that made you want to stare at him and find out why you couldn’t look away.

Isaac’s eyebrows shot up. “You’re… you’re Lobsterman…”

“Sixty-nine? Yeah, that’s me. You’re iparsons35, right? First name, last name, age? I gotta say, not the most creative username.”



We are pleased to be donating 100% of our proceeds to 3 wonderful charities:
The Trevor Project:
Bisexual Resource Centre:
One n Ten:

We encourage all readers to learn more about these groups and consider making a donation of your own. Every little bit helps.



What began as a random idea quickly turned into a collaborative and completely voluntary effort from 11 authors, more than 130 readers, cover designer, 2 proofreaders, and one cat herder to keep it all together.

Readers were asked to submit ideas for characters, both typical and off-the-wall, and from that list, each author picked 2 seemingly mismatched guys and helped them find love.

May Archer – The Baker and the SEAL

Charlie Cochet – The Assassin and the Dog Walker

Poppy Dennison – The Electrician and the Event Planner

Alison Hendricks – The Professional Gamer and the Paranormal Photographer

Sloane Kennedy – The Florist and the Lawyer

Lucy Lennox – The Uber Drive and the Phone Sex Operator

Ruthie Luhnow – The Lawyer and the Lobsterman

Lily Morton – The Tattoo Artist and the Writer

Chris Owen – The Criminal and the Sommelier

Hailey Turner – The Superhero and the NSA Agent

AE Wasp – The Magician and the Mortician

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