Release Day: Ebony

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Release Day!

Ebony, Book One in the Trinity Series

J. Thompson


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One sister born of pain.
One sister born of blood.
One sister born of death.

Three sisters bound,
Wiccan and nightwalker.
Three sisters found,
To join an empire.
A prophecy of three,
So let it be.

Ebony’s life varied from minor inconvenience to total disaster. She could never catch a break. From a young age, she had been sent to live with many foster families, each one rejecting her after a short amount of time, none of them wanting to take on her unusual health issues.
She couldn’t blame them—she didn’t know what the hell was wrong with her, either.

Now, living day to day, struggling to buy the medicine she needs and with no home to call her own, Ebony battles for the hope that she won’t always be so alone. However, just when Ebony thinks her life couldn’t possibly get any worse, it does, and the darkness calls to her.

Yet salvation arrives in the unlikely form of two beautiful, mysterious women and a man willing to fight to be her saviour.

As a new world is suddenly and unexpectedly thrust upon her, Ebony, whether she’s ready or not, is about to find out who she really is and exactly what she’s made of.

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The loud drip of water hitting ceramic echoed throughout the small bathroom. The tiles were aged, the grout no longer a bright white but instead a sickly, dull grey. Most played host to a myriad of cracks, many of the corners completely broken away. The linoleum floor was also cracked, the edges raised, peeling from the concrete below.

  Out of the six cubicles, only three had functioning doors, but the people that used these facilities took no notice—too drunk to care about strangers seeing them do their business. The bathroom had a constant smell of urine, which someone had attempted to mask with the sweet scent of potpourri. Ebony had grown accustomed to the odour. Although, at first, it had made her gag.

  Splashing her face with the cold water, she looked at her reflection through the cracked and frosted mirror. She wasn’t much to look at; sickly pale skin, black circles under her drab grey eyes, prominent cheek bones—all reflecting just how shitty she was feeling. She always felt shitty, had for as long as she could remember. Her whole life had been plagued with illness after illness.

  First, she had been told she had anaemia. She took the news well, knowing it could be dealt with easily by regularly taking iron tablets. She began to resent her illness, however, when her first foster family refused to pay for her medication, when they looked at her as though she was a burden. They soon sent her back to the foster home. Then she was diagnosed with photophobia, which gradually got worse as she got older. Another foster family hadn’t wanted to deal with her health problems, so back to the home she went. Ebony suffered with other issues as well, but by the time she turned eighteen, she’d saved all the money she had earned from her part-time job waiting on tables at the local pub, packed her things and caught the first train out of the tiny town of Verwood. The town had done nothing but make her feel more and more like she didn’t fit in. She had always been an outsider.

  Pulling an old t-shirt from her rucksack, Ebony used it to dry her face. Then she changed from the vest top and jeans she’d been wearing to another identical set. They were the only clothes she owned, and all she could do was wash them in the same sink she had just washed herself.

  She once again looked at herself in the mirror, whilst fingering the small leather tag she had around her wrist. No fine jewellery for her. This shabby, unadorned bracelet was all she had left of her family that had left her to die as a baby. Why she kept it, she didn’t know, but every time she had thought about throwing it away, she hadn’t been able to go through with it.

  Life had decidedly been shite from the moment she had been found lying in a pile of ash and screaming like a banshee. So she’d been told. Not that she believed anything anyone said to her anymore. She still didn’t know whether she believed her father had been a smackhead who left her for dead, that he was the origin for all her health issues.

  Being informed she was a screw-up at every turn had eventually convinced her of her own uselessness. So here she was, four years after escaping Verwood, finding herself trapped by her own pathetic life. No home, poor health, and a job that paid just enough to get her the iron tablets she needed. Food had become a luxury for her, something she needed and wanted but couldn’t always obtain.

  Ebony packed her rucksack and turned back to her reflection. She tied her long raven hair into a loose braid, ignoring the pang of pity that settled in her stomach. What did feeling sorry for yourself get you but another boot up the arse and ridicule.

  “Come on, Ebs, another day survived.”

  She sighed, the sound of her own voice making her wince. Even noise had become an issue, her hearing far too sensitive for her own good. It was making her current job at the bar harder and harder to deal with.

  Unfortunately, Ebony had no choice.

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About the Author

Thompson is a indie writer of fantasy fiction and paranormal romance, and a major fan of procrastination. Jenn has always loved history, so using her wild imagination and tying in her love of history and fantasy, she began a new adventure into the world of words. Weaving romance into old worlds and giving life to her mythical inspired novels is what Jenn does best, and she has a lot more planned in the future, including some hard assed demons.
When she isn’t bent over her laptop with the crazy writer eyes, you will find Jenn making jewellery, cross stitching and it doing paper crafts. Jenn is also a fitness lover and enjoys working out with her husband, either at the gym or at Caveman Training. 
J Thompson is a passionate, if a little nuts, author who believes wholeheartedly that people are good and that everyone deserves romance – even Hades.


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