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Hello my loves, happy hump day!!! I hope you all are having a great Wednesday. I am SO excited about this release!!!! Prelude was one of my top 5 favorites last year and Interlude is definitely one of my favorites so far this year. Please make sure to check this one out and my review below ♥
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Title: Interlude
Series: Interlude Duet #2
Author: Auden Dar
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 31, 2018
One night.
That’s all Julian Caine offered.
And heartbreak is my only souvenir.
The morning
after the most unforgettable night of
my life, I wake up minus the man and plus one note.
With my
head held high, I’m determined to move on without the two men who broke my
My former
fiancé who let me go easily without so much as a glance.
And the
staggering, gorgeous Englishman who made me scream incoherent words…
All. Night.
When tragic
circumstances bring Julian closer than ever, it comes with unyielding passion and a new proposal… but not the traditional kind, the no-strings attached
truths are revealed.
New sexual adventures are explored.
But the
question remains, will we ever be more than this … than this Interlude?
is Book Two in the Interlude Duet. Due to graphic sexual content, it is
intended for mature audiences only.


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 My Review

So the beginning of my review for Prelude started with the feelings I felt about the book. Not a whole lot has changed with Interlude. I still felt Interlude was: Amazing, heart broking devastating, and I definitely thought the book was beautiful. This time I get to add: Relieved, whole, lost and found. I’m sure there’s so many more, but that’s what first came to mind.


I have such a beautiful relationship with Auden and I got to talk to her throughout the whole time I read this book. It was great to be able to talk about how I felt, but I also wrote about it to. Every reaction I had or an amazing quote, I wrote it down. That’s what this book inspired me to do, write. I couldn’t wait to write this review, so I’m writing it only half an hour after finishing the book.


Lina and Julian ended up being characters that were so whole, complete, and so unexpected. When I finished Prelude I was so disappointed in Julian, and in Andrew. I was left completely at ease with this book. Now, that doesn’t mean there weren’t many times where I was so upset I couldn’t see straight. There were many of those moments, but there were so many more beautiful moments. Having been left devastated at the end of Prelude I couldn’t wait to read what was going to happen next. Lina was hurting so bad, and even though she didn’t think it, she was so strong! She left a life she was comfortable with, to start a life that she wanted. That takes so much bravery! She grew so much in this book, and I loved the character that she had become. She was such an inspiring woman.


And Julian, oh Julian. I couldn’t believe he just up and left. Having read Interlude I get it now. It took me a long time, but I get it. The love and devotion he has for Lina is spectacular. It’s what every single woman has always wanted from a man. He may have had some bumps along the way, and being the typical man, he didn’t speak his feelings like he should have. But, overall, I’m so happy with how he developed. I loved him in Prelude, although disappointed, I loved him even more in Interlude.


Then there is Andrew. I didn’t even talk about him in my last review, that’s how little I thought of him. Getting to see a new perspective of him in this book makes me so sad for him. I don’t want to give too much away, because I desperately want you to read this book, but you will understand him a lot better.


This entire book was just so amazing and beautiful. It was haunting and devastating. It was everything. It was perfect. Auden, you are such an amazing writer, I can’t wait to see what else you write ❤

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Author Bio
Auden Dar
is a romance junkie.  A former A&R
music executive, Auden aspires to create the perfect, imperfect book
boyfriend.  Besides her family and erotic
romance, Auden’s other passions include music, foreign films, stalking bulldogs,
and learning how to cook like Nigella Lawson.
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