Release Boost: Logan & Serephina’s Transcended Love

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Logan and Seraphina’s
Transcended Love
By Isra Sravenheart

Release Date: 12th
December 2017

BlurbThis is the story of two star crossed lovers, Logan Zayne and Serephina Dawn.

 Meeting in extra ordinary circumstances;
Logan and Serephina have an intense connection instantly upon their meeting!
Serephina is trapped in another man’s unrequited love but Logan stands back in
the background as this irretrievably breaks down, longing for her to be his!

 Serephina slowly opens her heart to
Logan. Logan falls for Serephina; loving all of her! But tragic circumstances
threaten to pull them apart as a set of obstacles are placed in their way! Will
they stay true to each other and their love? With a connection this
magnetizing, can their love last?

They are tested to their utmost when Logan and Serephina are forced into
separation with a knowing that they are both present in spirit with one
another! The fire burning between them so powerfully that they just know this
is a love that is never going away!

 It’s a challenge as Logan and
Serephina’s determination and beliefs are pushed to the limits as they are
universally forced to upheave all that they thought they knew!

 With great pain comes great change and
with great pain comes even greater love!

A beautiful romance, painfully dominated further by the couple’s spirituality.
A flame that keeps burning, filled with passion and desire; straight from the



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