Favorites of 2017: Part Two ♥

Hello my loves and happy 2018!!! I cannot believe how quickly 2017 passed! I have to say, 2017 was the worst year of my adult life. I am so excited for 2018 and starting over. Last year I read SO many good books, but I definitely had some favorites. I got to form relationships with a few new authors too, and for that I am so grateful! I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings and what good books come our way! Below is my list of 10 of my favorites in the second half of 2017. They aren’t in order (I don’t know if I could ever put them in order) lol. Enjoy!



I’m going to start off with an AMAZING book by Penny Harmon. Penny is such an amazing woman and an amazing author. I’m so glad we found each other!

35383672.jpg1) Dragonfly Wishes by Penny Harmon

This story had every thing a reader can ask for! There were so many thoughts than ran through my head while I was reading Dragonfly wishes. There were so many times where the sympathy was so strong for Callie, but you wanted to be strong for her. This story was about how she was able to find the will to live. Sometimes you need just one small thing to hold onto for hope. When you find that one thing you just need to run with it. Callie had so many occurrences her life that any one person may run into once in their lifetime, but it didn’t stop her. It didn’t stop her from keeping on with her quest to find what to live for until she found it. She was so strong and so courageous, but she also had the best support team. Jack and her mother are people that help her from beginning to end and there are some special people along the way.

There is so much that you can learn from this book and it was so enjoyable. I was almost proud to have read this book, I felt honored to read it. Keep on the good work Penny!


Sarina Bowen is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I read the entire Ivy Years series between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Since then I’ve been trying to read anything else she’s written! I had never read anything from Sarah Mayberry though, I can’t wait to read some of her other work!


2) Temporary by Sarina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry

This book is definitely one of my favorites so far this year! From the beginning you are sucked in and you feel so many emotions for Grace. Then when we meet Callan and we just know that life is going to be dangerous for Grace. Their chemistry is amazing! Callan is another person we feel so many emotions for. He lost someone so close to him and it seems like no one else in her family cares. This really put Grace is such a tough spot, but she handled it so well. These two worked so well together in their work life and in their private life.

My favorite thing about this book was the dedication both of them had. Callan for his Uncle and Grace for her sister. They are both so admirable for their efforts and it makes us fall in love with them both. There were so many feelings throughout this whole book, we felt heartache, pride, sexy thoughts, happiness and sadness. It really was a constant roller coaster, and it was such a great ride! These two did so good together, I hope they put out more work together!


Somehow in this list only 1 sports book made the cut, that should tell you how amazing these other books are!!!

35857100.jpg3) Slam (Colorado Smoke #1) by Andee Michelle
Sports books are on of my absolute favorites, and this is definitely up there with one of my all-time sports favorites. I haven’t read many baseball themed sports romances, but they seem to have the most content with the sport itself.
Bryant and Layne were such a breathe of fresh air! I love that Bryant was trying to NOT be recognized and she didn’t want to abuse being a fan. I loved everything about their story, how it wasn’t traditional in so many ways and just out of the ordinary. I loved every single minute of it! I can’t wait to see what comes next in the Smoke series!


Jacob Chance is another author that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I absolutely love his writing style! He release some great books in 2017, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

35754886.jpg4) Canvas by Jacob Chance

I loved this story so much! I think each couple’s book has been great, but I think this one took the cake!

From the time we met Josh I was curious, I mean he had dated Janny, but he was good friends with her now? That confused me! I honestly don’t remember much from Elle other than she was good friends with the girls. BUT that didn’t stop me from greatly enjoying the pairing of these two!!

I really love how Jacob took us through their story, I liked how we got to see little glimpses into their lives, both together and apart. In addition to this, I absolutely loved their love/hate game! Their game led to such amazing chemistry that it left you begging for more. It seemed like I begged for more from these two so much, it made me want to keep reading forever. Screw work and sleep LOL. There was a lot more than chemistry between these two in this book though, Both Josh and Elle have such deep and involved pasts, they had a great back story. I also greatly enjoyed that Josh is an artist, loved this so much!

The best bonus we got from this book was the continuation of the other couples lives, we got to see some amazing friend and family moments that i’m sure other readers will be just as happy to have!

I absolutely love all of Jacob’s work and I can’t wait to see what is coming next!


This next book is one that I was super excited about. I had read a novella in an anthology called With Love at Christmas at the end of 2016. In that novella I completely fell in love with Paisleigh’s writing. I CANNOT wait until the next book comes out!

30117552.jpg5) Love in Carson Falls (The Falls Series #1) by Paisleigh Aumack

This was such a beautiful book and one of my top 5 reads so far this year! I had read a short story that was connected to this story in a Christmas Anthology that had Penny and Ari in it, and I could not wait to read this book!

From the very beginning I was pulled in with Arianna (Ari)’s story. What she went through before she moved to Carson Falls is someone no one EVER needs/deserves/should go through. Then we get to Carson Falls, this town is so darn adorable!!! A town like Carson Falls is the small town that people dream of, it’s a tight knit community and every one knows and helps everyone. For Arianna this seemed like it was her nirvana. I loved that she had a friend like Penny to pull her out of her funk!

Speaking of Penny, she was hysterical and such a good friend! The banter between Penny and Ari and Penny and River were too funny! Both Ari and River were always ready to kick her butt because, of course, Penny was trying to play matchmaker. I felt bad for Penny during this book and I can’t wait to finally see what happens with her in the next book!

This brings us to River. River is such a beautiful person and has the most beautiful daughter (Cady). The connection that River and Ari have is so intoxicating. And the relationship between Cody and Ari is one of the most adorable and heart felt things I’ve ever read. There were so many times were I was saying Aw out loud or crying because of the adorable things Cady was doing. Also their nickname for Ari was so adorable! I don’t want to give too much away but it was all too cute for words!!!

This book hit me so hard and really got me out of a funk. I loved this book so much and I was so upset when I had to go to bed because I had to work the next day. It was so good that I want to reread it again and again and again. I cannot give enough praise to this book ❤


Drumline was a really fun read for me. It was one of the books a book group I’m in had picked. A friend of mine had received an ARC so I was already really excited. Also, Stacy has THE BEST swag! LOL

32308033.jpg6) Drumline by Stacy Kestwick

There are so many reasons I chose to read this book: I love music, loved the movie Drum Line, love sports in books, my best friend recommend it and it was chosen for a book discussion group. Man am I glad I decided to read it!! The movie Drum Line was good, but kind of cheesy, this blows that story line OUT OF THE WATER!!

Reese and Laird of the best kind of instant attraction. They are both forbidden fruit, and they know they should stay away, but they are so attracted to one another they can’t help themselves. This doesn’t keep Reese from trying to stay away, and it makes Laird try that much harder. These two are such special characters in this book. There are so many depths that their personalities and their histories take, that help take this book to the next level. They both have a past that greatly molded their present day selves and they don’t let anything that has happened hold them back. That is my favorite kind of character, not only do these two have so much to live for, they try harder to be the best they can. Turns out their relationship helps aid this, they work so well together and it really helps their well-beings.

Another great feature are the supporting characters. Smith, Reese’s best friend, is only my absolute favorite people in this book. He is someone who is developed enough to understand him, but we don’t have his whole story and we are left begging for more. Insert Marco here. He’s the lieutenant to Lairds Captain and he’s a grade A dick. His relationship to Smith is one that was super interesting from the very beginning. It makes Smith even more interesting and wants me to know so much more about him!

All of these things along with the entire drumline and special people like Eli make this book pretty magical. I devoured this book and I really hope you all do too!


Auden Dar is a new author that I’ve built an amazing relationship with. I loved her work SO much, I might actually have to admit. This may have been my absolute favorite book of the year ❤

36440603.jpg7) Prelude (The Interlude Duet Part 1) by Auden Dar

Amazing. Heart Breaking. Magnificent. Devastating. Beautiful. These are some of the best words to describe this book. This is by far one of my absolutely favorite reads this year. It tore at my sole in so many ways.

When we first met Lina in the beginning I felt so bad for her. I couldn’t begin to imagine how awful life with her fiancé would have to be for her to be thinking of someone else the way she was. That is where those words about the book start. There was so much wrong with her life, but I can totally understand staying in the same monotonous life. Then, we are introduced to Julian. Julian is so many things and I had so many feelings about him. He was the perfect distraction that Lina needed in her life, and the perfect wake up call.

But Julian wasn’t what I thought he was. He was so much more and so much less all at the same time. There were so many things I thought about him, mostly that I couldn’t believe that he was playing this game and going no where with it. Julian represented a part of her life that was missing, a part of her life that she missed out on.

I cannot wait to see where Auden takes us, because the end of this book left me wanting so much more.


Katrina Marie has become a really good friend of mine through a really special book group. When I learned of her books I was so excited to read them. I REALLY enjoyed the two books that are in this series, I read them both in 24 hours. I can’t wait to see what else she comes out with!

35220023.jpg8) Welcome to Your Life (Asheville, TX #1) by Katrina Marie
Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, IT DID. This book, ugh, it was just so amazing. Poor Tonya thought her world had really started to change for the worse and she was swept off her feet by Reaf. This really made me wish I had a Reaf in my life, he’s so amazing. This book had everything that someone could ever want in a book, it had an awkward situation, a great love story, some angst, happy moments, sad moments, it had it all. I really love how Katrina was able to turn a not so great situation into something for the better. Being 18 and pregnant would be really hard, but Tonya had the best people in her life and such a great support system. I also really love how art and music played such a big roll and her and Reaf’s lives, because that is very real in a young persons life. I really hope to see them in a mother book one day!


This second to last book was one that I couldn’t wait to read, but life got in my way and it took me a while. Jay McLean is an author that I will instantly 1-click, no mater what the subject. She is the MASTER at emotion, all emotions.

36039267.jpg9) Logan (Preston Brothers #2) by Jay McLean

I really don’t know if words can describe the feelings that are felt when I read of book of Jay’s. There are so many emotions, and they hit SO HARD. When I told a friend I was finally going to read Logan, she told me to make sure I had tissues, chocolate and maybe even alcohol. Well… she was right. When I started reading I was taking notes (because I’m a nerd like that). About halfway through I was reading so fast I couldn’t stop to write any more. I had 5 pages of notes for only half of the book. My thoughts were endless and there were so many amazing quotes and descriptions. “Embers set ablaze” – used to describe Aubrey’s red hair. This is just one of the quotes I wrote down, they are just so beautiful! She’s so perfectly descriptive and there’s so many metaphors. It’s all just so damn beautiful!

Now, onto Logan. This man… oh this man. There were times where I wanted to punch him, kiss him, smack him, throw him out a window, just about everything you can think of. He was just so unexpected, in the most beautiful ways. But, he was also so broken. I haven’t cried this hard while reading in book in a VERY long time. I physically hurt for these characters. I was broken with them. And Aubrey, she’s such a beautiful human being, and to have so much faith in someone, it’s just amazing. She was everything everyone needed in this book. These women are always so perfect and seem to be those missing puzzle pieces in the Preston family’s lives. I can’t say too much more without giving too much away, but the relationships between Logan and Audrey, Audrey and Lachlan, Lachland and Logan, Logan and all of his brothers, they were so strong and each hurt was gut wrenching.

I wrote in Jay’s group after I was done. I’ve never been so broken and put back together so beautiful. Jay, you do this to us. You make us feel like we are right there with each of those characters. Like we are the ones going through every little thing they are. That is the most beautiful thing an author can do. So, thank you so much for that!


For this last book, it was one of my most recent reads, and it’s a bit different than the rest. I have some tomboy loves when it comes to movies. I LOVE Action movies!!! This book had the BEST action in it! Sloane, being a male author, does this SO WELL!

36552892.jpg10) Bad Dad by Sloane Howell

HOLY CRAPOLA! I DEVOURED this book! I love Sloane so much! He is such a versatile writer. This book was exactly what I needed. It had the PERFECT amount of action and romance (he does this so well).

Landon is the BEST dad and as the blurb said, an amazing warrior. Little Logan is the cutest kid EVER. They are the best duo, and Janet, she was icing on the cake. Or so I thought, until I met Cora. Cora was a warrior of her own accord in this book. She was a woman who was standing up for the children she taught and for the people she loved. She was so admirable, even when the world was working against her. She was the perfect addition to Landon and Logan’s world. Everything about their relationship was amazing. It was rough, a little wild, and HOT!

Then we got the action. Landon is a BEAST. I loved his day job and how he helped his friend Sam. He’s just so fierce and dominant. He commands attention and everyone is fearful. BUT that is also SO DARN HOT! It was that dominance that really captivated Cora. It was also that dominance that helped him in this crazy fight. There was lots of violence, but that made it all the better for me. I may have to read this another time, or five. Sloane, you are a genius!!

~~♥~~ What’s Next? ~~♥~~

So what is next for me? I have quite a list already! I’m on three ARC teams right now, so I’m going to try and stop taking on so many other ARCS and finally get to reading some of the books I’ve been dying to read. So make sure to check out my personal reads on my next Reviews & Ramblings post!!♥


2 thoughts on “Favorites of 2017: Part Two ♥

  1. Bree says:

    So. Many. Great. Books. I just added these to my TBR!

    Side note: From what you said about Canvas by Jacob Chance, this sounds like it is part of a series, do you know the best order in which to read them? On Goodreads it doesn’t show it as a series and I like reading books in order 😛


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