Publiversary: The Carrero Effect

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Join L.T. Marshall as she celebrates her 1 year publiversary of The Carrero Effect.  Fun and games with some of your favourite authors… Join now!!

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The Carrero Effect: Jake and Emma (The Carrero Series Book 1)


Emma Anderson has everything in her life worked out. She has her perfect job in a Manhattan empire allowing her to live a quiet and organised safe existence. A necessity to her, after a childhood filled with bad memories, abuse, and a mother who was less than useless. But, with it comes a problem, one that could derail everything she thought she needed in her life. Her promotion sends her straight into the close employment of young, gorgeous, playboy billionaire, Jacob Carrero with his formidable reputation for being a player. Stuck as his right-hand man, every waking moment of every single day, she realises he is exactly the type of person who could drive her crazy, and not in a good way. Like chalk and cheese, he is everything she’s not. Compulsive, confident, laid back, dominant and fun, with a seriously laid back attitude to casual sex and dating. Jake is the only one with an ability to steamroll over her manicured ice maiden exterior, who is not phased by the closed in demeanour and cool manners, but as much as she wants to, letting him in is another thing entirely. A past that made her man wary and no desire to ever let one close enough to hurt her again, Jacob Carrero has his work cut out. He is not someone who takes NO for an answer and will have to learn how to break through if he wants more than the mask she shows the world. Jake needs to show her that even someone like him can change when that one girl that matters breaks through. Loveable sexy characters and deep emotional topics. Contains some mature, adult content and language.

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We finally enter the side room and I get my first glimpse of my mother. I release Sophie and she instantly goes to her bedside and lifts her hand tenderly. I can’t deny the genuine love I see in Sophie’s face, yet I feel only irritation. My mother’s appearance causes me to take an internal sharp breath, but I steady myself, I have to be strong for the girl’s sake, be her rock, like no one ever was for me. My mother’s face is swollen, bruised and scraped up, almost beyond recognition. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. Her left arm is in a cast and her body, concealed by covers and sheets, looks thinner and more fragile than I remember. I glance at the clipboard of notes quickly, able to determine that most of her injuries are minor, the broken arm and concussion seem to be most of the worst. I see her move as she awakens and clasps Sophie’s hand, an attempt at a smile on her face. She hasn’t seen me yet. ‘Emma is here.’ Sophie breathes softly and looks towards me with a smile, her blue eyes cloudy with the strain of trying not to cry. It tugs at my heart. My mother’s face follows and breaks into a smile when she sees me. ‘Emma! My little girl.’ She releases Sophie’s hand and reaches out to me, her other one bound in a cast and strapped to her chest. I hesitate, straighten my tailored pants and blouse and walk forward, bracing myself internally so that I stay calm and in control. ‘Mother.’ I take her hand, it’s cold and smooth but feels like skin and bone and it angers me. She’s obviously not eating properly again, so caught up in another affair of the heart, bogged down with infatuation. She was always good at ignoring her own basic needs when wrapped up in another unhealthy relationship. ‘It’s so good to see you…. You came home to Chicago for me!’ Her voice is soft and injured, the emotion catches in my throat. Guilt, tears, anger, a chaos of emotions and I can’t look at her in the face, already uncomfortable holding her hand. I glare out the side window over the buildings in Chicago and the dull weather outside, trying to be impassive. Trying to steel against all that she makes me feel. I want her to cut the crap with the over sentimental greeting, it’s obviously purely for Sophie’s benefit. ‘What have you told the police?’ I say flatly, I don’t want to do this tear jerking, emotional conversation crap with her. I just want to make sure she’s okay, that she’s healing, then I want to get the hell out of this place. As soon as earthly possible. ‘Emma, please? You know it’s never that straightforward.’ She whines, I bristle and drop her hand coldly. My face snapping around to lock eyes with her in rage. Same old familiar conversation.

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The Carrero series is a collection of books with child abuse and violence at the heart – survival of strong women and the power of healing. With gritty topics handled delicately, these are a compelling and emotive read.


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‘Domestic abuse is a subject close to my heart, something I have seen and experienced. I know the devastation and scars that can be left behind. When I set out to write, I knew I wanted to write what I know and as someone who has always been a rock to people going through the same I just felt like it was important to bring the topic out of the shadows. Show how complicated it can be and what effects it has on children in the situation.’

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