Reviews & Ramblings 12.10

You Guys! I want to do nothing this weekend. It is so darn cold! BUT it is time to start decorating for Christmas, FO REAL, and I ran out of milk. I have a few decorations already up here and there, my tree is up, but not quite decorated yet. I think it’s time, before it’s too late lol. When do you usually start to decorate for Christmas? I wanted to do it right after Thanksgiving, but just didn’t have the time. Next thing on my list, is CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!! ♥



YOU GUYS! I had so many personal reads I had to split them up, CRAZY!!!

33838194 Shacking Up (Shacking Up #1) By Helena Hunting

Per the usual with all of Helena’s work, I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was the perfect amount of funny, sexy and serious. Ok…I lied. You know there’s lots of sexy and funny and just the right amount of serious! I absolutely adored Ruby! She was so perfectly imperfect! I loved that she was striving to make a life of her own, she had the perfect personality and she is so real. Then we bring in Bane. He seems just as real as she does, he has an equally perfect personality and he’s hot! They are the PERFECT couple!

The banter between these two was so much fun. It was so entertaining to see them start a relationship long distance. Also, this is very relevant to today. So much is done over the phone, via social media and long distance. It was a great way to show what a relationship today can be life. Helena did a great job of incorporating their lives together with Francesca and Tiny. These two creatures were such a great highlight to the book! To see Bane in his home with them was the most adorable thing ever! Speaking of his home, I love how Ruby reacted to his home. Especially how she reacted to his gym. I had many giggles from these reactions.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for more. Right when I was a little anxious for something and didn’t know if it’d happen, she would pull through and do something beyond what I had hoped for. That is how her writing always is, it’s the best! I can’t wait to read Hooking Up even more now!!!


36039267.jpgLogan (Preston Brothers #2) by Jay McLean

I have to say, I am so late to the game with this book. I LOVE Jay’s books, I’ve read all but two now. She is so amazing!

I really don’t know if words can describe the feelings that are felt when I read of book of Jay’s. There are so many emotions, and they hit SO HARD. When I told a friend I was finally going to read Logan, she told me to make sure I had tissues, chocolate and maybe even alcohol. Well… she was right. When I started reading I was taking notes (because I’m a nerd like that). About halfway through I was reading so fast I couldn’t stop to write any more. I had 5 pages of notes for only half of the book. My thoughts were endless and there were so many amazing quotes and descriptions. “Embers set ablaze” – used to describe Aubrey’s red hair. This is just one of the quotes I wrote down, they are just so beautiful! She’s so perfectly descriptive and there’s so many metaphors. It’s all just so damn beautiful!

Now, onto Logan. This man… oh this man. There were times where I wanted to punch him, kiss him, smack him, throw him out a window, just about everything you can think of. He was just so unexpected, in the most beautiful ways. But, he was also so broken. I haven’t cried this hard while reading in book in a VERY long time. I physically hurt for these characters. I was broken with them. And Aubrey, she’s such a beautiful human being, and to have so much faith in someone, it’s just amazing. She was everything everyone needed in this book. These women are always so perfect and seem to be those missing puzzle pieces in the Preston family’s lives. I can’t say too much more without giving too much away, but the relationships between Logan and Audrey, Audrey and Lachlan, Lachland and Logan, Logan and all of his brothers, they were so strong and each hurt was gut wrenching.

I wrote in Jay’s group after I was done. I’ve never been so broken and put back together so beautiful. Jay, you do this to us. You make us feel like we are right there with each of those characters. Like we are the ones going through every little thing they are. That is the most beautiful thing an author can do. So, thank you so much for that!


30646463Hawk (Sex & Bullets #2) by Jo Raven

This Sex and Bullets series really is intoxicating! I love the mix of action and romance, it’s one of my favorite combinations. This book had so much of both!

Hawk got himself in one of the craziest situations, and the way he handled it was quite entertaining. He really knew how to make life hard for himself. Then we have Layla, miss Hot Body. She was a great addition to this book! The interactions between her and Hawk were intoxicating. The chemistry these two have is insane, and they both have this insane need to protect each other. There were great twists and turns, and lots of things I didn’t expect. Jo did a great job of keeping us on our toes the whole time. Another thing I loved about this book is how we saw more insight to the lives of the Storm & Raylin.

I can’t wait to see where Jo takes us next!!

~♥~ ARC READS ~♥~

36507451.jpgShine On (A Moonshine Series) by Aden Lowe

There were so many things about this book that really sucked me in. I’ll be honest, when I first started reading I wasn’t really sure if I’d like it. I’d never heard of a story with people that have a lifestyle like Zeb and his family. The dialect was a little hard to understand, but that was one of the best parts about this book!

Aden’s writing is so good!! He carried the Riley family dialect the whole way, so well! I’ve read books where people have a southern accent, but this was so different and so real. He did such a great job! I also loved his character development. The way these characters acted perfectly matched their dialect. There was never a break in character, it was amazing. These men are so tough and live hard lives, it was neat to see a completely different lifestyle. The story between Zeb and Gabriella was adorable. They were both so resistant and then completely let their wants and desires take over. By the end of the this book I was begging for more!!! I CANNOT wait to see what comes next!!


36487583.jpgBrock (Las Vegas Sidewinders #7 ) by               Kat Mizera

This was such a great story! Brock & Ashleigh were such an adorable couple. There were so many emotions, twists and turn, it made for a great story!

Brock and Ashleigh had such great chemistry, just from the moment they locked eyes. I think this helped so much with being married while drunk. But, because they drunk married, they had so many different trust and relationship issues to get over. Those two things really made me want to strangle these two a few times, they kept things in and didn’t talk about it. Brock was amazing though with Ashleighs intimacy issues, he was sooo sweet and attentive

Then we have sweet Bella. She was the cutest darn little girl EVER! Her reaction to Brock and his mother are so sweet! The fact that Brock stepped right up the plate with her was so heartfelt
(and panty melting). Despite the issues they had together, the issues with Bella’s sister, they really did well together. There were some major twists and turns, but I absolutely love how this book ended. I can’t wait to go back and read the rest of the series!


30589479Rook (Sex & Bullets #3) Jo Raven

This book was THE PERFECT end to this series. Really, it was the perfect everything. I absolutely adore romance books that have action in them, for me it’s the absolute best! These men are our white knights, in the most rugged, handsome, bad boy types of way. Rook was someone who I wasn’t really sure I understood, but we find out so much about him in this book. He has such a dark, layered and complicated past. Nothing about the lives of these men was easy, but Rook seemed to have everything especially hard. He also seemed to care so much, and he was dead set on making things right.

Mia, she’s the best, I loved her so much from the time we meet her. I love how awkward she was at the hotel she worked at, it made everything so much more entertaining. I also love how she’s introduced to Rook. Rook seemed to have completely changed her mindset throughout this book, made her re-think things. The chemistry these two had was fire! I loved the anticipation of seeing what was going to happen. Jo made us wait, she made us beg for their coupling. That is the best feeling, I just love when we have to work for it. She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and we even have a few surprises. Well, many surprises, twists and turns. It was all so good!

The end of this book, oh it’s so special. Jo, you really know how to write an epilogue! I think it’s important to get closure, and this is a great way to get it. Can’t wait to see what’s up Jo’s sleeve next!


36577925Blackjack (Reapers MC #1 ) by Elizabeth Knox
Side Note: Between Black Jack and Castle of Kings I want to read ALLLL of the MC Books. They were both so good!!!

Wow! I haven’t read any of Elizabeth’s other MC Series, but damn does she know her stuff! This was such a good MC Book. There was just enough grit, dirty deeds and drama. Ashley was so broken when she got back to the MC. Just like everyone else I wanted to beat her ex, Harry, senseless! I was so happy she had Blackjack to help her, Zane and Kane also. Everyone welcomed her back like she had never left. She seems like she she is going to be a very important person in the MC.

Her relationship with Blackjack was one that I was so curious about. It was nice to have them talk about her past so we had an idea of way they had such chemistry in the now. The chemistry was on fire!! It was so subtle at first, but then when they finally got together it was like fireworks were going off. They had been holding back so much. With everything going on with the war with The Bears they were still there for each other, and there for Blackjack’s son Dax. Another important relationship was with her Dad, they were so close and he really listened to her!

I can’t wait to see what is to come with this MC and which of the guys is next!


35888183.jpgDefiant Attraction by VK Torston

The story of Dan and Sophie is such a heartfelt one. From the moment I started this book I was hooked, only took me a few hours to read! The story was so sweet, but also so sad. The life that these two lived was so tragic; they had the two worst parents. I was so happy that they had each other though, it made the story that much more sweet. I also love how there “love story” started, how they went from “hating” each other to not being able to stay away from each other. Although Dan and Sophie are so different as people, they compliment each other so well and in so many ways.

I love how music played such a strong roll in this book. The music really seemed to compliment their lives in so many different ways. Another I loved is that there were so many moments where I thought “this was just meant to be.” That being said, there were so many things about how they interacted that was so comforting. Knowing these two were going through such a hard time, but that they also had each other was such a relief. There were moments there were haunting, beautiful, romantic, sad, funny, I really felt every emotion and I loved every minute. I don’t know that I’ve felt so satisfied when a book ended either, VK did a tremendous job with the ending!

~~♥~~ I hope everyone has an amazing week ~~♥~~


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