Reviews & Ramblings 12.9

Hello my loves!!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! I hear there’s some snow in places around the US that typically don’t get snow. Are any of you in that boat? Living in Pittsburgh, and being from Ohio, I am no stranger to snow. I don’t mind the white stuff, but some times I think I could do without. So I want to try and make sure that I don’t leave months upon months in between these ramblings, so I’m making an effort! It’s been about 6 weeks, so I think now is a good time!! I figured with the holidays I won’t be reading too much so I’d rather share now. There will be a second post tomorrow because there are so many awesome books  ♥



P.S. This is the most “personal reads” I’ve had in a long time!!! I was excited to have extra time!

35220023.jpgWelcome to Your Life by Katrina Marie

This book is super special because I’ve become friends with Katrina this year. She’s part of a secret sisterhood I’m in with some of the Booking Out Besties facebook group ♥

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, IT DID. This book, ugh, it was just so amazing. Poor Tonya thought her world had really started to change for the worse and she was swept off her feet by Reaf. This really made me wish I had a Reaf in my life, he’s so amazing. This book had everything that someone could ever want in a book, it had an awkward situation, a great love story, some angst, happy moments, sad moments, it had it all. I really love how Katrina was able to turn a not so great situation into something for the better. Being 18 and pregnant would be really hard, but Tonya had the best people in her life and such a great support system. I also really love how art and music played such a big roll and her and Reaf’s lives, because that is very real in a young persons life. I really hope to see them in a mother book one day!


36451593.jpgCaptain Hotness by Weston Parker

P.S. THIS COVER IS SO HOT!!!!! This was one of my book group reads. Was a good pick!!

This was such a great, quick read! The story of Jeremy and Bailey is adorable! I love that they had a past and that they had reconnected. Bailey was so awesome and not at all what Jeremy had expected and I liked that so much! I loved that Jeremy felt a connection before even knowing who she was. Their relationship and their families has was such a great thing in this book. I loved all of the characters so much, she had a really funny friend and the family members were great. There was even a nice twist! I highly recommend this book!



17413096.jpgFalling for the Backup (Assassins #4) by     Toni Aleo

This series has been SO great to listen to! I’ve been listening on Hoopla, it’s a library app. If you love audio I HIGHLY recommend this app!! Also check out Overdrive, it’s another library app.

This story made me love the Assassins family so much more! Everyone is so great in these books and Jordan and Aynslee were no exception! Their story was so sweet and so perfect. I love that we got to still see everyone in this story because they are all so close!

The coupling of Jordan and Aynslee was so perfect, although they were at times frustrating, they were so adorable! They really wanted the same things in life and that’s always great to find in characters! Also, they seemed like best friends. I love when characters get along like that!


16061112.jpgBlue Lines (Assassins #5) by Toni Aleo

I loved this book so much, but it was also sooo frustrating! These two were both SO DARN STUBBORN!

I loved Piper already and I already had some suspicions at the end of Empty Net, I was so excited to find out what was really going on!!! And Eric, I always thought he was a douche, but he confirmed those thoughts with this. I was really shocked to see he had this other side that Piper kept talking about. It was so refreshing! BUT Then we see how he reacts to her and the pregnancy situation. There were MANY times were I wanted to strangle or slap him, but thankfully he redeemed himself.

These two are so adorable and I can’t wait to see where Toni takes us next!

~♥~ ARC READS ~♥~


35430944.jpgDrive by Jacob Chance

This was such a fun and great book!! Nick and Carter were two amazing characters. This book had the perfect amount of wit and seriousness, it makes such a great romcom!

From the very beginning I adored Carter! She was ready for a change and man did she make that change in such a statement way! And Nick, he was ready to follow her wherever she lead him. He is such a great guy and was so good to her!

From the beginning these two both of have so much going on in their past that make them reluctant of their future, but Nick didn’t care. He knew they would overcome just about everything. In the same sense they both had different ideas of their future, but from the beginning they wanted their future to be together. IT WAS SO ADORABLE!!! The trip they took to New York, that was so darn cute! The way these two interested was so effortless and perfect; That trip was a great way to set off who they were as a couple. Moving forward, they seemed to have a few bumps with this along the way, but for the most part they were so good at not holding back.

Although these two both made some mistakes, they were the ideal couple. They had the best friends, Carter’s family was amazing, and the whole group as a whole just had a great relationship. There were so many special parts in this book, but of course we can’t give too much away with those. Even though they had their mistakes, family drama, and hold ups, this book had such a great ending! From the beginning to end, there wasn’t a single moment I didn’t love.


36345597.jpgCastle of Kings (A Kings MC Romance) by Betty Shreffler

This was a book that I could NOT put down!! I haven’t read many MC Books, but this one makes me want to read them endlessly! Everything I’ve read from Betty has been fantastic, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Liz (Peach) is such a great character! She’s a girl who grew up in and around the MC, and she isn’t afraid to give people a piece of her mind. She is such a refreshing character! I love that she went and did her own thing, but still came back. And her brother, Nix, he is so special! I always love the men that run MC’s, but Nix seems like so much more than that. He is such a great brother and a really great leader. The best thing about this MC is how everyone is family, they all step up to help each other. Then we had Jake come in the picture, Nix being protective of Liz over this was so amazing! Now Jake, he’s the bad boy that every girl wants, and all Jake wants is his Peach. I mean the nickname alone, that makes your panties damn right?

There’s the perfect amount of drama, action and romance in this book. It’s everything I would want in an MC Book. Between the rivalries, the relationships and all of the characters I couldn’t have asked for more! I can’t wait to see where she takes this series!!


36105338.jpgCruel And Beautiful World by Katrina Marie

Note: This is a Stand Alone, but continues characters from Welcome to My World

This story struck a few cords with me, all in good ways. This was such an easy and quick read for me; I was sucked in so quick and I just couldn’t stop. Cami and Travis are seriously adorable. I love how she thought he was stalker like, and how he couldn’t help but want to take care of her. They both had so many different issues with their parents, but they also did a lot to overcome that.

Cami was someone who I could totally relate to. I have some anxiety issues, and I had some crazy times in my youth, although not quite as drastic. I know how it feels to have the kind of pressure she dealt with, it’s not easy. She grew so much throughout this book and I was so proud of her. Then we have Travis, there was sooo much he was dealing with and handling everything so well. I loved how he was taken by Cami so quickly and how he had to become her white knight. I was pulling for Travis so much throughout this entire book, I was really taken by him. I loved the supporting characters too, Darcy and Tonya are both so amazing. Then we have Derrick, I’m so curious about him.

Basically I loved every single thing about this book!


35071560.jpgTough As Steele (Steele Bros #1) by     Elizabeth Knox

Elizabeth is an author who I’ve become good friends with over the last year. I’m so excited to continue to get to read her work, she’s so wonderful!

AHHHH I love Elizabeth’s writing so much! She doesn’t skimp on everything and it’s so great. This wasn’t a very long book, but she made every single word count. We got to see so much of Brooklyn and Logan’s lives and personalities. She even does an amazing job with the supporting characters, we get the perfect amount of who they are to really make this story special. There was the perfect amount of bad, good, dirty, sexy, scary, and the unknown, it was just perfect!

Brookyln’s character had gone through so much, and she had found the perfect man. Same goes for Logan, he has to deal with so much. It was perfect timing for these two and I can’t wait to see where there relationship goes in the next book!


This last book was super special to me. Auden contacted me after really looking into my blog about reading her book. I’m so glad she did, because it was one of my favorite books this year!! I even did a video and a book chat. Can’t wait to read the second book!

36440603.jpgPrelude (The Interlude Duet #1) by        Auden Dar

Amazing. Heart Breaking. Magnificent. Devastating. Beautiful. These are some of the best words to describe this book. This is by far one of my absolutely favorite reads this year. It tore at my sole in so many ways.

When we first met Lina in the beginning I felt so bad for her. I couldn’t begin to imagine how awful life with her fiancé would have to be for her to be thinking of someone else the way she was. That is where those words about the book start. There was so much wrong with her life, but I can totally understand staying in the same monotonous life. Then, we are introduced to Julian. Julian is so many things and I had so many feelings about him. He was the perfect distraction that Lina needed in her life, and the perfect wake up call.

But Julian wasn’t what I thought he was. He was so much more and so much less all at the same time. There were so many things I thought about him, mostly that I couldn’t believe that he was playing this game and going no where with it. Julian represented a part of her life that was missing, a part of her life that she missed out on.

I cannot wait to see where Auden takes us, because the end of this book left me wanting so much more.

~~♥~~ Make sure to check back in tomorrow to see the others!!  ~~♥~~



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