Hello my loves!!! I am so excited about this release! Ya’ll know by not how much I adore Elizabeth, well DAMN does this girl do MC Good!

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Blackjack (Reapers MC Book #1)

Author Elizabeth Knox

Release Date: November 12, 2007

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With marriage, there are things you can and can’t live with.
Harry, my abusive husband, made that clear enough when he beat me like a dog, forced a miscarriage on me, and tried posing me as a hostage to my father’s notorious biker gang, The Reapers. I was lucky enough to get out of my marriage in one piece but it’s only a matter of time before he picks up my trail and hunts me down. Blackjack––swears he’ll kill him the second he steps foot in town. I know he means well but there’s something about his stare when he tells me I deserve better. A part of me wants to believe I deserve someone like him and yet my bruises are telling me never to trust another man again. But Blackjack isn’t like any other man. Is he?

When I enlisted into the army, I didn’t think I’d have anything or anyone to lose––except for her. Ashley Monroe, the blonde wild-child of Montana’s Reapers MC. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when I came back home years later to find out that she left town and ended up married. Life went on of course and I was fortunate enough to have Dex, a son of my own. Three years later, Ashley came back beaten and broken from her marriage. I’ve never wanted to kill a man so bad in my entire life. Just one look at her and I’m drowning with the urge to hold her in my arms and tell her that she’s safe with me, truly. Sometimes I wonder if there’s still enough strength in both of us for a second shot in life.

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My Review:

Wow! I haven’t read any of Elizabeth’s other MC Series, but damn does she know her stuff! This was such a good MC Book. There was just enough grit, dirty deeds and drama. Ashley was so broken when she got back to the MC. Just like everyone else I wanted to beat her ex, Harry, senseless! I was so happy she had Blackjack to help her, Zane and Kane also. Everyone welcomed her back like she had never left. She seems like she she is going to be a very important person in the MC.

Her relationship with Blackjack was one that I was so curious about. It was nice to have them talk about her past so we had an idea of way they had such chemistry in the now. The chemistry was on fire!! It was so subtle at first, but then when they finally got together it was like fireworks were going off. They had been holding back so much. With everything going on with the war with The Bears they were still there for each other, and there for Blackjack’s son Dax. Another important relationship was with her Dad, they were so close and he really listened to her!

I can’t wait to see what is to come with this MC and which of the guys is next!






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