Release Day: Victor. Echo. Tango. Love

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Victor. Echo. Tango. Love  
A Military Romance Anthology for Charity
Authors: Ember-Raine Winters | HB Jasick | Bella Emy | Aleisha Maree | Meg B. Alexander | Tiffany Carby | Colin M Vaughan | JL Long | Shannon R Nemechek | Lynzie Allen 
Release Date: 
November 9th, 2017.
Military Romance
Facebook Page: 
Ten authors came together for this anthology benefiting Charity.
Inside you’ll find tales of love, sorrow and redemption.
Each story will leave you reeling for the next.
Whether you’re looking for forbidden romance, true love, or a hot fling… it’s in here.
Heartache and Hand Grenades 
Ember-Raine Winters
I left the marines, not just physically broken, but mentally too. I never thought I could be pieced back together. The physical wounds healed, the mental? Not so much.
Jessie was my whole world once, and even after all the lies, I didn’t want to live without her. When she came back with a secret that turned my world upside-down, I wasn’t sure if we could put the past behind us. But, Marines never quit, and I wasn’t about to stop until I made her mine.
Losing You 
HB Jasick
It was always Tabby and Matt, and it was supposed to stay that way.
Their story was one written in the stars. Perfect in every way.
Until it wasn’t.
With her future ripped apart, Tabitha is forced move forward without Mathew.
Will She find her way to a happily ever after?
Or did it leave when he did?
Before the Wrongs 
Bella Emy
Allison Williams. 
The one woman who has the power to bring me both happiness and devastation without compare. She’s the only one capable of bringing me a joy like I’ve never known before, 
as well as destroy me to fucking bits.
Before our lives took a ride on a treacherous path, 
there were the days of excitement and bliss.
Range of Fire 
Meg B. Alexander
What does a girl do when she finds herself unemployed, 
and solely responsible for a nine-year old that isn’t hers?
Crying is out, since there’s just no time. 
Eating donuts would work, but there’s no money, 
so landing a hunky fireman seems like the perfect alternative.
Too bad I almost get myself killed on the way to my happily ever after.
Griffin Six
Tiffany Carby
Sergeant Manuel Griffin served three tours in combat zones overseas and was planning a quiet honorable discharge from the Army when an incident almost took his life.
Now injured, he had an earlier ticket back to the States,
but couldn’t bear to go home without the K-9 who saved him. 
Life hasn’t changed much in Spring City, Kentucky, 
but there’s a new doctor in town that Manny needs to meet when he arrives home.
Follow Manny’s story, which is part of author Tiffany Carby’s developing “Company of Griffin’s” series.
Book one, “She’s a Tiger Lily,” is available now on Amazon.
Heart of the South 
Colin M. Vaughan
Based within the 13 colonies, South Carolina is about to come face to face with the Redcoats. 
Georgia’s collapse means that the South’s five regiments will need to withhold the might of the British.
With news filtering through the colonies of treachery within South Carolina, and the disappearance of the 3rd Regiment it is up to Enoch, commander of the 1st Regiment to lead the defence and find the truth.
Dancing Around You 
JL Long
Two hearts.
One tragedy.
That’s all it takes.
When war erupts can love blossom?
Without You 
Shannon Nemecheck
A second chance was never something I thought I wanted,
that is until I ran into her.
It didn’t take long for sparks to fly,
I just hoped that we both didn’t end up burned.
Lynzie Allen
New town, new job, endless possibilities.
I wasn’t interested in meeting someone new, but that’s usually when these things happen.
Deployment in the morning, one more night of freedom.
All I wanted was a one-night fling, but she surprised me.
Fate always has other plans.

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