Release Day: Tough As Steele

Hello my loves!  I’m excited about this release, it was so good!!! Enjoy loves ♥

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I’m Brooklyn, an ambitious model who’s determined to find the big break that will get my beauty brand off the ground. I decided that some late night drinking would calm my nerves before the big interview with my potential investor.

But…after waking up late, alone and naked in a strangers bed, how am I supposed to sell my brand to the man whose name I’d been screaming only hours earlier?


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My Review:

AHHHH I love Elizabeth’s writing so much! She doesn’t skimp on everything and it’s so great. This wasn’t a very long book, but she made every single word count. We got to see so much of Brooklyn and Logan’s lives and personalities. She even does an amazing job with the supporting characters, we get the perfect amount of who they are to really make this story special. There was the perfect amount of bad, good, dirty, sexy, scary, and the unknown, it was just perfect!

Brookyln’s character had gone through so much, and she had found the perfect man. Same goes for Logan, he has to deal with so much. It was perfect timing for these two and I can’t wait to see where there relationship goes in the next book!


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