Cover Reveal: The Sirens of Sass Anthology

Hello my loves! I’m super excited about this cover reveal! SASS was my first book signing and I cannot wait to go next year. This anthology is doing amazing things for VETSports. Part of this is also going to be a chance to win tickets to SASS Book Convention in Norfolk, Virginia. All you have to do is like this post, share it and tag a friend on the pinned post of this post on Facebook!

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Cover Reveal: 10-27-17

Pre-Order: 02-28-18

Release Date: 03-27-18

SaSS Anthology Takeover: 10-27-17 thru 10-29-17

Join us ==>


Cover Model Chris Williamson


Cover photographer Eric Battershell Photography/FITography


Cover designer Wicked By Design

Meet our amazing contributing authors….

Amy Marie
Ann Mayburn
Cat Johnson
CD Bradley
Dani René
DD Lorenzo
Elizabeth SaFleur
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Kat Mizera
Laci Paige
Lexi Buchanan
Lydia Michaels
M.E. Montgomery
Maria Vickers
Melanie Moreland
Sam JD Hunt
Hazel James (Foreword)
Julie Mishler (Poem)

Temptation can be a dangerous thing.

See what happens when you are lured into the lairs of spirited, stunning, and spectacular SaSSy Sirens who will entice and tantalize you. Some will give you the satisfaction you will crave while others may have you begging for more! Passion is not for the faint of heart.

Do you have the courage proceed?

Plan to delight your senses in this breathtaking selection of SCORCHING short stories highlighting some of today’s Bestselling Authors from a featured group of Attending Authors of #SaSS18 Norfolk Sexy and Sassy Signing.



#SaSS18 Charity ~ All proceeds from The Sirens of SaSS Anthology will go to VETSports. In 2016, we raised $1,060 for them and hope through your efforts on this book along with the signing raffles we far surpass that figure!  


If you or your fans would like to make an immediate tax deductible donation (501(c) (3) organization) visit the link on their website ==>

JOIN US AT #SaSS18 in Norfolk, VA in July 2018



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