Reviews & Ramblings 10.26

Hello again my loves! I hope your hump day wasn’t too bad, just remember, Friday is tomorrow! What do you guys have planning for the weekend? I plan on doing some cleaning since it’s finally cooled down outside and some cooking! Of course I will be reading a book, or three also lol



32308033.jpgDrumline by Stacy Kestwick

There are so many reasons I chose to read this book: I love music, loved the movie Drum Line, love sports in books, my best friend recommend it and it was chosen for a book discussion group. Man am I glad I decided to read it!! The movie Drum Line was good, but kind of cheesy, this blows that story line OUT OF THE WATER!!

Reese and Laird of the best kind of instant attraction. They are both forbidden fruit, and they know they should stay away, but they are so attracted to one another they can’t help themselves. This doesn’t keep Reese from trying to stay away, and it makes Laird try that much harder. These two are such special characters in this book. There are so many depths that their personalities and their histories take, that help take this book to the next level. They both have a past that greatly molded their present day selves and they don’t let anything that has happened hold them back. That is my favorite kind of character, not only do these two have so much to live for, they try harder to be the best they can. Turns out their relationship helps aid this, they work so well together and it really helps their well-beings.

Another great feature are the supporting characters. Smith, Reese’s best friend, is only my absolute favorite people in this book. He is someone who is developed enough to understand him, but we don’t have his whole story and we are left begging for more. Insert Marco here. He’s the lieutenant to Lairds Captain and he’s a grade A dick. His relationship to Smith is one that was super interesting from the very beginning. It makes Smith even more interesting and wants me to know so much more about him!

All of these things along with the entire drumline and special people like Eli make this book pretty magical. I devoured this book and I really hope you all do too!




Scandalous (Sinner of Saint #3) by LJ Shen

This book consumed me! I loved every moment of it. I love that we got to see a different side of Trent that I didn’t expect and Edie was such a great addition. These two were both super fierce, had so much to fight for and the attraction was magnetic. I loved the chemistry and the wrongness of their relationship and I love the added details we got. Getting to see relationships bloom with his daughter and other people and some really interesting plot twists really took this book to the level we all wanted with the series. Can’t wait for more!






Ghostface Killer by M Never

This book captivated me so much! I loved that there was a mix of romance and action, these tend to be some of my favorites! Stevi was so fierce and loyal. Baz really had those same attributes but in a different way. I loved the mafia action, the fierceness of her profession and the fierceness of her love. The entire book was just so amazing. I wish it had gone on forever and ever!



~♥~ Audio Books ~♥~

As you all know I adore audio books, I’ve continued to listen to the Assassins series by Toni Aleo. I’m LOVING It!


Trying to Score (Assassins #2) by Toni Aleo

I love this series so much! I loved that Lucas fought so hard for Fallen. I was pretty upset with Fallen through most of this book, but I think that is to be expected. Everything about this book was so good! Their romance was so steamy even when it didn’t have sexy moments. Their chemistry was just through the roof! And then Aiden and her sister just made everything even better! I can’t wait to see where Toni takes us next!

P.S. I’ve been listening to this on audio and it’s fabulous to listen to!





Empty Net (Assassins #3) by Toni Aleo

This series has started to become an obsession of mine and Lucy Malone narrating is amazing. This book was super refreshing! Tate was someone who wasn’t 100% okay with himself and Audrey wasn’t the perfect figure girl who also had her hang-ups. I also love that they built a great relationship as friends and really got to know each other. At the same time though, these two were super frustrating with the secrets they were hiding.


~♥~ARC Reads~♥~

35754886.jpgCanvas by Jacob Chance

I loved this story so much! I think each couple’s book has been great, but I think this one took the cake!

From the time we met Josh I was curious, I mean he had dated Janny, but he was good friends with her now? That confused me! I honestly don’t remember much from Elle other than she was good friends with the girls. BUT that didn’t stop me from greatly enjoying the pairing of these two!!

I really love how Jacob took us through their story, I liked how we got to see little glimpses into their lives, both together and apart. In addition to this, I absolutely loved their love/hate game! Their game led to such amazing chemistry that it left you begging for more. It seemed like I begged for more from these two so much, it made me want to keep reading forever. Screw work and sleep LOL. There was a lot more than chemistry between these two in this book though, Both Josh and Elle have such deep and involved pasts, they had a great back story. I also greatly enjoyed that Josh is an artist, loved this so much!

The best bonus we got from this book was the continuation of the other couples lives, we got to see some amazing friend and family moments that i’m sure other readers will be just as happy to have!

I absolutely love all of Jacob’s work and I can’t wait to see what is coming next!


This book is definitely one of my Top 5 reads of the year, may possibly be my absolutely favorite, but 2017 isn’t quite over yet!

30117552.jpgLove in Carson Falls (The Falls Series #1) by Paisleigh Aumack

This was such a beautiful book and one of my top 5 reads so far this year! I had read a short story that was connected to this story in a Christmas Anthology that had Penny and Ari in it, and I could not wait to read this book!

From the very beginning I was pulled in with Arianna (Ari)’s story. What she went through before she moved to Carson Falls is someone no one EVER needs/deserves/should go through. Then we get to Carson Falls, this town is so darn adorable!!! A town like Carson Falls is the small town that people dream of, it’s a tight knit community and every one knows and helps everyone. For Arianna this seemed like it was her nirvana. I loved that she had a friend like Penny to pull her out of her funk!

Speaking of Penny, she was hysterical and such a good friend! The banter between Penny and Ari and Penny and River were too funny! Both Ari and River were always ready to kick her butt because, of course, Penny was trying to play matchmaker. I felt bad for Penny during this book and I can’t wait to finally see what happens with her in the next book!

This brings us to River. River is such a beautiful person and has the most beautiful daughter (Cady). The connection that River and Ari have is so intoxicating. And the relationship between Cody and Ari is one of the most adorable and heart felt things I’ve ever read. There were so many times were I was saying Aw out loud or crying because of the adorable things Cady was doing. Also their nickname for Ari was so adorable! I don’t want to give too much away but it was all too cute for words!!!

This book hit me so hard and really got me out of a funk. I loved this book so much and I was so upset when I had to go to bed because I had to work the next day. It was so good that I want to reread it again and again and again. I cannot give enough praise to this book ❤


35895725.jpgFrom This Moment by Melanie Harlow

This was such a beautiful story! From beginning to end I loved every moment of it. With everything that Hannah, Wes and their family went through, it was beautiful to see something so special come of it.

Hannah is such a beautiful person; she may be broken, but she’s so much stronger than she gave herself credit for. And Wes, oh Wes, he’s just so perfect! These two make the most beautiful couple and the way they fell in love was so romantic! I love that Wes had always wanted her and that she really grow to love him. I loved how they fell in love and how passionate they were.

And then there was the supporting characters. The supporting characters in this book really made the icing on the cake; they helped make the story come to life. I loved that their good friends were husbands and wives of each other, it made it more special. And we can’t have a great story without a villain, Wes’s mother was a piece of work! But Doc, his father, he was someone I really loved by the end of the story.

Melanie, you did such an amazing job putting this story together. You made it so special, passionate and so beautiful!

Both were very wounded and kept it in tight, causing themselves so much damage.

There were a lot of beautiful parts to this story too. We got to see some great moments between the other couples and I always love when the series carries on other characters. Emotions ran really high in this story for me, definitely toward the end. I love a really good emotional book, and this really did it for me. It makes me so much more excited to see reading this series and see who else she pairs up!


This just release today, definitely check it out!!!

34221149.jpg#1 Player (#1 Series #2) by T Gephart

So I started this book not knowing it was a series, and I’ll tell you, it doesn’t matter! BUT it desperately made me want to go read Tia and Eric’s story!

From the moment we are introduced to her I love Lila! She’s absolutely hysterical and her reactions to Ryan are even funnier! There were so many times where I felt myself laughing out loud, and that is so great in a book. This book was equal parts funny and sexy, and man was it sexy! The heat between Lila and Ryan from the time we see them together was steaming. Lila trying to resist him was really funny, and when she finally gave in she was still funny about it. These two were so good together! There were a few twists that I loved, T did a good job at keeping us guessing. It’s always nice when a book isn’t predictable and she did a good job at that. She also did a good job at not making it funny all of the time. I love a good RomCom but you really need dynamic to make it a readable book. There were serious times, sad times, angry times, sexy times and many funny times. It really was the perfect combination!

Have a beautiful weekend loves!!! ♥

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