Review & Ramblings 10.24

Hello lovies! I was doing some heavy thinking this weekend and I realized that I’ve been so buys on my off days that I’ve been soooo neglectful of this blog. I’m going to try my hardest to not let that happen ANY MORE! It’s been soooo long since I’ve done one of these review posts, soooo I’m going to spread it out to be the THREE Days! I’ve read 110 books this year and I know I’ve only shared maybe half of them. I won’t share all of the ones I missed, but so many! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and if you have any recommendations feel free to pass them along! Also if anyone can recommend any great novellas please let me know, I’m way behind on my reading challenge LOL!



35109577Bad Penny by Staci Hart

This was such a fun read!! You know, sometimes you really need a book that doesn’t make you think too much or feel too much. This one did that for me, and I mean that in the best way possible. There were emotions, lots of them, but they left you on a high and you kind of coasted along while reading. Penny was ABSOLUTELY hysterical and Bodie was just as amazing. I loved each of their personalities from the first time we are introduced to them. I love how those personalities grew and evolved throughout the entire story too!

Penny is kind of the girl that every single girl wishes they could be. Sometimes you don’t want a relationship and it’s hard to to fall into that path. Not Penny, she has her plans straight! BUT I love that it was Bodie who had her veering off of that path. It was so perfect that someone from her past, definitely someone who was her pick me up, is the person that changed her gears. And poor Bodie, he didn’t stand a chance the moment she locked eyes on him! I loved these character both so much!

I can’t wait to read more from Staci now!!


34639316Faithfully Fractured (Shattered #2) Nicole Minuck

Nicole wrote this book so beautifully! If you’ve read the first book you know what topics she touches on, and she does it so delicately! There is a paranormal basis around this series, but she makes it so it isn’t your average, every day paranormal book. She makes it something special and although it’s everything this second book is about, it’s not at the same time. She circles around the topic of paranormal beings, but when you get down to it this story is still just about Luca and Adalyn and their love for ever other.

Adalyn is such a beautiful and strong person, she has persevered so many things and she didn’t let what happened with Luca tear her down. She grew, stronger than before, and lived her life. Her life may not have been living to the fullest, but she made the best of what she had. Caleb plays a special roll in this. We didn’t get to see a whole lot of Luca’s group in the last book but they all play such a special roll in Faithfully Fractured. He’s so much the big brother to her and really her rock. It’s so adorable. While doing his duty to Luca and their pack he has really helped Adalyn.

Luca, oh Luca. Things with him ended in such a bad way in the last book you can’t even feel bad for him, or at least I couldn’t. The way he went about everything he had done was in such a bad way. I loved his reaction to seeing Adalyn again, because it was deserved. I’m not usually one for making the guy wait it out or pay for what you did, but Luca deserved everything he went through. BUT him and Adalyn have such a good chemistry! The who of them are fantastic, you almost feel their buzz just reading the words.

That right there, is why this book is so beautifully done. Nicole really does a good job making you feel their emotions and building emotions of your own. This book is a constant roller coaster and in so many good ways. Make sure to bring a tissue box with you for it though! Can’t wait for the next one!





Taken by the Berserkers (Berserkers Saga #3) by Lee Savino

I loved everything about this! I love paranormal stories, and I Loved that this was more of a primal story and took us back to a different era. Things were so different and it made it so unique! There were so many parts that I really loved, but I loved how raw their feelings were. Brenna tried to keep what she was feeling hidden, but she just couldn’t.




This next book is a series that I have become OBSESSED with! I can’t wait to finish it. The next two books will be in tomorrows post ♥



Where I Belong (Alabama Summer 1)

by J Daniels

I had so much fun listening to this story! I loved Stella narrating! The story was so much fun to listen to, was great for traveling!! I had so many emotions while listening. I cried, I laughed, I was angry, all of the above! There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this story! I loved that Mia ends up with Ben and that she really made him work for it. So between the roller coaster of emotions and the surprises I was head over heels!!


~♥~ ARC Reads ~♥~

35383672.jpgDragonfly Wishes by Penny Harmon

This story had every thing a reader can ask for! There were so many thoughts than ran through my head while I was reading Dragonfly wishes. There were so many times where the sympathy was so strong for Callie, but you wanted to be strong for her. This story was about how she was able to find the will to live. Sometimes you need just one small thing to hold onto for hope. When you find that one thing you just need to run with it. Callie had so many occurrences her life that any one person may run into once in their lifetime, but it didn’t stop her. It didn’t stop her from keeping on with her quest to find what to live for until she found it. She was so strong and so courageous, but she also had the best support team. Jack and her mother are people that help her from beginning to end and there are some special people along the way.

There is so much that you can learn from this book and it was so enjoyable. I was almost proud to have read this book, I felt honored to read it. Keep on the good work Penny!


34840229.jpgSnatch (Cerberus MC 5) By Marie James

These books just get better and better with every book!!! Marie has perfect the craft of making you feel every emotion in existence within one book in Snatch. At the very beginning I was in tears, then I was cracking up, then I was angry and then I was turned on. There was truly no emotion left out! Speaking of turned on, THIS BOOK IS SO HOT!!!

Snatch and Itchy were characters that we always got to see bits and pieces of, and they always made me laugh! I’m so happy that they finally got their book and that Marie took a twist with them. It was everything I could have asked for and more! Also love how we get to see bits and pieces of the other couples in this book and how it spans over the time of all of the books!


35446190.jpgThe Scars Between Us by MK Schiller

Obsessive… this is how I am not with MK. Her books are so amazing! This is the second of her’s that I’ve read and I can never get enough. I would be so happy if her books were 1000 pages! Emma and Aiden are such unique people and they make the best characters. From the characters to the scenery every thing about this book was perfect!

Emma – Oh Emma… she was so great! She gave us so many surprises throughout this entire novel. She is so strong willed and protective, it was so great to see in a leading female. She never once cowered or hide her emotions. And Aiden, he was so surprising. He seemed to be this super hard-ass guy but he ended up being so wonderful! Both of them had so many demons to work through and they did it all together. There’s only so much I can say without making this review give too much away, but the things these two went through together was so trying! They are so good together, it’s enduring!

I cannot wait to read more of MK’s books! I devour these books, with their emotions and twists and turns, it’s all so amazing!


35494484.jpgMy Hot Boss by Betty Shreffler

This book needs to come with a firm warning: KEEP EXTRA PANTIES ON HAND! THAT is how hot this book was!!!! I figured with a name like My Hot Boss this would be pretty steamy, but it was beyond words steamy and good! Ok, so beyond the steamy though was such a good story! There’s something so good about those chance encounters and the fact that Emma had so many tragic moments around this encounter was kind of hysterical.

Emma, there is something so special about her. She had gone through a hell of a break up and was kind of fumbling her way through life, but that didn’t stop her! She is so strong and so ambitious and of course I’m so envious of her job. I love that her “relationship” with Grayson wasn’t perfect and that there were so many sloppy bumps along the way. It made their coupling so real. She definitely wasn’t perfect and she didn’t just fall into his bed (Not that she didn’t want to), but it was great.

Grayson, oh man is this guy hottttttt. From the moment they met at the club I knew he’d be special and the fact that he was her boss, that would fulfill so many peoples fantasies! He’s really alpha too and I love that he takes the perfect amount of control. Him and Emma were go greatly paired, they really brought the best out in each other

I can’t wait for people to read this and experience as I did!


35379831.jpgAwakened by Power (Empire of Angels)

by Zoey Ellis

This book was everything I dreamed for in a finale of the story of Thea and Cam. It was beautiful and surprising! I love how different this series has been, it’s paranormal, but nothing like I had read before. I think that is part of its draw. There’s so much to learn about their lives, culture, jobs, leaders, it’s all so different! Also the love between Thea and Cam is different, it’s carnal to their core. They can’t help but love each other at one point, and it makes them so much stronger!

These two are so strong, they fight for everything. Saying that, there was the BIGGEST TWIST EVER in the middle of this book! There were so many things that I didn’t expect out of this, I was SO excited when Thea was finally able to leave her confinement and get some answers. I was mad about so many people not telling Thea all of the answers. I was frustrated during the beginning half of this story and it really fueled me to keep reading. I was frustrated for all of our favorite characters! Zak in this story was my absolutely favorite!!! He surprised me so much in this book and I loved him so much for it! I was so happy with how everything ended and my frustration was rewarded! I can’t see who Zoey gives us next!


OK loves make sure to check out tomorrows post for the next set of books!!!

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