Book Chat: Jagged Edge

Hello my loves!! It’s been FARRRR too long since I’ve chatted with ya’ll! Can you believe it’s been since Memorial Day that I’ve done a book chat? I am SOOOO sorry I’ve been so distant! My summer has really gotten the best of me and has been super busy. I lost my full time job right before Memorial Day and since then I’ve picked up a second part-time job working as an assistant to an interior designer. Since working with her i’ve stayed very busy and even been doing some work on the weekends. With that and spending some, much needed, extra time with my family I’ve been a little crazy. So please forgive me and hold me to keeping these chats up! Ya’ll know I love to talk!! So let’s get to it!

Last year I joined Jo Raven’s review team and I haven’t read any of her work before I started reviewing but I’ve absolutely adored everything I have read. Today we will be chatting about Jagged Edge. Now this book has lots of characters from other series of hers, and this desperately makes me want to catch up!!!




Jagged Edge by Jo Raven


I don’t want Jason Vega.
Not at all. I’d better not. It’s the worst idea ever.
Ah hell…
Jason is handsome. Smart. Dangerous. Hot.
He’s goddamn gorgeous—but he’s also sleeping on the street, hanging out with the local biker gang and selling his body for a living.
Our lives, our paths couldn’t be further apart. I’m crawling toward the light, while he’s falling into the dark.
But it doesn’t matter how different we are, or what logic dictates.
I really shouldn’t want Jason Vega—but I just can’t stop.
He’s under my skin, and sinking deeper…

Trigger Warning: violence and sexual abuse

This is a M/M (gay) romance and it tells the story of Jason and Raine whom you may have met in JESSE (Damage Control 2) and OCEAN (Damage Control 5). It is super hot, and angsty, and violent, but with a guaranteed Happy Ever After.



My Review:

Just like all of the other books of Jo’s I’ve read, this book had me sucked in quick!!! I haven’t read any of the other stories that featured most of these characters, but it read as a great stand alone!

From the beginning Raine was someone that was super interesting to me, it seemed that he had overcome a lot. With the help of his brother he really made a good life for himself, but he was missing something. With Jason it almost seemed the opposite, people trying to help him and him getting no where. There was so much to both of their lives that made their characters so dynamic and so interesting. Each of them were so different, but their chemistry was undeniable.

No matter how much either of them tried to quit each other they kept coming back for more. This was something that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I read this book. I couldn’t wait to see where it led them, and what path they went down. Their pasts and present were both so prevalent in each others lives that we really had no clue where life would lead. Jo does this so well, she kind of makes you second guess any expectation you have and really keep your mind wondering the whole time. It’s such a great way to keep the reader going and enticed, and boy did it work! I can’t wait to read the works that these other characters were in to. I think it’d prove a great background and get a better idea of what these men had overcome.

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Raine: Everything about this man seems so sexy, and then we see his heart of gold and he’s just gotten 10 times hotter. At the beginning I was a little bit confused about what he thought of Jason. There was definitely a back story I missed, because he hated Jason at first. Then we got a little bit caught up and he was jealous of him. Jason was someone that had been staying with his brother when his brother “left” him with his aunt. Once I figured this out I was even more interested in their relationship. I loved how Raine couldn’t stop himself from trying to help Jason and that he was fighting the attraction. Jason was someone who “he shouldn’t like” because he was a hooker. Yet, we saw that he didn’t let that stand in his way, in fact it only made him jealous. His jealousy was so adorable! I almost felt bad for Jason, but it was so heartfelt! I really liked the protective side of Raine, how he took Jason off of the streets just to give him a place to sleep; and how to make Jason feel better about it paid him for a service. Not that he didn’t 100% enjoy that service, but I almost felt admirable that he did that just to keep Jason from leaving.

Jason: This man was so damn stubborn!!!! From what I had gathered about their past I got that he thought the worst of Raine, but man he did not let up for a long time! It’s like he was punishing Raine for trying to be nice to him. There were many times were I wanted to physically harm Jason for how he treated Raine. Like in the coffee shop in the very beginning, instead of being grateful he had to turn it into a bad thing. I do get that he also secretly was attracted to Raine when he thought he shouldn’t be, but you could at least say thanks dude! Once I got past wanting to punch him, I felt so bad for him! After we got more of the story of Why Jason was on the street, how he was trying to help his friends get a away and how those people treated him, I felt so damn bad! It’s like this guy was doing so much for everyone else and he was just getting shit on. EVEN THEN he still didn’t want to accept Raine’s gratitude. Instead of asking him WHY he did it, he just tried to make it into something it wasn’t.

Their relationship: Wow, can we really call it that for most of the book? Not really. It was more of a game of tug of war. Raine was trying so hard to let Jason in and to invite him away from the life he was living, but Jason was having none of it. Jason just didn’t know how to accept that someone only wanted to help him and didn’t want anything out of it. BUT I love how both of them couldn’t stay away. Raine constantly drove by where Jason slept, and Jason was always on the look out for Raine’s truck. Those few times were Jason actually stayed over my heart melted. It melted into a giant puddle for these two. Both of them had gone through so much, and it was nice to see them at peace. I was so annoyed at how long it took Jason to finally succumb to Raine and the relationship he wanted. I know it was a foreign concept for him, but really, what did he have to lose? The man was already in a low place in his life, he deserved to be happy! I think that was a lot of this story, Raine and Jason both DESERVED to be happy but had a hard time letting that happen.

Above all of this their relationship SIZZLED!! These two were so damn hot! They both felt so much of a connection that they just couldn’t deny each other! When they came together it was so hot and so beautiful with their emotions taking over. Raine did so much to help Jason in so many ways, it was so amazing. The sparks that were thrown off of these two throughout the whole book were crazy!

Overall: Even though it sounds like I was grumpy through all of this, I loved every single minute of it! Jo is such an amazing writer and she really knows how to through you for a loop! There is a complete roller coaster of emotions and let me tell you, I FELT EVERY ONE OF THEM in this book! I cried, I laughed out loud, I was angry, I was happy, all of it! I’m a very emotional person and a very emotionally vocal reader, this one was definitely one I was glad I read in private! The story was heartbreaking, full of love, full of craziness, full of just everything. I cannot recommend this book enough!


For now I will say goodbye and I really hope you guys go buy Jagged Edge ❤


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