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Reign is on sale now for only $.99 on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Get it now while it’s on sale!

Regin (Skulls Renegade #1)

by Elizabeth Knox


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After catching her fiancé with another woman while visiting his office, the young, fiery FBI agent Elena Johnson, is pissed that she wasted so much time being stifled by the man she had thought was her entire future.

Now, she is back in action, using that anger and pain for her first new assignment in a while – going undercover with the Skulls Renegade MC to try to catch them in their illegal activities. Soon, she finds herself not only connecting to these outlaws who are not the evil monsters the government believes, but she also finds herself face to face with another MC leader, one she knows intimately from her tumultuous childhood and owes a debt of revenge to in the form of a violent end.

As she finds herself caught in this new MC life that she finds more appealing than she expected and falling for a sexy motorcycle club Prez named Reed, she must still try and keep her identity as an FBI agent hidden, or everything could fall apart on both sides of her dangerous life.


About Elizabeth Knox



Elizabeth Knox is an avid romance writer. In her books she reflects what she likes to read herself. She lives for challenging her characters and showing the rough side of love, while still giving them the happily ever after they deserve.


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