Favorites of 2017: Part One ♥

Hello loves!!! This year has gone by SOOO FAST, I can’t believe it’s already the second half of the year! It’s just gone too fast, i’m not ready for the second half, that means winter is that much closer. NO THANK YOU! Now, onto some books! I’m so happy with my selections, I’ve read some good books!!! These are only in order of how I read them not in order of my favorites, that would be too hard and so unfair! Let’s get to it!!


~~♥~~ First half of 2017 Favorites ~~♥~~

32886544.jpg1.) Cowboy Games by Audrey Randall

I have always had a deep love for anything cowboy related, from westerns on tv to romance novels so I was really excited to read this story. Audrey did such a great job writing this that it’s so effortless! She did such a good job of bringing in true aspects of the rancher life and she did a great job of making more like what you would expect to find today. Lana being a part of the gaming community gave this book such a great twist!

Jesse being the rancher/cowboy and Lana being the gamer were such an interesting combo! Lana cracks me up with her funny and nerdy phrases, just from the Blurb with her “frack” I was cracking up! And Jesse like to be whitty about it. They are such a great pair! I don’t want to give to much away but they are the perfect pairing of “city” and “country”. Audrey did such a great job with these characters, from their personalities, to the vocabulary they use, to the actual culture of where the book is set.



33670544.jpg2.) Dear Life by Meghan Quinn

Where to even start to describe my love for this book. For the first 10% I sobbed. Each of the characters have such a great story and two of them were so darn sad. The characters are so different and have such unique pasts, I was so curious as to how they would relate.

The Dear Life program and the letters were such a interesting concept and one that I wasn’t sure how might play out in this story, but it was related and was woven into their story so seamlessly. I was constantly wondering how the program would guide the characters or if it would do anything at all. The growth amongst the characters and their revelations are so intoxicating. Throughout the whole book you just can’t wait to read more and see what be next. I found myself constantly wondering what the next letter will be about and what they might write.

Thank you Meghan for writing such a heartfelt story, every single emotion emitted was felt bone deep in this one


32872122.jpg3.) Code Name: Forever And Forever by Natasza Waters

If it were possible to give a book 6 stars i totally would for this book! This book meant so much to me because it was military based. Military romances are so hard. Everything about this book was so special, Natasza made me cherish ever since word and ever single emotion. I sobbed so many times throughout this book and there were times where i really wanted to just smack Pat in his face and come to his senses. I felt so many emotions and it was the best kind of roller coaster. Pat and Marg both had such strong upbringings and they are were so different. They really didn’t know where there lives would go and wanted to be with each other, but sometimes you think all of the wrong things. There were so many times that I wanted to knock Pat upside his head and so many times that I couldn’t believe that Marg was still going on the way she was. The whole story was perfect I can’t wait to read the rest of this series, I hope their stories are just as good as Pat and Marg’s ❤


34642880.jpg4.) Bring Me Home: Rocky Isle Reunion by Penny Harmon

I really need to say before I do my review how amazing Penny is. She’s such a great author and doesn’t have nearly the following she should. I really hope to help her out in every way possible. She’s such a great person and such a great writer. This book was the end of the Rocky Isle Romance series and I was sooo sad to see it end!

I loved everything about the Rocky Isle series and I was always curious about Dee because they talked about her a lot in the first few books. As sad as I am to see this end (I even begged Penny for more) I love how she did it. She brought the gang back together and you really can’t hope for any more than that. The best part about this book was being how not all relationships are perfect. Dee and Brad don’t have the perfect relationship and it made the story that much more real.



5.) Hot Blooded Prizefighter (Windy City Bad Boys) by Holly Dodd and Mickey Miller

These two did it again!! I was completely entranced with book one, or so I thought, but book two??? Whole new ball game!!! I clung to every single word and was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Devoured the first 2/3 of the book in only a few hours and couldn’t wait to read more.

There were so many layers to this story, from super steamy scenes to super funny scenes that left you laughing. Another amazing thing was the dialect of Connor’s speaking, it was so good!! I found myself reading with the Irish accent, it was that good!!! Their dynamic was so amazing too! They were great at working together and then the chemistry behind closed doors was steaming! Everything about these two characters left you wanting more.



34664141.jpg6.) Eight Days In The Sun by MK Schiller

There was not a minute of this book that I didn’t love. From the moment Kiran and Mason step into the hotel, until the last moment we see on the beach. EVERYTHING was so perfect! There were so many endearing things in this book that really just moved me in so many ways, MK did such a good job at bringing together quite a few different obstacles, and she did it so well. I love that Mason was a Marine and that Kiran was a writer, that was one of my favorite things. I have such a soft spot for anything including the military, and of course writing, but this book was so special. I can’t wait to tell my readers how amazing it was and to help spread the word!


31084536.jpg7.) Preservation (The Walshes) by Kate Canterbury

I have to admit, this one was my most anticipated release this year. My friends and I would text each other and say IT’S ALMOST RILEY TIME!!!

OH MY GOD, IT’S ABOUT TIMEEEE!!!!!! I could not wait for Riley’s book, I knew it was going to be epic. But this, this was so much more than I would have expected! I loved absolutely everything about Riley and absolutely everything about his girlfriend! I don’t want to give a single thing away about this book, but OH MY GOD. That’s all I kept thinking of! From the very beginning to the very end I ate up every single letter of every single word. My heart is so happy!


32319723.jpg8.) Lost and Found Sisters (Wildstone Series) by Jill Shalvis

I’ve loved everything I’ve ever read from Jill Shalvis and I was so excited to read this one. I haven’t really read a story like this, so it was really unique to me. I loved that the whole story wasn’t about a romance, but about connections. Connections between Quinn and Wildstone, Quinn and Tilly, Quinn and her family, but also Quinn and Mick. All of these connections are so meaningful and unique. Without these connections this book would be so different and not nearly as amazing.

Jill knows how to make each of these relationships really catch out eye. She knows exactly how much information to give you to keep you on your toes and always wanting more. We get just enough information to make our brains start running. Her character development too is amazing! Each character is so well described, but not overly so. You don’t get bored by too many details, because we get each of those details over time.

I can’t wait to see what comes next with the Wildstone series, she’s done such a great job making us fall in love with this town. We are so drawn to all of the different characters that we can’t hope but to get more of all of them.


30644676.jpg9.) Inked Expressions (Montgomery Ink) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Right when I think there’s no way I could find a character that I love more than the last one, Carrie Ann writes another amazing man. The women are amazing in this series, but THESE MEN! Ugh… they make me want to scour the country for a man like these men! Storm is one of the best yet, and that is NO exaggeration. This guy has gone through so much, and continues to go through so much, for his family. He went through so much for his friend even, but he still keeps getting screwed over. Time and time again these poor people just keep getting pummeled with issues. BUT, this family doesn’t take to the words no and issues well, they keep on moving.

With all of that being said, Everly is such a strong woman! She also keeps getting pummeled with issues, but she keeps going. I love that she has someone like Storm in her life, and I also love that her boys want him around. There are so many parts to this book that made me tear up, but Storm with her boys were always the sappiest for me. She was so strong, but she also didn’t know how to accept help. Apart with how he is with the boys, Everly and Storm have such a strong spark! Their compatibility is through the roof, and I’m so excited to see it come to live in Inked Expressions.

This makes me that much more excited for Wes!!! Bring me another brother that I can love more than the last ❤


Well we are down to the last book, but it was another of my most anticipated. I love Marie and everything she puts out, Dominic was very much anticipated for me!

34656490.jpg10.) Dominic (Cerberus MC) by Marie James

Oh where to begin??? I have loved EVERY minute of this MC Series. Dominic, to me, was in a league of it’s own. It was a little different than the others in the series, but it had all of the amazing qualities of all of the other books. Right now, this has been my favorite of the series so far! There was not one thing I did not love about this book!

I loved how dominant Dominic was and how strong Makayla was; The two of them were such amazing characters. We’d seen very little of Dominic, but heard so much from others on how great he was. We really got to see why everyone thought he was so wonderful from the very beginning of this book. And Makayla, the things she had to endure before meeting Dom, it makes you shudder. They bother overcame a lot in this book! Can’t wait to see more of them in the future!

The other characters from the other books, I love how we always get to see the progression of their relationships throughout these books. This one had a SUPER special moment for Kincaid and Dom, and it was so special.

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